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Arts & Culture, Peace, Environment

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  • Sarah Endline

    Sarah Endline (Moderator)

    New York, NY, United States

    Mastermind & Chief Rioter (Founder & CEO)

    Designing an activist candy company! Join me.

  • Jeff Sheinkopf

    Jeff Sheinkopf

    Brooklyn, NY, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

  • Kurt Leunis

    Kurt Leunis

    New Canaan, CT, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    “Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there”

  • Mark Wieczorek

    Mark Wieczorek

    New York, NY, United States


    It's a bird, it's a plane!

  • Thomas Saffle

    Thomas Saffle

    Sammamish, WA, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

Not-just-for-profit, activist candy company!

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Moderator: Sarah Endline