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WHOMADE / the products talk

WHOMADE / the products talk

Communication, Arts & Culture, Environment

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whomade / design for the avant-craft

We want to develop a new understanding: a very personal view on products able to transmit the values of an human experience. Products are for us the meeting points between cultures that dialogue, create together and evolve: the place to make ours a renewed sense for beauty as an ethic and an aesthetic value as well. We believe in a world of possible beautiful things and we want to reveal their soul together with their collective meaning. Products are talking, carrying values, ideas, emotions and with their knowledge represent social relations. From here, WHOMADE is born: a brand for products with a high-added human value. A communication project that invites products to talk about their stories; from the creative plots that gave them shape and meaning, to the cultures that have inspired them, to the hands that have created them. And if the products start to talk, it is still of us the will and the pleasure to listen to them.

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whomade / design for the avant-craft


WHOMADE is an initiative launched and supported by, and it is from the premises and the experiences of the organization that the idea of the brand took shape.

For more info: todomundo / fair design

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The FOODSCAPES project is an action of technical reconstruction from edible leftover materials, free...

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A brand for products with a added human value

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WHOMADE / the products talk

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