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Prime Concern

Prime Concern

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  • Thinking & Acting Sustainably: Profile of a 21st Century Professional

    Environment, Environmental Design

    A one day workshop for professionals from <a href="">PP4SD</a> and <a href="">The Institution of Environmental Sciences</a> will be held in London, on 5th December, 2007.

    • The majority of professionals in the environmental field need sustainable development knowledge and skills in their employment but most undergraduate programmes provide insufficient knowledge and skills for professionals to cope with the sustainable development aspects of their jobs.
    • The 21st Century is presenting a range of inter-connected economic, social and ecological issues that professionals are expected to address such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental management.
    • Professionals are increasingly required to be knowledgeable about sustainable development and how it can be integrated into their profession.
    • This 1-day workshop will bring together professionals from different areas to engage in practical activities and dialogue on sustainability and sustainable development.
    • Explore ideas on how best to integrate sustainable development principles into your professional practice.
    • Facilitators from Professional Practice for Sustainable Development will work with participants to practice methods for approaching and resolving the issues.

    At the end of the workshop, certificates will be issued that could be used to claim CPD credits. For further information and an application form contact: The Institution of Environmental Sciences, Suite 7, 38 Ebury Street, London SW1W 0LU or by email at

    + Event Listing via.

    + Professional Practice for Sustainable Development

    Original Post: PrimeConcern 19.10.07

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