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  • Well it seems that Design 21 is not alone in wanting to connect designers with social needs. Virb, a new media-sharing website (akin to YouTube and MySpace) is now entering into this effort.

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    Its great to see that more and more companies are taking up interest in the promotion of good causes.

  • Orville_132_

    This article I spotted at TreeHugger .com makes a good case for why artificial foods are bad news. It seems that the workers who create the artificial flavoring in buttered popcorn are coming down with "bronchiolitis obliterans, a disease that causes the smaller bronchi to be filled up with masses of fibrous tissue." []. Many people are blaming the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for not doing anything. Apparently this is the kind of disease that can kill quickly. But if this is what is happening to the people that make buttered popcorn, what is happening to the people who eat it?

    <p>TreeHugger Article <p> <p>Angry Toxicologist <p>

  • Design for the Other 90%

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    Design for the Other 90% is a exhibition going on at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. It focuses on how designers today are creating necessary products to help people rather than creating useless objects to be consumed by the wealthier ten percent. The exhibition focuses on everything such as shelter, water, energy and education with many overlapping projects. One of my favorite pieces of this exhibition is the Katrina Furniture Project which creates furniture from recycled wood debris found after Hurricane Katrina. This website is full of amazing information with many different projects. It is on view at the Cooper-Hewitt until September 23, 2007.

    Design For the Other 90%

    Katrina Furniture Project

  • Are Jpegs the New Record Covers?

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    I hate to constantly refer to the Design Observer but there is this awesome article by Adrian Shaughnessy about whether jpegs are going to replace album covers in the years to come. MP3s are becoming more and more popular with the Ipod and Microsoft's Zune. With this, cd's are becoming less necessary and thus album art is less needed. What is also interesting is the commentary for the article regarding the environment and new breakthroughs in the jpeg album art such as animated album covers.

    Are JPEGs the New Album Covers?

    oh and i got the picture from here

  • Books - Still Relevant?

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Here is a great article I found in the Design Observer about books and there place in society today. They are being published at such a rapid pace but who is actually reading them? This article looks at everything from economics to audience and I encourage everyone to check this article out.

    bold[Design Observer- Book Article] (

  • Belu water is a great first step

    Environment, Industrial Design

    Check out their website and their article in the features section...They are really doing quite a lot for the environment and their community. Purchases of Belu water fund clean water initiatives in the UK (local to Belu) and abroad (India, Mali), They're going to fund a garbage filter for the Thames and have supplied hand pumps to rural villages in India.

    Belu also points out that shipping water from Fiji to the UK is insane. The carbon footprint of shipping is huge. So Belu went to the trouble to find water sources in the UK. I think it's a very admirable effort. i just wish Poland Spring would do the same.

    On the flip side...corn is better than oil and is technically renewable...but it is usually grown with petrochemical fertilizers. The next step would be to make the growing greener. Belu points out that the bio-plastic can be made from potatoes, beets...really, anything with carbs and sugars. Corn does grow fast, though. Plus this article from Columbia University's news service points out that corn plastics use 20-30% less petroleum overall than PET. So that's great.

    This project really seems to have taken a village; looking at their supporters page you can see that they were helped by local design schools and water charities, among others. Parson's in the US seems to be leading the way on this...I hope other schools follow suit and find worthy projects to contribute to.

  • The Giving TEE

    Environment, Communication Design

    T-shirts are too often made in sweatshops even with pesticide-infused cotton. However, T-shirt maker Eric Henry, president of paragon T.S. Designs, seeks to achieve its triple bottom line through sustainable sourcing and manufacturing of functional, fashionable tees.

  • cooperative design - Thinkcycle

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    these guys are up and running with a solid social focus

  • CrowdSpirit still in Beta...stay tuned

    Community, Industrial Design


    for all us ID people eager to contribute, they're not ready yet...i'm waiting! we've got talent to burn...


    what they do...or hope to do:

    Step 1 The community sends ideas, fine tunes them & votes for the best one.

    Step 2 The best ideas and their product specifications are jointly defined with Partners. Community Investors start financing the product development.

    Step 3 The first prototype is tested and fine-tuned by the community.

    Step 4 Customers purchase products thanks to the CrowdSpirit Supply chain. The community ensures the product support and recommends products to retailers.

  • My next bag

    Environment, Fashion Design


    no one better buy the green one...

    These guys buy plastic waste from Jakarta trash pickers at 4.5 times the market rate and make these bags locally. Then they sell them to us and everyone gets happy!

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