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Save China's Tigers

Save China's Tigers

Environment, Education

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  • Technical re-rendering of our tiger logo.

    Save China's Tigers, United Kingdom

    Environment, Communication Design


    Save China's Tigers Logo Re-rendering


    Requesting: a technical re-rendering of our logo.

    Who we are: We are a small international charity dedicated to saving the critically endangered South China tiger and its eco-system. The South China tiger is the world’s most endangered subspecies with fewer than 100 remaining. Our charity has an innovative conservation program to take zoo-bred tigers, rewild them, breed them and release them in vast protected reserves in China. Please visit our website for more information or email us with any queries. We are a small volunteer based organization, principally funded by our founders.

    What we need: In short, this is not a design or creative challenge as much as a technical one. Somewhere along the way, we lost any high resolution files of our logo as well as contact with the original artist. We would like to maintain the design which has historical and cultural significance, but we need higher resolution files for things like banners or t-shirts, posters etc.

    Supplied: A low resolution .jpg file.

    Required: A reasonably accurate re-rendering in .tif and .jpg formats with a few design variables (such as a black and white version)

    Suggested process (need your feedback on this):

    1. Converting the existing logo to black & white as an initial base artwork.
    2. Fixing the tiger so that small details such as eyes and stripes have a heavier weight and therefore reproducible in smaller versions.
    3. Making the ring slightly thicker to accommodate a little larger type and make the logotype a little more readable.
    4. Apply anti-aliasing so all edges are smooth when the logo is used large, (like a real banner).
    5. Reset the type in the same typeface (if it can be found!) or alternatively hand drawing the type (ouch), or selecting an alternative typeface of similar character.
    6. Reapplication of gold metal effects and highlights and shadows.
    7. Creating 3 .tif masters: For white field: one slightly darker with drop shadow for use on a white or light field (improved contrast and readability)*. Dark field: The second is a slightly lighter version without drop shadow for use on dark or black fields.
      B&W version for B&W print media such as newspapers or one colour applications, like a white logo on black t-shirt.
    8. Finally, producing high resolution .tiff .jpg and illustrator masters for any future application.

    We would greatly appreciate your help with this. Gary

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    Posted September 16, 2009
    By Save China's Tigers

International charity founded by Li Quan dedicated to saving endangered big cats and the critically endangered South China tiger.

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Save China's Tigers

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