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I Heart Allumonde

I Heart Allumonde

Arts & Culture

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  • Clearvillage-ed01_177_

    From Inhabitat's blog...

    Attention all eco-minded architects, designers, and green building professionals!

    Are you interested in charting the future of sound, sustainable living? Now is the perfect time to get involved - the C.L.E.A.R. Village Lab is looking for talented and progressive thinkers from every profession to come together at the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Barcelona from June 4th-6th 2009 to co-design a real-life eco-village. This exciting program offers the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in sustainability to create a green development from the ground up that you could live, work, and relax in.

    Apply for the C.L.E.A.R. Village Lab today

    Founded by the C.L.E.A.R. Village Foundation, the Village Lab will convene 100 sustainability experts to conceive of a series of C.L.E.A.R. villages, and will then send them to a set of canvas locations to make their plans a reality. The foundation will then share the results and build a bundled knowledge package to support other villages around the world. This is an exciting opportunity to interact with the complex problem of climate change in rural in urban settings, since villages offer the perfect scale to find solutions to some of our greater societal challenges.

    Every profession is invited to apply, from architects, to town planners, clean tech engineers, politicians, marketing consultants, and academics, so submit your registration today!

  • Baby Rings Give Birth To Parents

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    How could this be? Parents usually have children, not visa versa! However, Allumonde breaks all the rules. The Kid's Acrylic Allumonde rings are about to give birth to Acrylic Allumonde for Adults. No joke.

    She's done it again.

  • Paparazzi Catches Allumonde in Stacks

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    The New York Times says...

    The Furniture designer Richard Hutten continues the midcentury tradition of bringing good design to the masses —this time in the form of jewelry. The elegantly simple rings in his Allumonde collection are made of stainless steel, black titanium- plate, gold titanium-plate, sterling silver and 24-karat gold and cost from $35 to $2500 (at Twenty-one percent of the proceeds goes to charity (19 percent of that to a cause the customer chooses from a list of more than 100 at the Design 21 Web site), and 2 percent to Unesco, a nonprofit organization that, among its various activities, builds art centers for children around the world. For younger design disciples, a set of six stackable Lucite rings is available for $25 in a half-dozen good-Samaritan jelly-bean colors.

  • Allumonde grew!

    Communication, Fashion Design


    Allumonde traveled with DESIGN 21 to San Francisco. Word on the street is that the ring actually grows in size and sticks itself to large banners.

    How can one prevent this from happening?

    Well, you can try keeping it on your finger and in small jewelry boxes. It turns out the packaging has a slot for the ring to constrict it on its way from the factory in Japan to the various holding locations thoughout the United States.

    In case Felissimo needs to recall the piece, notify us of ring enlargements by replying to this post.

  • Finger is CAUGHT

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch gets his finger caught while trying to determine his Allumonde size. Oh no!

    The celeb wined and dined with us at this same time last year. Do you think he's still stuck in the signage? Hopefully, the doctors didn't have to amputate.

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