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  • Lovely as a Tree

    Communication, Environmental Design


    I would like to introduce you all to <a href="">Lovely as a Tree</a>; the website that tells you everything you need to know to be a more environmentally aware graphic designer. Founded in 2005 by 1996 RCA graduate, Caroline Clark <a href="">Lovely as a Tree</a> offers advice for designers on how your choices of design, paper and print impact upon the environment, with lists of the UK’s most environmentally friendly papers and printers, web links to help make your office green, and case studies to inspire you. Great resource for the future graphic designer.

  • 10 past 10 ???

    Communication, Communication Design


    l've noticed, since long time ago, in almost all advertise of watches or clocks, the lines show 10 past 10. l never found out what does this "sign" means and why is it used like this!??!!! Many people jump to say explanations like: because it is beautifull, because it looks symetrical, because being up it means optimism...well...ok. But still there is no certain argument of why is 10 past 10 and not something else which can be easily characterized in the same way?! l was allways tending to push their immagination more far by giving explanations on a funny tone like...well, l consider this 10 past 10 lines are looking like the first train wheel that lead us the idea of movement as time never stop, but also related with the big time of industrial and communication progress which modified the time perception in a way or Come on, l bet lm not right with it as well as the others are not exhaustive with their "silly" explanations... So the question still remains open: Why do clocks show 10 past 10??? Anyone can respond it? Thanx. l apreciate!

  • Paris Velib

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Velib, the new city-wide bicycling program in Paris began last week and it is a pleasant surprise how quickly it has been adopted. More and more Parisians have been cruising in these safe and friendly bicycles the past few days. Each bike is designed with safety features such as front/rear headlights, a protective cover for the crankset and a friendly basket for your belongings. The bike stations are well-lit and the interface is available in French,English and Spanish. Bikes are also conveniently located all over the city. What is clever is that the rental fees for the bike can be paid for with your Navigo card, thus connecting the bicycle almost as an extension of RATP public transportation. I hope more US cities can adopt this bike system as an alternative to driving.

  • Where do you get your water?

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Two weeks ago I was in a restaurant and the waitress asked if I wanted "sparkling or still water?" I responded "still" and she brought a bottle that originated in Italy. In Italy! I guess she wasn't aware of the amount of energy it takes to bottle & transport that water to my dinner table.

    Maybe, thanks to a NYC ad campaign the restaurant will wise up and give me good old tap water instead.

    I've noticed that some Barnes & Nobles are now offering free pitchers of water in the cafe, though they give you plastic cups to drink them in, which people inevitably throw away after one swig, but this is a step in the right direction.

    (photo credit: and SF)

  • How much water?

    Environment, Environmental Design


    When I was in high school economics, we did this thought exercise to figure out how much goes into manufacturing and delivering something, say, a thumb tack.

    So you list stuff like "the plastic box it came in" "the paper label on the box" "the ink on the paper" "the paint on the thumbtack itself" "the metal in the thumbtack" and build a tree that goes from the thumbtack out to "the rubber in the tires of the truck that brought the raw metals to the refinery to make the steel" and so on. It was an interesting exercise in just how connected everything is.

    So it's only mildly mind blowing to find out that it takes 250 liters of water to produce 1 liter of coca cola.

    as a side note, that image comes from Sharad Haksar and it's getting him in a lot of hot water with Coca Cola

  • Google to create rechargeable hybrid cars

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Google is investing creating plug-in hybrid electric cars that recharge overnight (when electricity is plentiful), drive up to 37 miles on a single charge - enough for most people to get to and from work, and return energy to the grid during peak hours in the late afternoon, helping to prevent blackouts and brownouts.

    They've even put all their data online so you can check for yourself how the vehicles are performing.

    Read more on!

  • Hello world!


    Big hello to everyone viewing this. It's Wednesday afternoon and i'm not really in the mood for working so I thought it would be nice to catch up with the 'outside' world. The sun is shining outside my window (I think), can't really tell as the scaffolding blocks my view...nope i'm not going to go on about the weather...had a strange day's not every day you bury a friend...and then try to stare at the computer for the rest of the afternoon...should put everything else into context.
    Just goes to show i guess how we take life and all it's preciousness and beauty for granted and I guess we don't basically respect life because if we did then we wouldn't be in the messes we're in just now.
    I guess at times like these it's good to be reminded of one's own mortality and how we choose to live out this 'dress rehearsal'. All our actions have a reaction and we should wake up and be aware that no man or woman lives in isolation so everything we do or say is going to affect someone, somewhere. This is bigger than design this is fundamentally about love-humans are generally crap at this, just look at the headlines or in the mirror next time you have a spat with someone. What is our motivation for 'saving' the planet? I think it should be rooted in love first and foremost and I hope it is for the most of us...remember 'love' is an action : )

  • now online!

    Communication, Communication Design


    Our website is now online! More content coming soon (maybe more languages).



  • Cooks, cools and charges your mobile phone

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    A stove that uses acoustic technology to cook and cool, and generates its own electricity, is being designed for developing communities in Africa and Asia.

    The Stove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electricity, or SCORE, could help improve the health and quality of life for the 2 billion or so people in the world who cook over open fires, its developers say.

    When used in enclosed places, smoke from open fires can cause health problems. And the stoves can be notoriously inefficient.

    A person can spend two hours a day collecting wood to burn in a fire that is so wasteful that 93% of the energy generated, literally, goes up in smoke.

    "We make the burning more efficient so that they use less wood and have more time to spend on other things like education," says Paul Riley, the project director at the UK's University of Nottingham.

    [...] The stove has electrical sockets, where homeowners can plug in, for example, a mobile phone for charging. Or they can sell the electricity as a phone-charging service.

    Wow! Does it do windows as well?

    Via News in Science

  • Made from a bottle of water!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Did you ever wonder what happens to all those millions of plastic bottles after you put them in the recycling bin? Prepare to be surprised - Marks & Spencer and British Home Stores have recently announced they would each be selling a range of schoolwear made from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles have been chopped up into flakes, melted and then made into a polyester yarn, which is woven into cloth. The end result is a range of fleeces, polo shirts, trousers and skirts that will go on sale in the summer, and apparently don't melt under an iron. I'd watch out for those lunchboxes though, if I were mum!

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