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  • P&G superclean supergreenwash.

    Environment, Communication Design


    Proctor and Gamble processes millions of pounds of materials and chemicals every year to bring you some of the best known products on the market, like Tide, Duracell and Pampers. They are so good at branding and marketing, its surprising they even take on CSR reporting.

    Well, awesome that they do, and I appreciate transparency and accountability. Too bad they have to try and spin it so hard. Here are the highlight figures they put forward:

    $80 Bn net product sales $13 Bn "Sustainable Innovation Products" sales 16.25% of their products by net sales.

    Sounds good. But lets look at how they calculate it.

    17 products listed as improved, out of how many total products? Not listed. It would be nice to know the percentage of products they are actually putting under an environmental lens.

    They report selling: $13.1 Bilion in “sustainable innovation products,” which are products that have an improved environmental profile.(1)

    So what are “sustainable innovation products”?

    "(1) Sustainable Innovation Products are included if they have launched in market since July 1, 2007, and have a greater than 10% reduction in one or more of the following indicators without negatively impacting the overall Sustainability profile of the product: A. Energy, B. Water, C. Transportation, D. Amount of material used in packaging or products, E. Substitution of nonrenewable energy or materials with renewable sources."

    I have to say, this is pretty weak.

    If they r...

  • four seasons

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    4-SEASONS 4-Seasons is designed based on the simplicity and functionality ideas. The unit can be used in offices, houses particularly in waiting lounges. As it can be seen through the name of the design, 4-Seasons, the design call attention to our natural environment where shade of green changes from one season to another. Dreaming the functionality and esthetic look while protecting environment drove me to design this flexible, portable and movable sitting unit. In recent years, humankind has preferred to live and work in smaller spaces where they consume less energy and products. 4-Seasons is practical and efficient design for small living areas which we started to see more often given the environmental space usage. In addition to its efficiency, it can be used in multiple series according to needs of users. 4-Seasons can be used as a single chair or in groups which gives you the flexibility to arrange your office or house. We can only save the environment if we are adjustable for it.

    In addition to the house and office space usages, the product can be used as a sitting group in outdoor spaces such as parks and beaches. It might be a nice resting set-up around a beautiful tree and under its shadow while you enjoy the simplicity of the 4-Seasons and beautiful movement of the leaves.

  • 4 seasons

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    nevra duzgoren

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