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  • Bosch & Fjord (DK)

    Education, Industrial Design


    This project creates and influences social interactions at the workplace, school and public spaces, using arts, architecture and interior design. <br><br> Bosch & Fjord create spaces where design challenges people and poses questions. The projects influence how people act and think, potentially changing the organisation, procedures and learning situations. Affecting existing structures, the projects can have thoroughgoing influence on people’s day-to-day lives. They break fixed habits and ingrained thinking and open up dialogue.
    <br><br> On the premise that everyone is different, thinks differently and learns differently in different situations, Bosch & Fjord have created a complete and challenging design at Ordrup School. Bosch & Fjord, working with SKUB, a school development and expansion project in Gentofte Municipality, has done away with traditional school interiors and instead created varied areas with room for differentiated teaching and creative thinking. Now there are raised window seats with a view of the outside world, green platforms with round red holes where discussions can percolate and large upholstered tubes where kids can hide with a good book or spend some time alone. See full article: <a href="">Bosch & Fjord (DK)</a>

  • Zero Footprint

    Environment, Communication Design


    An interesting project worth having a look at if you are interested in our Environmental Footprints: <br><br> "<a href="">Zerofootprint</a> is a not-for-profit that combines the best financial engineering, environmental engineering, social networking tools and business intelligence to create products and services that help large corporations, organizations and individuals significantly reduce their environmental footprint." <br><br> "Zerofootprint started with an idea about ideas. If future generations blame us for not responding adequately to the converging crises of this century, it won’t be because we didn’t have any good ideas at our disposal. It will be because we didn’t do anything about them. <br><br> Zerofootprint’s mission is to change the world by helping people reduce their environmental footprint. Our goal is to provide a forum for the massive and growing, but mostly unconnected majority of people – whether they think of themselves as citizens or businesspeople, parents or consumers, activists or theorists—who want to do the right thing. <br><br> Action is impossible without information. We are forging a community where those who have it can share it with those who are looking for it, and where those who can offer direction will come into contact with those who need it. Zerofootprint: getting good ideas off the drawing board and into the world."...

  • Pebble Beach Forest Saved

    Environment, Environmental Design


    On June 13th, the California Coastal Commission voted 8-to-4 to deny the Pebble Beach Company's plans to cut down 18,000 trees in the Del Monte Forest.

    This ended an eight-year battle in which the Pebble Beach Company had tried to circumvent the Coastal Act by taking the vote to the public. In a slick $1 million ad campaign, co-owner Clint Eastwood asked voters to "help save the forest." Failing to mention the fact that so many trees would fall victim to the development scheme, the voters approved the measure. The company also bought local officials and leaned on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace two pro-environment commissioners.

    The development was extensive, and included putting an equestrian center on a conservation easement. In the end, the company couldn't negotiate - any changes would have to be put before the (now educated) public in another vote. This lock box killed the deal, and after 11 hours of deliberation in which Commission Sara Wan called it "wholesale destruction of the environment," the plan was denied.

    Heroes abound in this story - Mark Massara, a surfer and attorney for the Sierra Club, spearheaded the effort to save the forest. Attorney Tom Lippe likewise rocked the vote, while the staff at the Coastal Commission, including Charles Lester and Dan Carl, was forthright and unwavering in their judgment.

    On a personal note, as someone born who was born in that forest and is especially sensitive to the aesthetic beauty, I was ...

  • In the era of clever marketing and all the importance one has started to attach to saleability true content is taking a back seat.Genuine talent is being pushed away to make space for gloss and street smart salesmanship.Though selling is a creative business too but one must not forget that design is that brave being which is not slave to any popular temporary wave of consumerism.

  • architects vs anthropologists

    Environment, Environmental Design

    I am quite pained to learn that architects are becoming notorious by the day.While it is true that they are important actors the society fails to understand their roles correctly..... Most anthropologists attack architects as destroyers of the urban environment.....but I guess they miss the point. An architect is an equivalent of a film actor .He works under the person who hires him.In his or her initial years he or she does not have the standing to call the shots , the kind of position most social activists assign to this community is achieved only when the architect has lived nearly 20 or 30 years as a subordinate taking instructions from his superiors.During this period though he can voice his concern but I am sure no one is really going to take him seriously.So the mojority of this profession is quite voiceless for most part of their lives. So then before attacking one has to understand who is being attacked.Instead why not look at the entire machinery as a whole .....the building industry is a huge enterprise and it is not only unwise but unreal to blame the architect for all environment wrong that is out there.

  • RSA Lectures

    Communication, Communication Design


    Upcoming RSA/Innovaro Lectures: <br> <a href="">Designing Interactions</a> [13 June]<br> Jeremy Myerson, Fiona Raby, Tony Dunne & Bill Moggridge<br> <a href="">Café RSA: Climate Change DIY</a> [14 June]<br> Manifesto Challenge: Moving Towards a Zero Waste Society<br> <a href="">RSA Lecture with Nick Clegg MP</a> [18 June]<br> Manifesto Challenge: Developing a Capable Population<br> <a href="">Innovation - Tomorrow's Communities.</a> [20 June]<br><br>

    For further details visit the <a href="">RSA Website</a>

  • ReadyMechs

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Here's one for the innovative and creative ones out there, also one for the kids!

    "<a href=""> Ready Mechs</a> are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time."

    See the site: <a href=""> Ready Mech</a>

  • munrakhan.bindiya.d - BA(Hons)FineArts

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    NAME : Munrakhan Bindiya devi.yashna

    Address : Manrakhan street Long Mountain Mauritius

    Email :

    Date of Birth : 14may1983

    Telephone no- Home : +230 2453017

                 - Mobile   : cellplus- 9485206
                                     : emtel    -4903104

    Level of Studies : Degree Level BA(Hons)FineArts University of Mauritius in collaboration with

    Mahatma Gandhi fine Arts Department Moka Participated in Exhibitions at: - 1ST Annual Art Exhibition Fine Art

    department MGI 2004 - 2nd Annual Art Exhibition 2005 - 3rd Annual Art Exhibition 2006 - WORKSHOPS- Printmakings

    workshops at the MGI

    • Formation de l’introduction du technique de “lithographie”-given by lecturers from Visva Bharati University de Shantiniketan de L’Inde. -GROUP EXHIBITION- Exhibition

      at L’Alliance Francaise Bel Village-

      On Contemporary Printmakers and Prints Working Experience : Graphic designer trainee at Rajiv Gandhi science center Bel Village. : ...
  • trash ....trash... and buisness...

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I just come back from an area of Mexico City today and I was so impressed to see the conditions of working and living in places where people select bya hand used pet bottles , poliethilene ec... a baby was sleeping in a hammock with trash all around I go to thos places to buy materials for my projects..I m preparing an exhibition in Mexico City in September The buisyness is like this : Pet is sold by KG at a price of 0.25 USD per KG Its around 30 bottles..people collecting in the streets get 20 to 40 kg a day means 2.5 USD to 5 USD a day The trash deposit , outside the city is runned by Mafia..they own everything, people working and land... Welll...I was impressed to see and observe this...mountains of plastic and other materials...and the landscape around ...beautifull mountains around...countryside ..just a few Km from downtown Mexico city where I live

  • Design is culture: Rheindesign

    Community, Communication Design


    Cologne is the capital of furniture design in Germany - once a year there is a big interior design fair that is only competed by the Salone in Milan. So there's a lot of slick chairs, tables, boards and people in the city at that time. This always quickly leads to a interior design overkill. Especially as the cultural off-event got more and more commercialized.

    Now there's something new in town: for the first time there will be Rheindesign - a non-commercial event that is concentrating on design not in aspects of saleability. Rheindesign is supposed to be an event that consists of over 30 projects that are spread all over Cologne.

    Alongside the participation of big names like Jean-Marie Massaud or ora-ito, I'm mostly looking forward to the experimental projects that are going on there: for example a concert with washing-mashines on the Neumarkt or the exhibition »From Vandalism to Fandalism« that is organized by students of the Köln International School of Design.

    I think this event could really become something social in design: getting out on the streets and involve people in design processes wether it be by provocation, involvement or demonstration. For all those who won't be able to come to Cologne: the ROGER Designmagazine will put up a blog and hopefully report from all of the 30 events. Here's a link to the blog, that will work only in three or four days.


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