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  • Stockholm Furniture Fair 09: Cut by Jessika Källeskog

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Jessika Källeskog's Cut table is a great play on plane. Källeskog uses architectural lines to challenge the traditional function of a table. Set upon the table are pieces from her Kubal glassware collection where the focus is on the contrasts and relationships between negative and positive space. Åsa Agerstam of Beckmans showed a chair and side table made up of various pieces of wood, for an uneven, striped effect, and the Mock & Mimic collection by Atsuko Hamanaka showed how manga can inspire three-dimensional form. As for Samo by Anders Askheim of Under Construction, this is a great example of form over function. The designer's intention is to get the viewer to engage with this chair, knowing full well that the reaction will be one of love or hate. Whatever the case may be, Samo cannot be ignored.


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