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  • Jing Restaurant / Antonio Eraso

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Architects: Antonio Eraso Co. Location: One Fullerton, Singapore Client: Mr. Loh Lik Peng and Chef Yong Bing Ngen Design Team: Antonio Eraso, Andres Atela, Akira Kita, Narisa C.watananun, Sharon de Guzman General Contractor: Cheng Meng Furniture Co Pte Ltd Electrical Contractor: Emac Pte Ltd M&E Consultant: Bescon Consulting Engineers Pte Project Year: 2008 Photographs: Derek Swalwell

  • studio job: 'telling tales' exhibition at V&A

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    studio job's work will be featured in the upcoming 'telling tales' exhibition at the V & A, london from july 14 to october 18, 2009. on display will be furniture and ceramics designed by the duo, which tell tales through their use of decorative devices, historical allusions all of which that share common themes such as fantasy, parody and concern with morality.

  • LAVA: sherman gallery art foundation library, sydney

    Communication, Industrial Design


    LAVA (laboratory for visionary architecture) were commissioned by sherman contemporary art foundation, sydney to create a space within in the gallery for displaying catalogues and other publications.

    the installation uses honeycomb shaped cells that are backlit through transparent acrylic via energy efficient LED lights. each display will adapt and grow in response to each new gallery project.

  • Wall01_177_

    shan shan sheng's the 'open wall project' at the venice art biennale, makes suggestions to the contemporary opening of china to the global economy and stands as a place for the unprecedented exchange of ideas. the sculpture which is meant to be a reconstruct of the great wall of china, indicates moments of transparency and opacity, marking this critical intersection of chinese and western culture.

    located along venice's historic grand canal, the temporary pavilion is made up of 2,200 stacked glass bricks, each brick represents the number of years which it took to build the great wall. the glass blocks become a kind of cultural currency which can be moved, redistributed, subtracted and added duration of the installation, expressing the transitory process of globalization.

  • Night Club / Moomoo

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Stylish interiors for a night club in Poland. I like the curtain-like skin that encloses spaces, as it lets light drop on it, generating an ever-changing interior.

    Architects: Moomoo - Jakub Majewski, Lukasz Pastuszka Location: Poland Project year: 2008

  • bouroullec brothers: new kvadrat showroom, copenhagen

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    A curtain of creme colored kvadrat clouds hang in the new showroom image © paul tahon and ronan & erwan bouroullec

    the bouroullec brothers have just completed the new kvadrat showroom in copenhagen. the minimalist, linear space displays a wall which features the tile concept, kvadrat clouds, designed by the bouroullec brothers in collaboration with kvadrat, adding a more organic and textured feel alongside the natural colors of the interior.

    the showroom boasts a large working area made from wood as well as the bouroullec brothers' 'quilt' sofa designed for established and sons, which provides an area for socialization and discussion.

  • Nl1_177_

    TPAC - taipei performing art center image courtesy NL architects

    NL architects have designed the taipei performing arts center aiming to make the building accessible to everybody. the public character of the center is guaranteed by the elevation of a substantial part of its program, creating a public square underneath it. as such the square becomes part of the building inside of it.

    the design which could be considered to a table with 'four legs' supports a 'tabletop' that accommodates 3 storeys. inside you'll find an elevated fragment of the city, a public browsing space where cultural facilities such as a multimedia library, music stores, galleries, lobbies, bars, restaurants and clubs will be included.

    balconies and terraces with different programs will also be included in the space consisting of swimming pools, a skate area, playground, hotel garden and cafe.

    the performing arts center structure will contain three theaters: a 1500 seat grand theater and two 800 seat theaters for repertory performances. the theaters are positioned on different altitudes. the proscenium playhouse is placed at the base of the southeast 'leg'. the lobby is placed under this theater so that it is flush with the square activating the space around it. the multiform theater is connected to the southwest leg close to the top. the volume of the grand theater is suspended under the horizontal slab. it hovers over the square while being part of it.

  • D Jewelry / Vaillo + Irigaray

    Communication, Communication Design


    Project picks archaic magical conception of the universe that surrounds the value of jewelry and the odd propose -against the usual crowded shop filled with jewelry, a wrapper which exposes the valuable pieces, as unique, exclusive. This creates an mysterious, strange, hollow, weightless, while eastern and Baroque atmosphere.

    Architects: Vaillo + Irigaray / Antonio Vaillo + Juan Luis Irigaray

    Location: Pamplona, Spain

    Project manager: Daniel Galar Irurre, architect

    Lighting: Anton Aman - ALS LIGHTING

    Builder: Ignacio Huarte - Construcciones CLEYS S.L.

    Client: Danieli Joyeros

    Project year: 2006-2007

    Photographs: Jose M. Cutillas

  • XVI Chilean Architecture Biennale / Assadi + Pulido

    Communication, Industrial Design


    The proposal for the installation of the XVI Architecture Biennale starts with the selection of the venue: The Contemporary Art Museum at the Forestal Park. Even if the building wasn´t big enough to host the Biennale, it had plenty of virtues for the event: a centric location with good accessibility, immersed on the most important park in Santiago, but mostly because it has one of the most significant variables for this installation: the possibility to extend the Biennale to a wider audience, not only to the architects. Opening the exhibition on the specific context “Towards an architecture that cares about our planet”, results in an exposure of our affairs to the public, on an open plaza tied to a space on where each part of the exhibition allows for an open exchange of information.

    Architect: Felipe Assadi / Assadi + Pulido

    Location: Santiago, Chile

    Collaborators: Pablo Casals, Francisco Duarte

    Project year: 2008

    Constructed Area: 400 sqm

    Material: Scaffolding, Hunter Douglas aluzinc stripes, Wood

    Photos: Felipe Assadi & Nicolás Saieh

  • Future Hotel Showcase / LAVA

    Communication, Industrial Design


    As part of a research collaboration with the Fraunhofer IAO (Institute for Work Organization) LAVA has designed the Future Hotel Showcase Room, a demonstration project that investigates the interfaces between architecture, technology and the human body.

    Architects: LAVA Location: Duisburg, Germany Project year: 2008 Project Team: Tobias Wallisser, Chris Bosse, Alexander Rieck with Kadri Kaldam, Martin Völkle, Jan Saggau Photographs: Gee-ly

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