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Youth for Change International

Youth for Change International

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Youth for Change International (YFCI) aims to inspire youth to make a difference by informing them on global issues such as global warming, poverty, war, etc. YFCI aims to give youth a platform to discuss their opinions, and get involved with projects around the world.


We have many projects including an online magazine, discussion forums, fundraising projects that have raised over $1500 for UNICEF and Heifer International, a campaign to raise awareness on Global Warming ("The GREEN Dream"), and much more. Visit our website for the complete list of projects and programs.


Roots - In the summer of 2005, Zach Komes, Founder, created a coffee stand on his street corner to benefit the international charities UNICEF and Heifer International. The stand currently has earned around $1,500 for the people of the world. After the first summer, the stand was given the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee Youth Leadership Award Award, which was presented at the Milwaukee Italian Community Center. Afterwards, Zach decided to create something that would inspire others to be the change as well.

How we came to be - With inspiration from youth around the world at UNICEF's Voices of Youth Forums, we created the international organization. Our progress was slow, but eventually we topped 100 members in only 4 short months. After we celebrated our first year since founding, our members and staff decided that we should not only become an organization, but the "Youth Campaign for a Better World" as well. YFCI, with empowerment from its partners, launched its campaign to get youth to take action for global issues.

Progress - [updated] Since then, YFCI has created strong relationships with several partners, including A Better Community for All, the United Youth Commmittee of the World, and Youths On the Move International, among others. The website has expanded to over 1,500 monthly hits, and many new members joining each day. YFCI has expanded with help from 13 staff members. The YFCI Discussion Forum community has also shown progress as well, with well over 5,000 posts so far.

Future - Does the future look bright for YFCI? We'll its up to you. Join Us.

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