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  • IMM Cologne 2009: A New Proposal by Pernilla Jansson

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Pernilla Jansson's lighting installation, A New Proposal, is like a huge necklace of light strewn over a beam. Thomas Pedersen originally created his Stingray Rocking Chair as a graduation project when he was at Arhus, but it has been carried by Fredericia for a number of years and is just now being released in a veneer. Supercool by Horst Wittmann and Konstantin Landuris of Hansandfranz is lighting on a telescopic base that wedges into place between floor and ceiling. The light fixture can be angled to suit the need and placed at any height. More traditional in looks is the Lighttable by David Olschewski , which isn't that traditional at all, what with three lamps rooted in an occasional table.

  • Berlin box

    Communication, Communication Design

    • Brendeland & Kristoffersen's Berlin box DesignMai 2005 project at SpaceInvading, a 7 square meter cabin in a box.

  • IMM Cologne 2009: Taplamp by QED

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    The Taplamp by QED Design encourages the user to go ahead and touch the bulb, a usually frowned-upon practice. But the lamp itself is a glass spigot that is the switch and dimmer, directly connected to the bulb. Turn the bulb to switch on or dim the light. At the time, care must be taken, so the user engages more fully in the action of seeking light.

  • interior design show 2009

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    toronto, canada’s largest city will host the 2009 interior design show (IDS09)from february 5-8. the show is the country’s largest design event and is accompanied by a number of offsite exhibitions spread throughout the city. the main show features a collection of emerging and established designers showcasing their work in a variety of ways. this year’s event will feature a number of guests, which includes ben van berkel of UNstudio, french designer christophe delcourt and dutch duo studio job. in addition, there will be a number of local designers showing off their work and presenting. designboom will be attending the main show and offsite exhibits and publishing content in the days to come.

    more :


    Peace, Environmental Design


    The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto captures frozen water crystals in photographs that present a glimpse into the mysterious response of water to thoughts, words and pictures. As part of the United Nation’s International Decade for Action: Water for Life, Dr. Emoto wishes to share his discoveries about the responsive nature of water with children around the world. Beginning in 2006, "The Message of Water" children’s book , will be provided to all the children in the world at no cost within the decade. This effort is called the “Emoto Peace Project.”

    Dr. Emoto and many of his readers believe that water holds the potential to create peace on earth. Dr. Emoto and many of his readers believe by holding the intention of peace towards water ― by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace toward water ― water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world.

    The Emoto Peace Project presents "The Message from Water" children's book in hopes that this book will play a leading roll in bring peace to the world.

    One man cannot change the world but one man can deliver the message to change the world. We believe it is "The Message from Water".

    We thank you very much for your support to Emoto Peace Project.

  • pantone manet by the partners

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    London’s the partners design agency won critical acclaim for their ‘grand tour’ temporary exhibition for the national gallery last year. the exhibit showcased masterpieces of art in the streets of london. they are also the creators behind this reproduction of édouard manet's 'bar at the folies bergere'. using hundreds of old pantone chips, the team painstakingly colour matched the painting, creating their own pixelized version. taking 4 nights to complete the piece was dubbed ‘manetone’.


  • genetic programming: evolution of mona lisa

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    roger alsing from sweden put genetic programming software to the test creating the mona lisa 'painted' using just 50 semi transparent polygons.


  • projects completed in 2008 by jun aoki & associates

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    2008 proved to be a busy year for jun aoki & associates with three of their buildings being completed. the ‘sia aoyama building’ office building, 'taro nasu' gallery space and the 'go-sees hiroo' photo studios all located in tokyo finished being built within four months of each other.

    more: aoki & associates:

  • mondrian south beach hotel interior by marcel wanders

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    one of the main events at this year's art basel fair in miami was the grand opening of the mondrian south beach hotel. the hotel's interior is designed by marcel wanders, and creates a sense of space with large supporting spindle-like columns and ornately patterned staircases. the intention was to give the new mondrian's interior a romantic, fairy tale feeling. part of the interior design includes delft blue tiles with images depicting girls and sharks, chandelier showers and a small coach house entrance which features six large bell chandeliers. the hotel's sunset lounge provides views over miami's downtown skyline while golden candelabras and onyx jewel-cut stools are combined with ottomans and antiques creating contrasting visual elements between the imagined and the forgotten.

    more marcel wanders:

  • Utrecht Manifest

    Arts & Culture


    Biennial podium for design and society 24 nov 2007 — 11 feb 2008

    Utrecht Manifest is an international cultural biennial, which perceives contemporary developments in design and architecture from a social perspective. The biennial shows how architecture and design, in the past and present, have looked for answers to social and cultural questions connected to innovation, quality and sustainability.

    The biennial searches for connections between design, architecture and other cultural expressions such as film, theatre and literature, in order to stimulate the public and political debate. The aim is to reinforce the role of design and architecture in developing coherent agendas for social and cultural innovation.

    The biennial’s theme is Modernism’s legacy. At the start of the previous century, this movement in the arts, architecture and design formulated a new socially inspired aesthetics, based on modern, technological-industrial methods. After the critique of Postmodernism, does Modernism still exert influence? Is modernism’s social agenda still relevant?


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