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    For a future of creativity and curriculum, <a href="">IC-ED</a> is sure to become the leading educational consultancy worldwide, participating in the ever more apparant need for a creative reform of education. <br><br> Founded by <a href="">Richard Gerver</a>, <a href="">IC-ED</a> is the world's most forward thinking education organisation, committed to the development of personal solutions for education settings worldwide. <a href="">IC-ED</a> is the world's first and only educational consultancy dedicated to providing individual support, advice and design of future systems, curriculum approaches and training opportunities. <br><br> <a href="">Richard Gerver</a> is currently Headteacher of <a href="">The Grange Primary School</a> in Long Eaton. Richard has given speeches all over the world including sessions for <a href="">UNESCO</a> and the Chinese Government. His talks range from the concepts of innovation and creativity, the links between education and industry, 21st century learning and leadership and managemen...

  • Young Design Centre @ Somerset House

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    <a href="">The Sorrell Foundation</a> <a href="">Young Design Centre</a> has opened at <a href="">Somerset House</a> this Spring. The centre is designed to highlight the wants and needs of young people from the designers of their schools. <br><br> It will also encourage local authorities to engage with the foundation’s body of work established over the past seven years, including its <a href="">Joinedupdesignforschools</a> programme. Backed by the <a href="">Department for Education and Skills</a>, the centre will host exhibitions, run workshops and establish a research centre and archive on site. <br><br> The Centre will include an exciting new interactive exhibition to explore what's next for schools in Britain, and to inspire everyone involved in renewing school environments. The Foundation's joinedupdesignforschools exhibition will describe what happens when you give young people a say in the way their school is designed. Over the past seven years, design consultants have worked for pupil client teams on design projects to improve the quality of life in their schools. The exhibition shows the process, and examples of the common issues that pu...

  • Graphic Designers United to help Climate Change

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    Online organisation <a href="">Design Can Change</a> begins with a simple statement: "Graphic Designers United to help Climate Change". <br><br> See the <a href="">smashLAB</a> initiative <a href="">Design Can Change</a> and do note the <a href="">Design Can Change Forum</a> for public discussions. <br><br> A powerful site and wonderful imagery with a united underlying cause.

  • Blogs


    <p>You can find my blog posts at my:</p>

    <ul><li><a href=" ">Personal blog</a></li> <li><a href="">Work blog</a></li> <li><a href="">Future is man made (WWF)</a> (contributer)</li> </ul>

    <p>It's a shame that we can't assign certain blog feeds to this space - but in the meantime, you can check out what I have to say in those other spaces.</p>

  • new in hthis i present myself

    Community, Industrial Design


    I m Thierry Jeannot , I am an artis and a designer working in crafts , design projects as a consultant , mostly in Latin America ( well, sometimes in Europe, Africa and Arabic countries) Actually I work in Mexico city with young people in situation of extreme poverty , living in the street with addiction problems. We work with used Pet bottles from the trash of downt town Mexico City and design Lighting and accessories..I used to work in Fashion Haute couture in the 90´...It has been a challenge for me...I discover that i can be as creative and professional working in those conditions.. I hope i will share more with people about new way of seeing and living design those future years

  • JoinedUpDesignForSchools

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    For anyone who has not stumbled on <a href="">The Sorrell Foundation</a> project, this blog is intended to give a brief insight to a throughly innovative project. With the likes of <a href=" ">Future Lab's Blog: FLUX</a>, <a href="">School-Works</a> School Identity workshops as merely two examples of design's impact on educational reform, the 'Joined Up Design For Schools' project exemplifies this impact to the highest potential. The benefit of design and educational collaboration should be noted by all. <br><br> Truly illustrating how a designer's mindset (or one of a productive creative), can influence educational reform for the future. With an ability to see something as a blank canvas designers will listen to their clients 'wants', 'needs', 'musts', and 'if onlys' to then imagine and produce a new environment, product, system, mentality or mindset. <br><br> John and Frances Sorrell of The Sorrell Foundation set up the <i>JoinedUpDesignForSchools</i> project 'that explores how good design can improve the quality of life in schools by listening to the voices of the consumers.' By inspiring the pupils by asking what <i>they</i> really wanted from their schools, the project is a fantastic insight to what is going wrong with educational refo...

  • Thomas Matthews

    Communication, Environmental Design


    What better way to start this feed with a true example of the future of Graphic Design practice: welcome to <a href="">Thomas Matthews</a>. Their passion; 'Good Design and Sustainability'. With a team including Royal College of Art Graduates, Thomas Matthews is undeniably a footstep toward the future of visual communication and design practice.

  • Life after College


    This is disturbing. Waking up every morning around noon, going to the air-conditioned wireless library, waiting for company at home, watching cable tv, working on portfolio/cover letters, and sleeping 9 hours. I called this monotony dressed in a tutu. It's ridiculously boring that it's silly.

    This is disgusting. No more classes, no more friends, no more roommates, and no more college town that has everything in close proximity. I loathe my car in which takes me 10-30 minutes to get anywhere and everywhere. I spit in the name of LA summer temperature especially since I lack the luxury of air-conditioning (which makes me wonder I got so depended on energy wasting appliances). The only air circulation I have is from my fan in my room that is only moving hot air elsewhere.

    This is distasteful. Working on something that might not even get work. Working for free. Working for the sake of working. Working. I can't seem to feel the sense of purpose working on my portfolio. It's never ending.

    Take me back to college. I'm actually just scared of (adult) life.

  • The real cost of biofuel

    Environment, Industrial Design

    Another sign that the United States isn't truly ready to eliminate its dependency on fossil fuels.

    <blockquote><em>Bob Teixeira decided it was time to take a stand against U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

    So last fall the Charlotte musician and guitar instructor spent $1,200 to convert his 1981 diesel Mercedes to run on vegetable oil. He bought soybean oil in 5-gallon jugs at Costco, spending about 30 percent more than diesel would cost.

    His reward, from a state that heavily promotes alternative fuels: a $1,000 fine last month for not paying motor fuel taxes. He has been told to expect another $1,000 fine from the federal government.

    To legally use veggie oil, state officials told him, he would have to first post a $2,500 bond.</em></blockquote>

    Read: <a href="">Driver ticketed for using biofuel</a>

  • DesignCures

    Environment, Communication Design

    Thanks for viewing my portfolio and reading my profile. Here I will give you a brief info about myself and how design has helped me to become a better person. When I read about what is design, how it started, how it is related with human civilization, its culture context. How integral it is in our daily lives. Some may find these questions very intriguing. Design matters profoundly to us all in innumerable ways and represents an area of huge underutilized potential in life. It sends a message to explore some reasons why this is so and to suggest some possibilities of change.

    It is therefore worth asking: if these things are a necessary part of our existence, why are they often done so badly? Answer is simple : Cost factors are sometimes advanced in justification. But the margin between doing something well and bad can be exceedingly small and cost factor can infact be reduced by appropriate design inputs.

    Design is an essence, can also be defined as the human capacity to shape and make our environment in ways without precedent in nature, to serve our needs and give meaning to our lives. Design creates subdivision of art historical narratives emphasizing a neat chronological succession of movements and styles, with new manifestations replacing what went before. Appropriately as a process in which new development are added over time to what already exists. Rapid developments in computers and IT are not only creating existing new possibilities in interactive design, but are...

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