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Save China's Tigers

Save China's Tigers

Environment, Education

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Founded in 2000 by Li Quan, Save China's Tigers is an internationally registered charity dedicated to saving endanged big cats and especially the critically endangered South China Tiger. Ancestor to all tiger subspecies, fewer than 100 remain. SCT has established a 300 sq. km reserve in South Africa to 'rewild' train zoo-bred tigers. In association with the State Forestry Administation of China, SCT has identified a pilot site where it is planned to reintroduce tigers into a vast protected reserve. SCT was rewarded in Nov 2007 with the birth of a male cub, the first on the planet in two years.

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  • Gary Verstick
  • .Ana Aceves.
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  • Karine Queiroz
  • Leslie Haines
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International charity founded by Li Quan dedicated to saving endangered big cats and the critically endangered South China tiger.

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Save China's Tigers

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