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Solutions Twin Cities

Solutions Twin Cities

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    If you're someone who's tired of the over consumption and often meaningless gift giving associated with the holidays (really though, I did love those socks last year), here are a few links for you to check out that aim at making a difference in todays world.

    +Changing the Present is a webiste that acts as a central hub allowing you to purchase gifts from various organizations around the world such as 25 chickens and a rooster for a family in the developing world ($50), the clearing of landmines from 10 square meters of land ($15), or 10,000 water purification tablets ($75) to name just a few. The site is easily searchable by category of gift or price and the options are nearly endless.

    +One Laptop Per Child is an endeavor a few years in the making. Their mission: "to provide a means for learning, self-expression, and exploration" through the development of a laptop that is cheap enough, strong enough, and flexible enough to be distibuted to the more than 2 billion school aged children in the developing world. The first iteration of this laptop is now available to give and through their special "give one, get one" promotion is available to the public until December 31st ($200 each).

    +The World Wildlife Fund is a great option for the animal lovers out there. You can adopt an animal of your choice and help protect it from extinction. A $50 donation gets you a plush stuffed animal and the satisfaction of helping save a beautiful creature.

    Enjoy the holiday...

  • Studio 4284 on disaster relief and the Clean Hub

    Environment, Environmental Design

    John Dwyer & Tom Westbrook - Studio 4284

    With nearly one third of the world's population living in slums, one humble section of Studio 4284 in the University of Minnesota's College of Design is seeking to create a critical role for the designer in slum upgrading. By researching every corner of the world, the studio has revealed some distinct commonalities to this global phenomenon as well as some creative solutions.

    Recorded on May 2nd, 2007 at Solutions Volume 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • NEED Magazine gathering momentum

    Communication, Communication Design


    Within the last few weeks Volume 1 presenter NEED magazine has begun to gain some much deserved attention. For a newly formed humanitarian aid focused magazine, it doesn't get much bigger than having Global Humanitarian and former President Bill Clinton hug your latest issue.

    Need magazine was on hand to speak about their endeavor at the Slate 60 Conference held in October at the Clinton Presidential here for the full post.

  • Cassie Neu - Architecture for Humanity: Minnesota

    Architecture for Humanity: Minnesota was founded in 2005 with inspiration from Cameron Sinclair's message that architecture and design could offer "solutions to global, social, and humanitarian crisis." With projects in Sri Lanka, the Congo, New Orleans, and Minneapolis, AFH:MN has been putting that message into practice on a variety of scales. Along the way, they have become a simultaneous bridge between design professionals, students, and communities in need.

    Recorded on May 2nd, 2007 at Solutions Volume 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Scott Ervin - Alchemy Architects

    Ideas of pre-fabricated housing have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, but with the weeHouse, Alchemy Architects has created a formula that is providing some of the only successful real world results in the country. By utilizing existing building systems in new and innovative ways, Alchemy Architects focuses on creating simple and efficient pre-fabricated housing that brings modern design to the broadest possible audience. Thinking forward, they are discovering vast new potentials for prefabricated housing on a not so wee scale.

    Recorded on May 2nd, 2007 at Solutions Volume 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Architecture for Humanity - Iowa

    Organizing under the name Architecture for Humanity - Iowa, a select group of students from Iowa State University in Ames are breaking from their traditional architectural education and tackling humanitarian and sustainable issues head on. Taking a look at past projects as well as projecting into the future, these students are looking to make a difference and bring awareness to important issues throughout Iowa and abroad, all the while challenging their faculty and the often conventional Iowa population.

    Recorded on May 2nd, 2007 at Solutions Volume 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • NuRide hits the Twin Cities

    Community, Environmental Design


    The Flintstone's & Rubble's did it long ago, and the Jetson's continued it on into the future; so the idea is nothing new: carpooling. For those who make the long and arduous commute to and from work each day while listening to reports about the poor health of our planet, carpooling might seem like a logical answer. But while congestion on Twin Cities highways is getting worse and worse, ride-share programs just haven't caught on. NuRide, the nations first incentive-based online ride network, which just recently spread to the Twin Cities, has an approach that might finally see positive results: make finding a ride free, easy, and safe, and then reward people for doing so.

    The reward system works like frequent flyer miles, with every ride you share you earn miles which can be redeemed for goods or discounts at participating sponsors. In an era where people want to see tangible results for their actions, this is a system where they can track their miles shared and begin to see the environmental impact being made. According to NuRide, already over 750,000 trips have been planned on their website, accounting for nearly 23 million fewer miles driven. While benefits to the environment are obvious, commuters will likely most drawn to the stress free commute to work and the possibility of making that morning java a freebie in the process.

    For more on NuRide check out their website at

  • Open Architecture Network

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design


    The open sharing of ideas and information is one of the best ways we can begin to create a better future. This concept, which inspired Solutions, is also the basis for the Open Architecture Network (OAN). Launched at last years TED conference, the website provides a virtual place for people from around the world to share innovative, sustainable, and humanitarian design. The latest project from Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity, the OAN asks that you check your ego at the door, and share knowledge with the idea that one thought will inspire another, eventually resulting in a project that positively effects peoples lives. Whether it is a set of construction documents, a thesis project, or just a great idea, the OAN provides an outlet for designers to share their expertise with the world while learning from one another.

    One of the 265 (and counting) projects you'll find on the OAN is the Clean Hub, pictured above. The Clean Hub was designed by Minneapolis architect and teacher, John Dwyer. A variation of this design was built by students in Studio 4284, and is currently working in full force down in New Orleans.

  • "Gift to Forever" at Walker Art Center 10/06/07

    Education, Audio/Visual Design

    Called "Gift to Forever," this project asked children and their families to think about what kind of gift or contribution they could make to our future and represent that gift using homemade clay. After visualizing their gift, participants placed it on a central table to aid in the creation of a "new world." Nearly 500 people participated in the project - creating a wide range of thoughtful and inspired gifts.

    For a full post with detail images, click here

  • Stephanie Kinnunen - NEED Magazine

    "We are not out to save the world, but to tell the stories of, and assist, those who are." Just over 2 years ago Stephanie and Kelly Kinnunen sold all of their possessions and embarked upon a journey across the US that would eventually lead to the creation of NEED Magazine. With smart design and beautiful photography, NEED Magazine showcases the work of humanitarian organizations around the world and provides readers with the information needed to get involved and make a difference.

    Recorded on May 2nd, 2007 at Solutions Volume 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Plunging head-first into the creation of a better world.

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