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Prime Concern

Prime Concern

Community, Environment, Education

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  • WWF Paper Dispenser

    Environment, Industrial Design


    The World Wildlife Federation ad campaigns consistently utilize their existing surroundings very well.

    Here we have a paper dispenser with South America cut out, and green foil to tint your view... "clearly conveying that with every piece of paper you take, you're taking away from the greenness of south america. How multisensory and engaging beyond a simple sticker/poster. By Saatchi and Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark."


  • Retail Responsibly for Orangutans

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Experts at Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, have called on us all to recognise the plight of the rare and diminishing species, the Orangutan.

    In a conference held last Thursday, Cheryl Knott, a leading Orangutan expert on a project at Harvard University, explained how something as simple as buying the right brands can truly make a big difference.

    The main threat to the Orangutan species is the loss of habitat in their only native countries of Burma and Sumatra, Indonesia. A report earlier this year from the United Nations' Environment Programme said Indonesia's forest habitat for orangutans may be gone by 2022 without intervention. Boycotting retail products that source Palm Oil from an unsustainable source, can cut down on the massive rainforest loss.


    • Read the labels of your grocery and toiletry shopping, choose brands that either do not use Palm Oil at all, or use a sustainable source. </li>
    • Do not buy any wood materials from an uncertified tropical hardwood - it will have come from an illegal logging site. Anything from toothpicks to furniture.....
    • Next time you pass a charity box at a zoo or otherwise aimed at underfunded conservation efforts - drop £1 in. If we all made a small contribution the difference would be huge.

    Not only are the trees destroyed, but the mothers killed and the babies taken away to be sold as illegal pets, forcing them into a new life of captivity and misery. Please do a little something to help - a little change for you c...

  • Amazon River Trip 2008

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The World Wildlife Federation is offering the trip of a lifetime through the Amazon Rainforest between 7th-16th March 2008.

    You will sail down the river through the rainforest, on your way encountering many beautiful and rare species such as dolphins, monkeys, macaws, butterflies and frogs. There is no work involved, and it is simply a chance for you to be guided through the unexplored Amazon and watch the wildlife bustling around you in its natural and diverse environment.

    The whole trip costs $3698, or £1805, and all travel, accommodation and activities are planned out for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy the view! Its a great holiday, with a BIG difference.

    Original Post: 24.10.07 Prime Concern

  • The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates 2006-2008, is a new report compiled by 60 experts from 21 countries, prepared by the Primate Specialist Group of IUCN's Species Survival Commission and the International Primatological Society, in collaboration with Conservation International.

    Russell Mittermeier, president of Conservation International, said: You could fit all the surviving members of these 25 species in a single football stadium. That’s how few of them remain on Earth today.

    The report warns that failure to respond to the mounting threats now exacerbated by climate change will bring the first primate extinctions in more than a century. Overall, 114 of the world's 394 primate species are classified as threatened with extinction on the IUCN Red List.


    Primates in Peril: The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates 2006–2008: PDF

    Original Post: 29.10.07 Prime Concern

  • The Reality of Bushmeat Hunting

    Environment, Environmental Design

    The above video is a shocking visualisation of the Bushmeat trade. As large tracts of forest in Central and West Africa are opened up to logging and mining, commercial "bushmeat" hunting is threatening apes, chimpanzees and other endangered species with extinction.

    "Bushmeat" is the name given to the flesh of wild animals killed in the forests and shrub lands of Africa. The International Fund for Animal Welfare [IFAW] and other partner organizations are working to find practical solutions to the bushmeat crisis.

    + The International Fund for Animal Welfare

    Original Post: Prime Concern 07.10.07

  • A one day workshop for professionals from <a href="">PP4SD</a> and <a href="">The Institution of Environmental Sciences</a> will be held in London, on 5th December, 2007.

    • The majority of professionals in the environmental field need sustainable development knowledge and skills in their employment but most undergraduate programmes provide insufficient knowledge and skills for professionals to cope with the sustainable development aspects of their jobs.
    • The 21st Century is presenting a range of inter-connected economic, social and ecological issues that professionals are expected to address such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental management.
    • Professionals are increasingly required to be knowledgeable about sustainable development and how it can be integrated into their profession.
    • This 1-day workshop will bring together professionals from different areas to engage in practical activities and dialogue on sustainability and sustainable development.
    • Explore ideas on how best to integrate sustainable development principles into your professional practice.
    • Facilitators from Professional Practice for Sustainable Development will work with participants to practice methods for approaching and resolving the issues.

    At the end of the workshop, certificates will be issued that could be used to claim CPD credits. For further information and an application form...

  • VOLUNTEERS: Conservation and Culture in the Amazon

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Volunteer Latin America are looking for new volunteers to work on Conservation and Culture in the Amazon.

    Situated on the equator, Ecuador is the smallest country in the Andean Highlands. Despite its size it is probably the world's most bio-diverse country, crammed with an astounding variety of flora and fauna. Combined with its beautiful colonial architecture, magnificent panoramic scenery, vibrant indigenous groups and welcoming people it is one of the most enticing and rewarding countries to visit in South America.

    This project is for people who want to actively engage in community development and conservation, experience the Amazon, and learn about the language and culture of indigenous communities. Volunteers can participate in a series of ongoing projects that include traditional farming, construction, trail creation, reforestation, nursery work, and other conservation/community activities.

    For more information visit

    Original Post: 19.10.07 Prime Concern

Endangered Primate Species : Listen & Collaborate

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