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Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WeHaventTheTime is the creative collaboration of Christopher Thomas!, Immanuel Mullen, and Eric Salczynski. Together they combine creativity, skill, and an appetite for destruction to deliver unique and high-quality websites and applications, print media, merchandise design, and whatever else they can get their dirty little fingers into. And all of this while maintaining sanity, happiness, and bellies full of burritos from Moe's Southwest Grill. (The "Moo Moo Mr. Cow" is our collective jam.)

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  • Eric Salczynski
  • Guido Alvarez
  • Immanuel Mullen
  • Joseph Baron-Pravda
  • Julie Bancroft

There's never not enough time for good design.

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P.O. Box 407
Harrisburg, PA 17101
United States

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Moderator: Eric Salczynski