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    0/ I tried for one of design21 competitions: child's play but the busy situation don't let me to complete my idea and share it with other designers, any way may be next time!

    1/ There is a big difference between Iranian bloggers and others! The most important factor for bloggers in Iran is the quantity of comments but other ones try to have quality in posts and writings! Iranian has the same differences like this with other nations! All the time unlike the entire world, Iranian try to focus on borders not roots! Here you can learn close your eyes and think instead of looking! It’s bad but useful sometimes!

    2/ now a day, there isn’t anything, just thinking and try to do something!


    INKLING: I didn't want to introduce another book or person this post again, but Thackara didn't let me to crossing over his thoughts!

    I don't want to say more, so please check these four useful links that all of them have a main relation to John! Sometime whether with a world full of violence, war, and poverty and hungry, I'm really happy for living in a world with these people and their works:

    Designs of the Time

    John Thackara Web Site

    Doors of Perception Weblog

    In the Bubble: Designing in the Complex World

  • Energy Tree.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    For the 2007 Microsoft StartSomthing PC design competition I created a new device for monitoring energy use in the house. The Energy Tree monitors all devices in the home, and monitor recycling efficiently. This concept was picked as on of the 34 finalists.

    What is the Energy Tree?

    The EnergyTree is a device dedicated to monitoring your household energy use. It monitors you energy output from sockets and any device that is using electricity. It also monitors Recycling, and recycling efficiency as sustainable design is about "cradle to cradle" and not just about using less.

    The Energy Tree will have a user interface that will display information on you energy consumption letting you know what devices are draining and will give you the option to turn them off. As a long term interface the EnergyTree will grow a real tree from the EnergyTree, this will grow if you are energy efficient, but waste energy and it will start to get a disease and or die.

    Read all about it on my personal webiste

  • Too many compertions and not enought time.

    Community, Industrial Design

    I have recently rushed and just managed to enter two of the Design 21sdn competitions. I'm very happy for the delayed entry time. I was just putting this post out there as I feel that entering a design competition using only four 400x400px images and 300 words is limiting for a design.

    For me these competitions are more of a 'concept' competition. Most works of design or projects takes months to complete, yet the initial concept can be created in a flash the design is really in the details.

    I look forward to see who wins, and the quailty of the projects. My entry's were very rushed, and even entered some badly hand drawn diagrams. As I work 9-5, exercise, sleep and drink. How do dose everyone find time to enter these things!

    Good luck to anyone who entered.

    Ben Arent

  • Need Filmmakers for Kenyan Documentary

    Poverty, Audio/Visual Design

    Watoto wa Dunia Inc.

    Watoto wa Dunia is seeking 4-5 film makers to document critical problems facing Kenyan citizens and bring to the public eye the goals and objectives of our organization and the work we are doing in Kenya.

    Person(s) interested will be guided for approximately one month and document the following subjects that must be brought to the public eye:

    •Micro-Finance Project •HIV/AIDS •Problems facing the women and children of Kenya •General Watoto wa Dunia goals and objectives for our work in Kenya

    This film will be collaboration between our co-founder and the filmmaker(s). It is very important to bring light to these mentioned subjects through the filmmaker(s) views. Creative vision will be give to the filmmaker; the most important goal is to show the world the problems facing Kenya and to use the film as a teaching tool.

    Minimum Qualifications: Knowledge and experience in filming, editing and a creative vision for documentary/educational style video. Must have necessary equipment to create and edit film or access to necessary equipment.

    Funding: As we are a grassroots non-profit, funding will not be provided. Interested person(s) must be able to sponsor themselves. Room and board will be arranged by Watoto wa Dunia as well as a rough timeline and schedule for traveling.

    What You Will Receive: An amazing opportunity to travel throughout Kenya and learn from the country and its citizens! This is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to expand th...

  • open source humanitarian design website

    Poverty, Environmental Design


    Hello, Chloe writing---on a Monday morning. So I would like to focus in this first post on the idea of evolving a social design network such as design21 to an open source humanitarian design website that would provide hands on exchange on construction solutions, with an emphasis on refugee camps.

    ‘A poorly planned refugee settlement is one of the most pathogenic environments possible. Overcrowding and poor hygiene are major factors in transmission of diseases with epidemic potential. The lack of adequate shelter means the population is deprived of all privacy and constantly exposed to the elements (rain, cold, wind, heat etc.)’ docteurs sans frontiers

    Pre-vent / in-vent: well, anyway, since the above is common knowledge, the thing is that the solutions provided usually for a large scale camp consist either of a container box or a plastic tent. We all agree I believe that the above do not consist of a healthy, friendly or sustainable environment for any human to live in. I would like to note at this point, that ‘camp shelters’ even though they are primarily designed as temporary housing solutions can become a family’s home for more than three years! (source dbo)

    The website proposed aims to reinforce collaborative design towards the creation of mobile shelters that will be collectively designed in a blog-formated web space to be then personalised by users on the spot.

    The website will focus on three areas:

    a) Locality

    b) Flexibility

    c) Identity

    a) Locality:...

  • Design = Happiness

    Well-being, Communication Design

    Fascinating talk from designer Stefan Sagmeister: Yes Design Can Make You Happy. [2004]

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  • -CO2

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Another resource worthy of a mention this evening are sponsers of this years <a href="">D&AD New Blood</a> exhibition in London; <a href="">The Carbon Neutral Company</a>.

    "The CarbonNeutral Company has been leading the way in voluntary action on climate change for businesses, Governments and individuals for the past decade. With our broad range of carbon offset and climate-consulting services, expert team and market-leading industry standards, we help clients to measure, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions, and to communicate their action. When CO2 is reduced to net zero, the organisation, product or service can carry the CarbonNeutral brand, our registered trademark."

  • TheFLOWmarket™

    Communication, Communication Design


    Quite simply; stunning!!!

    This project utilizes a supermarket to provoke customer awareness. It uses symbols and the physical representation of values to cause change in the society. Customers are invited to purchase products such as “Clean air” or “Commercial free space”.

    <a href="">TheFLOWmarket™</a> is a project that utilizes traditional exhibition spaces to send an original message via an even more original medium. It is a supermarket selling consumer awareness. TheFLOWmarket™ has isles, shelves and registers like any other supermarket. But the cans, cartons and bottles on the shelves are all empty. The project idea is purely metaphysical and so are the products for sale. Entering the shop you can buy things like "Clean air", "Commercial free space", "Consumption moderators", "Good vibes" and "Holistic thinking" dressed up as basic commodities in standard containers.

    The approach of the project is highly metaphorical and both the employees and customers become part of a theatrical interaction that deals with basic values in todays society. The play becomes an opportunity for personal reflection that can help the process of exploring possibilities for development of our common world. It basically transforms abstract values into physical objects that can be picked up or left on the shelf. The mere symbolism of the products immediately makes you think in terms ...

  • The Venus Project

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Thanks to <a href="">Social Design Site</a> for crediting the <a href="">Venus Project</a>:

    "This organization proposes a feasible plan of action towards a peaceful and sustainable world; eradicating wars, poverty and pollution by using the idea of a resource-based civilization. The <a href="">Venus Project</a> calls for a straightforward approach to the redesign of a culture, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today's world."

    <a href="">Venus Project</a>

  • Massive Change

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    For anyone not aware of the <a href="">Massive Change</a> project by the magnificent Bruce Mau and his team... you must read this: <br><br> Design has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful forces. It has placed us at the beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility, where all economies and ecologies are becoming global, relational, and interconnected. In order to understand and harness these emerging forces, there is an urgent need to articulate precisely what we are doing to ourselves and to our world. This is the ambition of <a href="">Massive Change</a>. <br><br> <a href="">Massive Change</a> is a celebration of our global capacities but also a cautious look at our limitations. It encompasses the utopian and dystopian possibilities of this emerging world, in which even nature is no longer outside the reach of our manipulation. <br><br> For many of us, design is invisible. We live in a world that is so thoroughly configured by human effort that design has become second nature, ever-present, inevitable, taken for granted. <br><br> For all information on the project and the books: <a href="">Massive Change</a>

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