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    Celebrate Water is a magnificent communication project carried out by Carrie Hodson-Walker. Now a graduate from the University of Lincoln, Carrie curated this non-profit social design initiative as part of the final year of her course. She invited several international designers and illustrators from across the world to donate poster designs on the theme, Celebrate Water. Eighteen designers responded and the posters were printed in a limited run in order to raise money for water charity, Just A Drop.

    Contributing designs came from: Matt Willey & Giles Revell, Pentagram’s Rob Duncan, Michael DeForge, Former Pentagram designer Leigh Brownsword, John Dowling, Gavin Downey, Jon Burgerman, Brad Yendle, Luke Best, Billie Jean, Jeffrey Brown, Gaston Caba, Kerry Roper and Jack Daly of SUMO.

    All the posters will soon be available to buy on the website: CelebrateWater, but for now do take a look at the works over at Creative Review's Blog.

  • Leading Illustrators Launch Economist Campaign

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    “The Economist is not changing the magazine in any way but they do believe that there’s a new, perhaps younger, group who would be interested in it.”

    AMV.BBDO have launched a new set of illustrations for The Economist, designed by Non-Format, Mick Marston, Fine ’n’ Dandy and Geoff McFetridge.

    Creative Review profiled last week: "A new, radically different campaign for The Economist breaks this month in the national press and on crosstrack posters, but it does not spell the end of the classic red and white ads, say AMV. Instead, the new campaign of seven ads will complement its classic cousin. “The success of the ‘white out of red’ campaign was based on the idea of feeling that you were a member of a club. This is an attempt to broaden the appeal of that club and engage with a new audience,” says AMV’s Paul Cohen, art director on the new campaign."


  • Stand with the Burmese Protesters

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    "After decades of military dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising – and they need our help. Marches begun by monks and nuns have snowballed, bringing hundreds of thousands to the streets. Now the crackdown has begun...

    When the Burmese last marched in 1988, the military massacred thousands. But if the world stands up and supports their struggle, this time they could succeed. We'll send our petition to United Nations Security Council members (including the dictatorship's main backer China) and to media at the UN, while also alerting the Burmese to our support."

    Sign the petition

  • Everything about Pentagram is ultimately social.

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    I have just come across a PODCAST mp3 from London's Design Museum. The podcast covers an event entitiled FEEDBACK, held on 9th February earlier this year, which discussed the work of the late Graphic talent, Alan Fletcher, and "explored the history, working practice and achievements of pioneering design organisation Pentagram," which Alan Fletcher co-founded.

    Event speakers included current Pentagram Partners Harry Pearce, John Rushworth, and Paula Scher, each in conversation with Emily King, curator of the Design Museum's Alan Fletcher exhibition.

    For me, Pentagram remain one the most powerful design agencies, consistently producing pioneering contemporary and strategic communication design, with consistent focus to social issues. This is a design studio which all socially conscious creatives should take inspiration from.

    London designer Ben Terrett was in the audience, and his blog post earlier this year also profiles some thoughts and photos from the event.

    Listen to the Podcast


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    Over the past few months, I have consistently sent out various resources across the internet; projects and initiatives focused toward Design & Society. I thought it may prove helpful to post a more extensive list of some top resources. Unfortunately, I will not be able to edit and update this post on Design21, but will post updated links in additional posts, in due course.


    • 1% Public Architecture: The 1%, a program of Public Architecture, connects nonprofits with architecture and design firms willing to give of their time pro bono.

    • Architecture for Humanity:
Cameron Sinclair’s multi-chapter organization focuses on using design solutions for humanitarian crises. Its Open Architecture Network is a online community where architects and designers can exchange ideas. 

    • Aspen Design Summit:
This new incarnation of the International Design Conference at Aspen gathers design-world leaders to explore how design can be used to form partnerships that inspire innovative leadership across society.

    • Design Corps:
Bringing recent architecture and planning graduates to work in rural communities, Design Corps includes a summer design/build studio and the Structures for Inclusion conference.

    • Design for Democracy:
The AIGA sponsors this initiative to use design to make the voting experience clearer, more understandable, and more trustworthy.

    • Design that Matters:
This collaborative design process creates new products that allow social enterprises in deve...

  • Adopt a Cause



    This week we discussed the possibility of adopting a New York cause. Coming together and leveraging our individual contacts could make a difference in the community. Therefore, in addition to networking, we could stand behind something to make a difference.

    Would you like to focus on sustainable design, environmental issues, renewable energy, etc.? Or, would you like to remain a social group?

    Please give us your ideas and feel free to respond with feedback.

  • WebPM - Indonesian Web Project Managers Network

    Community, Communication Design

    • If you're indonesian or living in indonesia
    • if you're freelance web designer / web developer
    • if you're need to share project or to find a sub-contractors

    Joining WebPM... is the best answer... WebPM - Mailing List

  • Temporary Grocery Bags

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    When I first arrived in Seoul, had noticed that the waste disposal system here was completely user pays. Pre-paid local council issued garbage bags of varying sizes are avaiable from convenience stores everywhere. So when I was asked to make a work for SSamzie Gallery’s Think Green exhibition, thought it might be nice to propose a double use for these garbage bags.

    In Seoul, you have to pay (100 won) for your plastic grocery bags at the supermarket and some corner shops, so thought I might suggest that instead of getting one of those, is to buy a garbage bag and use it as a grocery bag temporarily. precycling, i guess.

    For the show, I made a limited edition print of the suggestion on the reverse side of actual council garbage bags.

    Think Green group show SSamzie Gallery SSamziegil, Insadong Gwanhun-dong 38 Jongno-gu Seoul

    23 May - 24 June 2007

  • 24laptop

    Nicholas Negroponte's $100 One Laptop Per Child Program has experienced some setbacks as of late (significantly incresed cost being one of the biggest), so the project has decided on a different approach: marketing. This articles in the New York Times outlines the new charitable strategy of One Laptop, where someone purchases two laptops for $399: one for themselves, and one that will be shipped to a child in a developing nation.

    The article points one unknown side effect of One Laptop's new approach: what will people do with thier own durable green-and-white laptop? Is it safe to say that most people paying the $399 have already bought their own kids a MacBook? What then of the "extra" laptop? Any suggestions?

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