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  • Wir Liben Dich

    Peace, Environmental Design


    Tucked away in the parking lot of a quiet business complex behind 101 and San Antonio Road in Mountain View, California, I stumbled across two sections of the Berlin Wall. They were fixed upright with a small iron gate neatly protecting them. A descriptive plaque also graced the front of the display.

    It partially read:

    <i>"The world must not forget that it was America's resolve and its political and economic ideals that made this bloodless revolution and most significant historical event possible."</I>

    One could only wish this statement still hold true today.

    (The grafitti on the left column, "Wir Liben Dich" is German for "I love you")

  • Ideas and Experience

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    The currency of today is ideas.

    Previous eras failed to touch a key element of the human spirit - the element of experience.

    Experience is the common language that unites us all. By basing our designs on experience, we are able to resonate with the human spirit.

    The world will be changed one person at a time as we create lasting emotional connections that will shift paradigms and interact with humanity.

    Together we will effectively change minds and connect with hearts - bringing forth incredible and unprecedented awareness, growth, and action.

  • Urbanautendie_177_

    By Magalie Pedrono (magovsky)

    Here is a group of German sociologists who revolutionize the idea of the taking over of the public space!

    Die Urbanauten

    It's on the observation that the city became a hostile middle, dictated by antisocials codes of behaviour, such the individualism and disregard, that Die Urbanauten decided to go to "the reconquest of the public space" by inviting populations to meet in the city-center.

    In order that the city continues to be, first of all, a space of exchange, in the first meaning of this word, they organize there: debates, collective picnics and snub gleefully the conventions. Their watchword: « Make the street your living room, appropriate this space! ».


    (...for those who practice the language)

    • Français

      Voilà un groupe de sociologues allemands qui révolutionnent l'idée de l'appropriation de l'espace public!

    Die Urbanauten

    En partant du constat que la ville est devenue un milieu hostile, dicté par des codes de conduite asociaux, tel l'individualisme et l'indifférence, que les Urbanauten ont décidé de partir à la "reconquête de l'espace public" en invitant les populations à se réunir en plein centre-ville.

    Afin que la ville reste avant tout un espace d'échange au sens primaire du terme, ils y organisent des débats, des pique-niques collectifs et snobent allègrement les conventions. Leur mot d'ordre : «Faites de la rue votre salon, réappropriez-vous l'espace!».

  • Slow Water: Designing For Sustainability

    Environment, Industrial Design


    London's Royal College of Art are to launch Slow Water, an exhibition set to explore new design concepts focused toward sustainability and water useage.

    Featuring the work of Platform 10, a group of Design Products students from the RCA, the exhibitors were asked to engage in sustainable thinking and offer practical, design-led solutions to the way people use and think about water in their day-to-day life. Their brief: to 'slow water down between the sky and the sea'.

    Slow Water is open 10am-6pm daily from 21 September - 4 October at the Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London, SW7.

  • Waking Up to Sustainability: UK Design Council Event

    Environment, Communication Design


    As part of the London Design Festival, The UK Design Council are holding a breakfast discussion on 21st September focused toward Sustainability.

    • Sustainability - there's no bigger challenge, and no bigger opportunity, for design right now. Over breakfast, three quick-fire conversations will aim to cut through the terminology and spark fresh thinking on how design fits into sustainable production and consumption, climate change and energy, and sustainable communities.*

    Speakers include John Thackara from Dott07 and Doors of Perception, Andreas Zachariah designer of the Carbon Hero, winner of the BSI Sustainability Design Awards 2007 and Greta Corke from designers DIY Kyoto (pictured).

    *Design Council Event

  • Brainstorming_poster_all_lg_132_

    These free brainstorming posters are designed to inspire creative ideas. Happy Creating!

    Free Hi-Resolution Downloads

  • The best Garbage (wo)men.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Japan's waste system was recently covered by the Wall Street Journal. you have to pay to read it

    Some amazing facts

    • Japan owns two thirds of the worlds waste incinerators
    • Japan recycles or burns 80% of its municiple waste
    • At its current rate of growth Japan will fill its last landfill in 30 years

    They are about to launch a new manual for waste separation that should extend it another 20 years. Either way, they are running out of space for waste. In that regard their programs are more stringent and a unique test bed for future waste solutions.

    This is how thier system works now. They have three catagories for waste. 1)recyclable. 2) burnable. 3)non-burnable. Under the new program, the catagory burnable will include rubber, up to and including small rubber boots. It also includes some plastics.

    What?! Isn't that stuff nasty to burn? Yes. But apparently they scrub the exhaust of everything toxic. The byproduct is a small amount of toxic ash which they seal in air tight containers.

    They enforce the regulation through a system you could only utilize in Japan or the UK. They use clear plastic bags. Garbage collectors will not take bags that include improperly sorted waste. No one wants the shame that goes with your bag being the only one left at the end of the day, so they comply. They also have a long history of regard for nature.

    Japan has one curious new regulation that I want to know more about. Products above a certain size (about 12") are not allowed to be...

  • John Thackara at ECO-LABS!

    Communication, Communication Design


    I am quite excited by the news that just came through to my inbox. The EcoLabs panel discussion The Greening of Design and Illustration at the London Design Festival has announced that the panel will now be moderated by design theorist John Thackara. As an huge follower of John's work, this has made my day!! and undoubtably is sure to enhance the event. What an exciting combination of future thinking designer's all to be under the same roof.

  • Article on designer Rogan Gregory

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

    I recently wrote an article for GOOD magazine focusing on Rogan Gregory, the designer of clothing line, Edun. While it only touches on the company's alternative business model and fair trade practices, I think the prospects for apparel industry jobs and production in the third world is an interesting topic to explore further.

    You can read the the article here

  • Gibson Guitartown London

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Walking through London over the weekend I passed an outdoor art exhibition which really caught my eye. Situated by Tower Bridge, 'Gibson Guitartown London' is a unique campaign bringing together music with art to raise money for three charities; The Princes Trust, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

    This public exhibition showcases thirty 10-foot tall hand painted Gibson Les Paul replica guitars, which have been signed by an enormous array of musicians showing their support for the charities listed. 'Each individual guitar artwork aims to capture the spirit of the musicians who have given their support to the project.' Musicians such as Rod Stewart and Brian May, and creatives such as Sir Peter Blake RA and Peter Saville, have been involved in this project. The guitars on display, which are truly stunning, will go to auction in September to raise money for the charities involved, along with thirty more 'actual size' replica guitars, Gibson SG's, which have been exhibited in The O2 (formally the Millennium Dome).

    I feel that this is a brilliant concept for a charity campaign because of its social impact; how it brings together artists and musicians, the public and a free exhibition, in a journey towards raising both awareness and money for three important charities. Further information can be found at the More London and London Guitartown websites.

    [Pictured artwork: Love by Gail Jones. Signed by The Magic Numbers.]

    //also featured on Anamorphosis....

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