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  • Hi everyone

    Education, Industrial Design

    I am still a student in Industrial Design, but i think it is part of our job to make this world a bit better. As artists we can educate people to think another way, we mussn't let them think such as : it would be great if, someone should ... ... We can act for education, environement, ... . By some small acts, the point is that we must think about it every second in the creative process, and keep in mind it is possible.

  • Good morning to you... Its beautiful outside, its about 54 celsius outside. Perfect day to go the beach? I dont know if I will, people have been coming home pretty red, but that doesn't stop them. I called an escort line, you know, one of those phone service where they have a pretty girl holding a phone say things like "call me for a good time". I asked her if she looks like the girl in the picture, she said no.. and started crying, I asked her if she wanted to talk about it. She told me that her parents divorced and she ran away from both of them. She went on to tell me that she lived on her own, working at a 7 11. I wonder if there are any in heaven. Maybe they have Macs' in hell. Anyway, she told me that she lived in a single bedroom apartment with a dealer. He told her to not pay any attention to what ever happend in that apartment. She was 14. She told me that he never touched her inapproprietly, no one did. She was pretty at one point, she told herself that everyday in the mirror. She would stand in front of that broken mirror, and say... Irene you are pretty. She said it was her form of self confidence. After she told me that, there was an awkward silence. She thanked me, then hung up the phone. I was suprised. I felt bad for some reason.

    Yesterday after work when I was driving home I saw a man. Its usually native americans standing on the highway sticking their thumbs out expecting someone to stop for them. I always want to, I feel bad for not. But my mom ...

  • Do I find it really disgusting that here in the first world countries we have clothing lines for our animals, when in third world countries there are human beings that have nothing to wear at all. Or the fact that we have gourmet food for our animals, when there are also human beings that have no food at all.

    Think About It...


    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    La propuesta contempla la transformación de la pesada parrilla metálica en un sombrero vegetal, un jardín elevado y colgante, bajo este elemento se ubicaran los distintos volúmenes que contendrán el programa. Estos volúmenes repiten de manera distorsionada la volumetría anterior desmaterializándose hacia la punta oriente, aquí los volúmenes se parten, reconociendo el carácter principal del edificio durante su historia… los quiebres y los desacuerdos. Se accede a los distintos programas a través de una serie de vigas lanzadas como por accidente sobre los distintos accesos, estas son verdes al igual que la parrilla que hacia el lado oriente comienza a ser disminuida. Junto a la calle Namur se encuentra un volumen destinado a oficinas, será el soporte económico de la obra cultural. Centro cultural Gabriela Mistral y cerro Santa Lucia se convierten en uno, la placa verde será la proyección de la naturaleza en nuestra alameda más allá de los límites del cerro santa.

  • Try to insert a new post

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Corpo del messaggio

  • DESIGN YOUR LIFE is about thinking

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    "How do you use design to bring new order to your home or work environment (e.g. sorting socks, herding kittens, container stories)? Have you used design to enhance your economic, expressive, or social opportunities (e.g. self-branding, creative campaigning, the new corner store)?"

    I am sure most graphic designers will know of Ellen & Julia Lupton and their design writing credentials, however I want to profile their project Design Your Life, which exemplifies the power of design thinking, when applied and associated to lifestyle, social situations and everyday life. This is a great project and resource from two key design voices of today.

    "Over the past fifteen years, the word “design” has been bandied about in the popular press, as designer jeans, designer teapots, and designer drugs have captured our imagination—if not our understanding. When we hear the word design, we often think of a sleekly styled product or a great piece of fashion or an attractively decorated room. We might also think of the professional designers who have been trained to create such objects or environments.

    Design Your Life is not about shopping or decorating. Nor is it about a caste of specialists endowed with mysterious talents and impenetrable secrets." - 2005 Manifesto.

    The Principles:

    • ORDER: Use principles of design to organize and improve your environment at home, at work, and in the world.
    • OPPORTUNITY: Use design skills to enhance your expressive, economic,...
  • Tram for London

    Environment, Industrial Design


    As part of a strategy to connect South and North London, TFL commissioned the designers at WIRE to develop a new identity for their proposed tram system. The campaign 'Ecopod' is an environmentally friendly pod installed opposite the Elephant and Castle shopping centre. Made from a recycled shipping container, the pod makes use of renewable energy technology such as solar panels.

    See the full project information at

  • D.I.Y Kids

    Education, Communication Design


    Bringing Graphic Design back to its roots and creativity, Princeton Architectural Press launch D.I.Y. Kids next month, a book by Ellen and Julia Lupton.

    Beautifully illustrated with "real artwork by real children", D.I.Y. Kids engages young people in making stuff, from binding their own books, sewing their own clothes, making stickers, logos, clothespin dolls, box buildings, graffiti furniture, ribbon accessories, and many more projects.

  • Six_milliards_autres_177_

    By Magalie Pedrono (magovsky)

    This is a website to see absolutely! My Favorite! A message transmitted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand: 6 billion Others.

    Have a look... it speaks themselves!

    I discover this project while doing research for my thesis... and it made me to learn more about Yann Arthus-Bertrand: more than just a reporter, he decided to involve himself for the future of the planet (but not only in the ecologically way!). I share a lot of his ideas in general... In brief, it's a great discovery: the one of the man who drew "Earth from Above" and who goes today, farther... deeper...

    6 milliards d'Autres

    translated in French, English & Italian

    • Français

      Voici un projet à voir absolument, un coup de coeur, un message transmis par Yann Arthus-Bertrand: 6 milliards d'Autres.

    Allez faire un tour... ça parle d'eux-mêmes!

    C'est en faisant des recherches pour mon projet de diplôme que je suis tombée sur ce projet... et cela m'a permis d'en apprendre plus sur Yann Arthus-Bertrand: plus qu'un simple reporter, il a décidé de s'investir pour l'avenir de la planète (mais pas seulement écologiquement parlant!). J'ai eu les mêmes doutes que lui sur le développement durable et je partage pas mal de ses idées en général... Bref, une chouette découverte, celle de l'homme qui a dessiné "La Terre Vue Du Ciel" et qui aujourd'hui va plus loin...

  • Wir Liben Dich

    Peace, Environmental Design


    Tucked away in the parking lot of a quiet business complex behind 101 and San Antonio Road in Mountain View, California, I stumbled across two sections of the Berlin Wall. They were fixed upright with a small iron gate neatly protecting them. A descriptive plaque also graced the front of the display.

    It partially read:

    <i>"The world must not forget that it was America's resolve and its political and economic ideals that made this bloodless revolution and most significant historical event possible."</I>

    One could only wish this statement still hold true today.

    (The grafitti on the left column, "Wir Liben Dich" is German for "I love you")

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