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  • The Great CLiMATE Change Drop ~ Patience Required 4~REAL Lasting Change!

    Environment, Communication Design

    When experimenting with REAL LASTING GLOBAL CHANGE, everything goes...! THAT's shorthand, longhand, side-hand & even upside-down-odd-hand.

    DESIGNERS & ESIGNERS (Environmental): Please take the time too discover the newest game of the century, aimed at healing OUR planet [& the ignorance that neglected to observe what has been taking place for at least 50 years] one person, one penny, one nickel, one dime, one quarter, one half-dollar, one whole dollar and even some Susan B. Anthony's, at a time. Thanks! i~!

    The name of our game: The GREAT [Climate] CHANGE Drop - GC²Drop

    “Would You Drop EVERYTHING To Change Your World?”

    The object [shun] of play: [too your hearts content (past); y[h]our ears content (patience?); and your years’ (vs. GC²Drop & team knowledge) CONtent.]

    “EMBRACE as much CHANGE as po$$ible...before...? An$wering...? Too win...?”

    The - 1 + 2 + 3 = awards: 1) Lg. Amt. gathered = 2) Q/answer + correct = award = 3) Elect &/or Vote others 4) inside-SECRET-scoop on NEXT DROP(s) via Online followup GAME/community/HiSTORiES™/videos, humility, etc!

    SYNOPsisterrestrialbrothearthscript: We travel planet earth RANDOMLY dropping off large coin-bags that often burst into “songs of wealth”! Like dominoes’n deers in headlights, wide-eyes from every direction, triangulate & double-take too locate resources/people directing eyes to CHIMING origin of CHANGE which EMPOWERS (AudiencesWilling2Listen + AnyTimeAnyWhereW/All + OneEnvironMentalPurpose = 2HealPlanetEarnAllEarth, one coin, one bag, one person @ a time [dot] com? bringing dignity back too “The least of these... the Lincoln Penny... representing human/environmental rights”), as our early birds & rotten eggs simultaneously tune into one distant dire-ACTION or near yet beyond reACTION but within earshot of a winning [online] interACTION based on understanding what it means, when overhearing “Everything that has a beginning... has an end” yelled out seven times from ‘ground-drop-zero’ and “Wealth is a perspective...we all live reflective” echoing in the approaching unseen distance (distraction/informant).

    These GREEN statements (possibly others too but always two) “remembered or not by contenders” will be used in determining future winner(s) as time ticks bye-bye confused contestants, by the activity in eye &/or earshot...full of coins, vanishing, one by one by hand and buy pockets, purses & possibly even by shovelfuls, if one’s fast enough...etc.

    Q:* Would you DROP all *‘your’ coinAGE (2give2some1youthfull) for an unknown award (2B-detour-mined by responses & predetermined awards/selections) yes/no±...?

    EVERYONE STOPS...MOMENTARILY...few DART grabbing coins...others STUNNED! Several start pondering, deeper, releasing coins & bags, observing body movements, slowly leaning toward an unknown direction... “Is there gonna be a second drop/prize location or what...what’s...the unknown award...what’s it worth...$1,000USD? OMG there’s gotta be over $2,000USD HEAR in COINS@LEAST!” as we FILM EVERYTHING.

    The GREAT [Climate] CHANGE Drop! Would YOU...share your wealth secretly...?

    Tags: i, am, green, life, earth, blue, change, climate, atmosphere, one, world, eve, odd, even, adam, him, her, peace, love, endurance, happiness, inione4earth, teamLEOnardo


    The name of the game: The GREAT [Climate] CHANGE Drop - GC²Drop

    “Would You Drop EVERYTHING To Change Your World?”

    Spontaneous CHANGE leads to more change... surprises invigorate inner youthfulness.

    Create instant community... don’t have time to invest... change happens in an instant.

    A Canadian can info-tip off a Californian for agreeing to share cash of an LA, GC²Drop.

    Bring back the value of ‘small things’ with ENORMOUS value, “WHEN” united as one in a moments notice; those within eyeshot instantly become the only one’s who know & must work together to benefit themselves and those they share the drop location with.

    Our game is about revitalizing the value of the ‘small’ things in life, like the Lincoln Penny, often lost and tossed into oblivion and cast into deep wells of wishing for greater things to come. Being caught up in the moment of being given a gift & doing good before debating how to do that good, change in action, is powerful & empowering.

    Our game aims to* invigorate people, too change their perceptions of so-called ‘small actions’.* Actions, which rarely receive a thank you. Actions offering the opportunity to ‘bank’ on (invest in) the example of a single purpose of continual change in a life.

    Anyone within the GC²Drop community and/or within the vicinity of the ground zero (penny drop location) is a spontaneous contestant, and may choose to continue changing/playing later, online (&/OR PASS THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY TO SOMEONE ELSE).

    Inland Play: When our GC²Drop team travels the world and drops bags of coins, those in the vicinity will have the chance to gather up as much ‘small’ money, and choose to share it, CHANGE it into big money or may opt to give it up to move further along in the spontaneous game, both online & then off again, for more inland community GC²Drop play.

    Online Play: Finding out where the next drops will be will require a passion for a chance to benefit from figuring out & sharing clues and answers to questions about our planet & its health, past present & future. People benefit from passing out information received through environmental channels, inspiring others to choose to learn more about the “positive change we drop’ and much much more, more frequently, globally.

    Giving away money in bags, mostly pennies... people find pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars & whole dollar coins... CHANGE LEADS TO SOMETHING...


    The Great Climate Change Drop game...

    play then see how small things grow, when you care enough to notice

    This game will challenge people’s attitudes about “small actions”, when it comes to our contributions, toward the slowing of climate change or even solving it for generations to come. The climate crisis which our planet is beginning to experience, demands every single helping action, every fraction & function of what a person understands, no matter how small it may seem, in perceptions' POV.

    The Great Climate Change Drop is a game where people learn the value of each & every single one of their actions, one penny, one nickel, one dime or quarter at a time.

    Small actions, symbolized by picking up pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters in the street or sidewalk (instead of stepping over it or throwing it away as though it’s only worthy of the well) would drive home the fact that every one of our actions counts, ENORMOUSLY.

    Seeing an opportunity to win MORE cash/chances to change for their small-change/coined-participation, people would slowly realize how 5 pennies make a nickel, two nickels a dime, two dimes and five pennies, a quarter and so on. Small change adds up!

    How will it work Great Climate Change Drop boxes will be placed in participating local business. At the same time, an enigmatic message will entice people to visit a facebook page to learn more about the game. Every two weeks, the money gathered would be placed in bags marked as “small change” and then dropped in specific locations...and here is where the fun will begin!

    You have an invitation to join the Great Climate Change play click the link below

    Visit us on our facebook page,The Great CLiMATE Change Drop's where as a player, you will find hints as to where the upcoming bags of small change will be dropped.

    These hints could be inserted in environmental articles (IE:,,, or in a riddle, in a joke, in a quote, in a voting place about climate issues, etc. Each community/city where people will 'Like' other fb'ers and choose to join & participate with them, equally collaborating (potentially &/or possibly moderated by us through questionnaires or conversations ), will form their own group in the Great Climate Change Drop fb page (website?) and will become a “team”. As team leader, they will come up with their own hints to inspire, interview & select new team members. A sense of humanity, cleverness, wittiness & a acute unique social acuity or awareness, is key here.

    What happens next? When people find the bags of money (drop-pot), they will have the chance to keep it for themselves, or go back to the website and publicly state that they chose to give it up so that it goes into a bigger drop-pot, for use a later date(s). A team’s drop-pot could also diminish, depending on what people choose to do with the portion they find; join a new group or start your own, it all depends on how clever each person on earth, is, when the time comes to figure out new clues for future drops. Participants/communities/teams keeps track of their drop-pot-booty (total) and designate administrators to work with us.

    Any portion(s) of a team’s drop-pot may be donated to an organization of approved by us.

    Picking up small change in the street and choosing to donate it or keep it would make people reflect on the importance of their “small” actions, inspire a new behavior towards small changes in their communities, both immediate and global.

    The overall goal of our game is, to continually come up with ideas to incorporate businesses who are also focused on improving lives or inspiring new behaviors, whether personally, professionally, communally, but always focused on creating a place for positive change to thrive on a global scale.

    The game (how would it work)

    The internet...TBA... The two awards $1000 & $2000 offered here: Game Changers will be used too locate & secure more funding to help us reach our first drop date, more people & DESIGN21 volunteers & referral-freindships, hopefully, in person.

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