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  • I don't know if you've heard the recent controversy over Oscar Pistorius's second place finish - do his prosthetic limbs give him an unfair advantage? It's amazing that in this day and age that a double-amputee can have an unfair advantage in, of all things, a race.

    Ossur, the supplier for Oscar Pistorius is currently experimenting with artificial intelligence to build feet that sense what direction you're moving in and adjust themselves accordingly.

    Read Ossur: Design That Walks the Line and View the Slideshow

    Via Putting People First

  • The Edible City

    Environment, Communication Design


    Just came across the The Edible City exhibition, held at NAI Maastricht last month.

    The Bipolis is a design manifestation in which two cities within the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion play the leading role. As part of the first Bipolis, NAI Maastricht, Z33 in Hasselt and Het Domein in Sittard are collaborating on a project on the theme of food, under the umbrella term "Food for Thought". The exhibition "The Edible City" consists of urban agriculture, self-sustaining cities, food miles and closed food chains. See the The Edible City website.

    Image from Debra Solomon

  • China-water-samples-001_177_

    Beijing, China: Xu Jiehua (r), the wife of the detained Chinese environmental activist Wu Yilong, sits behind water samples collected by Wu Yilong from Chinese urban rivers and lakes.

    Photograph: Teh Eng Koon/AFP/Getty Images

    Source: 24 hours in pictures Via: Treehugger

  • Hi everybody...

    im an architectural student and this year its my thesis. So, accordingly i have taken up the topic of " An abode for personality disorder patients".But since this kind of project is grossly scarce round the world i am unable to figure out how to proceed.So, i request if any body of you have any relevant info regarding the same, their diagnosis, therapy & treatment procedure etc, kindly let me kno..or mail me at

  • Eco-Friendly Howies

    Environment, Communication Design


    Howies make clothes. Clothes that are well made, last a long time and in turn create positive impact on the environment. Building their business on a foundation to encourage people to think about the world we live in and place money back into the community, through environmental and social projects.

    For me, Howies are an example of how visual communication and design thinking can truly be part of a greater good. Not only is it Howies clothes that aim to reduce a negative impact on the environment, but their graphic design as well. The spring and summer catalogues this year are beautifully thought out and designed, maintaining an essence of the environment throughout. Using paper made from the pulp of trees in sustainable forests, for example <a href=""><b>Future Forests</b></a>; using carbon neutral printers, <a href=""><b>Cousin</b></a> and <a href=""><b>Beacon Press</b></a>; and using soya based inks. This process means the finished catalogue is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

    Howies continue their identity onto their website through talking about who they are and how they believe in helping the environment and the world we live in. One section on their website entitled <a href=""><b>Think</b></a> provides a...

  • Defining the Designer of 2015

    Communication, Communication Design


    An interesting Initiative is launched by the AIGA: <a href="">Defining the Designer of 2015</a>. They describe it with the following:

    <i>The design profession is changing dramatically, for good reasons: the marketplace is beginning to understand the value of design and is making demands of designers that go well beyond traditional roles. At the same time, leading designers have tools and perspective that allows them to adapt in increasingly valuable ways to the challenges of their clients.

    AIGA, in partnership with Adobe, has launched an ambitious initiative to define the professional requirements of the designer of 2015—to forecast the needs, skills and roles of the designer of the future. This year-long project will help characterize the skills, education requirements and work environments designers will face in the year 2015. The desired outcome of the Designer of 2015 initiative is to define about six general types of designers who will be needed to address communication design problems in the collaborative environment of 2015.</i>

    Image: <a href="">flickr</a>.

  • Dazed and Confused

    Communication, Communication Design


    Dazed & Confused's Digital community have launched <a href="">Dazed Digital 50</a>. In recent years, we have seen an explosion of creativity online - as technology becomes more accessible, and download speeds increase, so more and more artists, designers, writers and photographers have taken to the web. But which of them are really worth our time? They are asking us to a <a href="">vote for our favourites</a> - the results of which will be printed in Dazed & Confused later this year. I relly hope to see some truly creative resources (incl. Design21) on the new listings in a few weeks, as it is worrying to see "20 Jazz Funk Greats" as the top listed online portal! Sorry, what??

  • Lovely as a Tree

    Communication, Environmental Design


    I would like to introduce you all to <a href="">Lovely as a Tree</a>; the website that tells you everything you need to know to be a more environmentally aware graphic designer. Founded in 2005 by 1996 RCA graduate, Caroline Clark <a href="">Lovely as a Tree</a> offers advice for designers on how your choices of design, paper and print impact upon the environment, with lists of the UK’s most environmentally friendly papers and printers, web links to help make your office green, and case studies to inspire you. Great resource for the future graphic designer.

  • 10 past 10 ???

    Communication, Communication Design


    l've noticed, since long time ago, in almost all advertise of watches or clocks, the lines show 10 past 10. l never found out what does this "sign" means and why is it used like this!??!!! Many people jump to say explanations like: because it is beautifull, because it looks symetrical, because being up it means optimism...well...ok. But still there is no certain argument of why is 10 past 10 and not something else which can be easily characterized in the same way?! l was allways tending to push their immagination more far by giving explanations on a funny tone like...well, l consider this 10 past 10 lines are looking like the first train wheel that lead us the idea of movement as time never stop, but also related with the big time of industrial and communication progress which modified the time perception in a way or Come on, l bet lm not right with it as well as the others are not exhaustive with their "silly" explanations... So the question still remains open: Why do clocks show 10 past 10??? Anyone can respond it? Thanx. l apreciate!

  • Paris Velib

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Velib, the new city-wide bicycling program in Paris began last week and it is a pleasant surprise how quickly it has been adopted. More and more Parisians have been cruising in these safe and friendly bicycles the past few days. Each bike is designed with safety features such as front/rear headlights, a protective cover for the crankset and a friendly basket for your belongings. The bike stations are well-lit and the interface is available in French,English and Spanish. Bikes are also conveniently located all over the city. What is clever is that the rental fees for the bike can be paid for with your Navigo card, thus connecting the bicycle almost as an extension of RATP public transportation. I hope more US cities can adopt this bike system as an alternative to driving.

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