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Solutions Twin Cities

Solutions Twin Cities

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  • Alternative Holiday Gift Giving



    If you're someone who's tired of the over consumption and often meaningless gift giving associated with the holidays (really though, I did love those socks last year), here are a few links for you to check out that aim at making a difference in todays world.

    +Changing the Present is a webiste that acts as a central hub allowing you to purchase gifts from various organizations around the world such as 25 chickens and a rooster for a family in the developing world ($50), the clearing of landmines from 10 square meters of land ($15), or 10,000 water purification tablets ($75) to name just a few. The site is easily searchable by category of gift or price and the options are nearly endless.

    +One Laptop Per Child is an endeavor a few years in the making. Their mission: "to provide a means for learning, self-expression, and exploration" through the development of a laptop that is cheap enough, strong enough, and flexible enough to be distibuted to the more than 2 billion school aged children in the developing world. The first iteration of this laptop is now available to give and through their special "give one, get one" promotion is available to the public until December 31st ($200 each).

    +The World Wildlife Fund is a great option for the animal lovers out there. You can adopt an animal of your choice and help protect it from extinction. A $50 donation gets you a plush stuffed animal and the satisfaction of helping save a beautiful creature.

    Enjoy the holidays!

  • Although friendship is not dependent on any sort of consideration but, gifts express your emotions for your friends.

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