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  • barbara cappochin foundation award

    Environment, Environmental Design

    zlgdesign is proud to receive the 2007 International Barbara Cappochin Foundation Special Prize Award for their BOH Cameron Highlands Visitor Centre. The building is located in the Highlands Tea Estate of Malaysia.

    The International Biennial “Barbara Cappochin” Prize for Architecture is launched in Paris. The purpose of the Foundation is to remember Barbara, a young student of the Faculty of Architecture I.U.A.V of Venice by promoting high quality architecture. This quality can only be obtained if the three essential figures, the Contractor, the Designer and the Constructor, work together to identify that thin line that connects life and architecture, by focusing on choices, ideas and materials in order to attain high quality results. This is the objective of the Foundation.

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  • The Design of You


    I believe that we are defined by our design. Our design consists of our culture, education, sense of place, family, environment, spirituality, work, leisure and history.

    We could either be the product of our own design intent or someone else's. I prefer being my own designer. So as we look at our design categories, we must look at them as the shaper and not the shapee.


    Environment, Environmental Design


    Prime Concern is dedicated to raising awareness to the Endangerment of Primate Species. The weblog profiles the founding and project development of an awareness campaign and research initiative which intends to gather collective interest from a global audience of scientists, animal behavioural experts, zoologists, researchers and socially conscious designers and creatives.

    Prime Concern is a non-profit initiative, set up to raise awareness, share information and ultimately encourage feedback, participation and collaboration. Prime Concern was founded in September 2007, by MSc and PGD Student Julia Quick, currently studying Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Belfast’s Queen’s University and Socially Conscious Communications Designer Kate Andrews. The diverse collaboration between scientist and designer gives Prime Concern two platforms of expertise and experience: a body of knowledge focused toward the endangerment of Primate Species, and understanding of how Communication Design can assist in raising the awareness of global, environmental and social issues.

    The endangerment of Primate Animals is an ever increasing problem, and I wholeheartedly support Julia's ambitious intentions for the project. Please do visit the new blog and if you are interested in further details email Julia at

    Prime Concern

  • Say Hello!

    Communication, Fashion Design



    I am interested in working with others that want to contribute into making a difference. Many times, I have created pieces that have been apart of a charitable effort. Not only do I encourage you to visit my site at In addition, I love to showcase people's efforts through the blogs I run and also my websites as well. I have a variety of hits on these sites which would be beneficial to you. Please contact me if you have an event that you would like me to contribute to whether it's a fashion show, a run or anything in between.

  • Am I a Designer?


    Bobby visits an aeronautical museum with his parents. He comes home and builds a make shift cockpit from a chair and uses kitchen utensils for the controls. Bobby is now a pilot.

    Suzie watches tall, slim young women wearing beautiful clothes walking down a runway on TV. She sneaks into her mama's closet, puts some clothes on and looks into the mirror. Suzie is now a model.

    The Yanks are in town. Danny goes to the ball park with his dad to see Alex Rodriguez. He comes home, picks up a bat and pretends it's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, the bags are juiced and his team is down four runs. Danny crushes the ball over the left field fence. Danny is now a professional baseball player.

    dave reads A Whole New Mind. Dan Pink says to notice design. Actually, dave had been noticing design his entire life. What looked good? What felt good? What made something different? What was useful? What communicated effectively?

    dave was a management guy. He wasn't trained in architecture, engineering or design. Heck, he wasn't even artistic. But he knew what made him feel good and Dan said appreciating design is what he had already been doing. So dave began to look at everything, even life, through the lens of design. And a bright, beautiful universe opened up before his eyes.

    While dave loves the noun part of design, he longs for the verb. So he begins on things like his home office, garage. What makes me feel good? he asks. Then he makes little improvements in...




    These designs can be applied to Textiles or any other surfaces.

    Disegni si possono usare a tessili o altri tipi dei superfici.

  • proposal for partnership

    Communication, Industrial Design


    DE NITTIS DESIGN e-mail tel/fax +39 0835 333303 mobile +39 338 8627712 partita IVA (VAT) 00154220776 via Lazazzera,49 - 75100 Matera - Italy object:proposal for partnership I’d like to propose my website: as an opportunity for professional co-operation to improve the quality of design and esploit the competitive advantage. I will be available for any information you would like. I allow the treatment of my personal data according to the law. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and I thank you in advance for your kind attention Aldo De Nittis architect-designer

  • 120 examples of work worth doing

    Communication, Communication Design

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by Work Worth Doing this weekend. I posted our list of 120 examples of work worth doing as featured in our installation.

    You can find the list on our website. Cheers!

    Work Worth Doing


    Environment, Communication Design


    Celebrate Water is a magnificent communication project carried out by Carrie Hodson-Walker. Now a graduate from the University of Lincoln, Carrie curated this non-profit social design initiative as part of the final year of her course. She invited several international designers and illustrators from across the world to donate poster designs on the theme, Celebrate Water. Eighteen designers responded and the posters were printed in a limited run in order to raise money for water charity, Just A Drop.

    Contributing designs came from: Matt Willey & Giles Revell, Pentagram’s Rob Duncan, Michael DeForge, Former Pentagram designer Leigh Brownsword, John Dowling, Gavin Downey, Jon Burgerman, Brad Yendle, Luke Best, Billie Jean, Jeffrey Brown, Gaston Caba, Kerry Roper and Jack Daly of SUMO.

    All the posters will soon be available to buy on the website: CelebrateWater, but for now do take a look at the works over at Creative Review's Blog.

  • Leading Illustrators Launch Economist Campaign

    Communication, Communication Design


    “The Economist is not changing the magazine in any way but they do believe that there’s a new, perhaps younger, group who would be interested in it.”

    AMV.BBDO have launched a new set of illustrations for The Economist, designed by Non-Format, Mick Marston, Fine ’n’ Dandy and Geoff McFetridge.

    Creative Review profiled last week: "A new, radically different campaign for The Economist breaks this month in the national press and on crosstrack posters, but it does not spell the end of the classic red and white ads, say AMV. Instead, the new campaign of seven ads will complement its classic cousin. “The success of the ‘white out of red’ campaign was based on the idea of feeling that you were a member of a club. This is an attempt to broaden the appeal of that club and engage with a new audience,” says AMV’s Paul Cohen, art director on the new campaign."



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