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Parsons Sustainable Design Review

Parsons Sustainable Design Review

Communication, Environment, Education

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We've asked students to define "sustainability" in their own words, and present a concept, idea, or project that reflects upon this unique notion of sustainability.

Our drive was to influence student's perceptions to the broad and encompassing nature of sustainability. Additionally, we hoped to reflect upon "green washing" and abuse of the term.


Started in 2007 as a student run comeptition.

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Parsons and Kiehl's

Environment, Environmental Design


Quoted from Inhabitat:

We love our design competitions here at Inhabitat, and today we are partneri...

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  • Stanley Newman
  • Amanda Gilbert
  • brent boardman
  • Guido Alvarez
  • Kate Andrews
  • Mark Wieczorek

Parsons Sustainable Design Review is an open competition to students of The New School, around the theme of sustainability.

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Parsons Sustainable Design Review

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