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    Percepción de la realidad //////////////////// Perception of the reality

    (Realidad alterada por la percepción //////////////////// Reality altered by perception)

    Ejemplo 1.....Sentado en un tren parado, junto a la ventana. Se ve un tren junto en movimiento: sensación de movimiento. //////////////////// Example 1.....Seated by the window in a stopped train, you can see a train moving beside: sensation of movement.

    Fuera de contexto //////////////////// Out of context

    (Relación distorsionada de tamaño-espacio referente a su entorno //////////////////// Distorted relationship between size-space in reference of its surroundings)

    Ejemplo 2....Una planta en la banqueta junto a una coladera como un arbol junto a un tunel //////////////////// Example 2...A plant on the sidewalk by a like a tree by a tunel.

    Parte-todo, memoria //////////////////// Part-whole, memory

    (Relación de contexto a partir de lo que ya conocemos //////////////////// Relationship of context from what we already know)

    Ejemplo 3.....Placa de autobus-autobus //////////////////// Example 3.....Plake of a bus-bus.


    Community, Audio/Visual Design


    The building is togheder to the trains central station and close to interurban busses terminal, a hipper-connected zone.

    Highly comertial zone and enlaced between Santiago (capitol country) and the rest of the country.

    The owner change (actualy Correos de Chile) have been minimized its importance, joining to the forgotten building group from the city modern patrimony.

    The structural clarity and the estrategic location let us design this intermodal houses in santiago central station.

    No just will serve like a momentanean residence for who comes to do business and othe activities to the capitol, it will give us job space, gym and other for the inhabitants.

    They dispose in the inner of the building many wagons in diferents sizes and combinations, each double floor habe a “elevated street” whit the comun programme.

    The new building image, wagons, topiary and developments answer to the dynamics and modular image of the transport sistems.

  • Hello World!


    this is my first post!


    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Ni los nuevos arquitectos fueron capaces de frenar el éxodo, la ciudad caería por su propio peso, el gran problema de los hombres fue tener que convivir con sus desiguales, se crearon "villas rurales" alejadas de las ciudades en medio de entornos naturales, aquí vivirían las clases medias y altas, elevan sus construcciones gracias al acero sin dañar los terrenos de emplazamiento, la ciudad seria fragmentada , abandonada y en ruinas seria en partes ocupada por jóvenes rebeldes, que no conocen el dinero, generaciones van transcurriendo y las memorias van quedando en el olvido, estos viven de la agricultura , las antiguas plazas y antejardines hoy son terrenos propicios para plantar vegetales. Las clases bajas incluidas en el sistema han optado por habitar los edificios de acero, ya que han pasado 15 terremotos y nadie ha hecho reparaciones, los edificios de hormigón ya no son seguros. Los arquitectos han llegado a un consenso en el diseño, este es que los edificios no deben verse, las construcciones, los grandes edificios necesarios son transparentes, en ellos habitan los habitantes de las aldeas rurales de la clase alta, la memoria en ellos también ha sido borrada por el tiempo, la identidad los ha dejado, hoy parecen verdaderos clones cada cual diferentes según aldea, estas son secretas, nadie sabe donde están y su comunicación con el mundo exterior es atravez de sistemas inalámbricos de redes computacionales. los ejecutivos trabajan hoy desde sus casas ya que las g...

  • Dott 07

    Community, Environmental Design


    <a href="">Dott 07</a> (Designs of the time 2007) is a year of community projects, events and exhibitions based in North East England that explore what life in a sustainable region could be like – and how design can help us get there.

    An initiative of the Design Council and the regional development agency, One NorthEast, <a href="">Dott 07</a> enables communities and individuals in North East England to collaborate with designers in real-life situations. These projects are small but important examples of what life in a sustainable region might be like.

    The Community Projects:

    <a href="">Urban Farming</a>, which helps schools, communities and businesses grow their own fresh food in a variety of spaces in Middlesbrough, and help them make it into meals in special kitchens called Kitchen Playgrounds.

    <a href="">Low Carb Lane</a>, one street in Northumberland will look at a range of ways of making their homes more energy efficient, cutting their carbon emissions and reducing their demand on the National Grid by up to 60%.

    <a href="">DaSH (Design and Sexual Health) </a> seeks to improve screening and treatment provision for sexual health in Gateshead in consul...

  • what´s now?

    Environment, Industrial Design

    what is the new life of the products? 3 months later i buy an new cell phone and now im thinking in another better. im not sick, how many people buy something and just a short time later they change it? The very know proyect called one laptop per child make an low cost pc incluiding an flash memory. In fact and knowing that those memories have a certain life utility, this lapton then have an autodesruction button in certain form. Perhaps its not bad think it as a new form to see electronics indeed. I dont need an mp3 player or laptop designed for 15 years when perhaps its life average is only months because i must to pay for anothers 14 years of use. This is not synonymous of badly design.

    Rethink the form to raise an electrinic product and not pay for OVERDESIGN. Maybe it would be more Honesty .

  • 0262201577-f30_132_

    0/ I tried for one of design21 competitions: child's play but the busy situation don't let me to complete my idea and share it with other designers, any way may be next time!

    1/ There is a big difference between Iranian bloggers and others! The most important factor for bloggers in Iran is the quantity of comments but other ones try to have quality in posts and writings! Iranian has the same differences like this with other nations! All the time unlike the entire world, Iranian try to focus on borders not roots! Here you can learn close your eyes and think instead of looking! It’s bad but useful sometimes!

    2/ now a day, there isn’t anything, just thinking and try to do something!


    INKLING: I didn't want to introduce another book or person this post again, but Thackara didn't let me to crossing over his thoughts!

    I don't want to say more, so please check these four useful links that all of them have a main relation to John! Sometime whether with a world full of violence, war, and poverty and hungry, I'm really happy for living in a world with these people and their works:

    Designs of the Time

    John Thackara Web Site

    Doors of Perception Weblog

    In the Bubble: Designing in the Complex World

  • Energy Tree.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    For the 2007 Microsoft StartSomthing PC design competition I created a new device for monitoring energy use in the house. The Energy Tree monitors all devices in the home, and monitor recycling efficiently. This concept was picked as on of the 34 finalists.

    What is the Energy Tree?

    The EnergyTree is a device dedicated to monitoring your household energy use. It monitors you energy output from sockets and any device that is using electricity. It also monitors Recycling, and recycling efficiency as sustainable design is about "cradle to cradle" and not just about using less.

    The Energy Tree will have a user interface that will display information on you energy consumption letting you know what devices are draining and will give you the option to turn them off. As a long term interface the EnergyTree will grow a real tree from the EnergyTree, this will grow if you are energy efficient, but waste energy and it will start to get a disease and or die.

    Read all about it on my personal webiste

  • Too many compertions and not enought time.

    Community, Industrial Design

    I have recently rushed and just managed to enter two of the Design 21sdn competitions. I'm very happy for the delayed entry time. I was just putting this post out there as I feel that entering a design competition using only four 400x400px images and 300 words is limiting for a design.

    For me these competitions are more of a 'concept' competition. Most works of design or projects takes months to complete, yet the initial concept can be created in a flash the design is really in the details.

    I look forward to see who wins, and the quailty of the projects. My entry's were very rushed, and even entered some badly hand drawn diagrams. As I work 9-5, exercise, sleep and drink. How do dose everyone find time to enter these things!

    Good luck to anyone who entered.

    Ben Arent

  • Need Filmmakers for Kenyan Documentary

    Poverty, Audio/Visual Design

    Watoto wa Dunia Inc.

    Watoto wa Dunia is seeking 4-5 film makers to document critical problems facing Kenyan citizens and bring to the public eye the goals and objectives of our organization and the work we are doing in Kenya.

    Person(s) interested will be guided for approximately one month and document the following subjects that must be brought to the public eye:

    •Micro-Finance Project •HIV/AIDS •Problems facing the women and children of Kenya •General Watoto wa Dunia goals and objectives for our work in Kenya

    This film will be collaboration between our co-founder and the filmmaker(s). It is very important to bring light to these mentioned subjects through the filmmaker(s) views. Creative vision will be give to the filmmaker; the most important goal is to show the world the problems facing Kenya and to use the film as a teaching tool.

    Minimum Qualifications: Knowledge and experience in filming, editing and a creative vision for documentary/educational style video. Must have necessary equipment to create and edit film or access to necessary equipment.

    Funding: As we are a grassroots non-profit, funding will not be provided. Interested person(s) must be able to sponsor themselves. Room and board will be arranged by Watoto wa Dunia as well as a rough timeline and schedule for traveling.

    What You Will Receive: An amazing opportunity to travel throughout Kenya and learn from the country and its citizens! This is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers to expand th...

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