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EMBARQ - The WRI Center for Sustainable Transport

EMBARQ - The WRI Center for Sustainable Transport

Well-being, Community, Environment

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The mission of the EMBARQ network is to catalyze environmentally and financially sustainable transport solutions to improve quality of life in cities. The solutions we deliver:

-Reduce air pollution and improve public health

-Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

-Improve safety, accessibility and personal security

-Improve quality and cost effectiveness of transport

-Improve quality of public spaces


The transport solutions that are the core of implementing the integrated sustainable urban mobility and that are the projects that EMBARQ network works on are organized in 5 working areas:

A.Urban transport-urban planning: integrating urban transport as key element of urban planning.

B.High capacity transport systems: providing high capacity transport systems that are efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable and accessible.

C.Private cars use: promoting rational use of private cars.

D.Non motorized transport: promoting the use of non motorized transport, its integration with the public transport system and an inclusive human mobility, including recuperation and dignifying public space.

E.Clean fuels and vehicles: incorporating vehicle technologies and clean fuels.

The activities that EMBARQ network brings to catalyze the planning and implementation of these projects are:

-Strategic planning

-Fast track problem diagnostics

-Project planning and management support

-Risk management

-Quality assurance reviews

-Macro and micro modeling

-Emissions inventory/measuring/information systems

-Social/environmental impact assessments

-Post-project assessment and advisory services

-Project financing

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Improving the Quality of Life in Cities by Catalyzing Environmentally and Financially Sustainable Transport Solutions

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EMBARQ - The WRI Center for Sustainable Transport

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