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  • We are a small nonprofit located in New York City. We recently moved into a new office space, and do not have an in-house decorating expert. If anyone is interested, we could use some free expert advice to help in get us started with decorating and designing our office. We are also looking for any affordable decorating and office furniture store suggestions and resources. Please let us know if you know what you are doing and want to help us out!

  • Go Green

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Hello All,

    I urge you to join the Sustainable Furniture Council if you are doing any work in a related industry. The way EnergyStar is improving appliances and Hybrid is literally changing our world, the SFC is going to start holding companies and designers accountable for thier business practices. For more information, go to!

    Anyone have any 'green' stories to share?

    -Jason (JPD)

  • Lightbox-display-big_177_

    Illustrator/designer Rod Hunt Rod Hunt was commissioned by Real Studios in February 2007 to illustrate a large scale permanent interactive display for the new Lightbox Museum & Gallery in Woking UK, designed by Marks Barfield, the creators of the London Eye.

    The project took over 3 months to complete, & was installed for the Lightbox building’s official opening on Friday 14th September 2007

    It’s a graphic lightbox covering a final area of 5m x 2m . The content is based on what Woking, already Britain’s greenest borough, is doing to support environmental issues within the town. The visitor is given a selection of push buttons with facts/questions that light-up specific activities within the illustration. The illustration needed to closely convey the identity & flavour of Woking, including many of its key features & landmarks. So Rod spent a day photographing the town, supported by a guide provided by the Lightbox museum & gallery. There were many design issues to resolve, including how to represent the carbon saving scale. The final illustration was drawn at actual size in Adobe Illustrator.

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  • 60, Unite For Children

    Aid, Communication Design


    Sixty Graphic Designers and Illustrators have teamed with UNICEF this week, to launch a new publication, website and forthcoming exhibition. This is by far the most exciting Social Design collaboration I have come across in a long time.

    The two years project was born last week, and all the money raised will go to UNICEF. The 60 Unite For Children website is just a sample of what I am sure will be an exciting project. There is also a blog, that hopefully will keep us up to date with the goings on.

    The book can be bought online from tomorrow, whilst the exhibition will start in November, for a year.

    60 Unite For Children Via. CPLUV

  • Cause / Affect : AIGA Design Competition

    Communication, Communication Design


    Cause/Affect is a biennial graphic design competition which celebrates the work of designers and organizations who set out to positively impact our society and communities.

    AIGA San Francisco, the professional association for design, has issued a call for entries for a new graphic design competition celebrating the work of designers who set out to positively impact our society and communities.

    "All design work entered in the competition must promote or support social good and actively engage in enriching our lives. "So often designers work on pro bono projects, or other projects for good causes, in isolation. In our professional lives we can get the feeling we are sneaking a non-profit client in through the back door, as we strive to meet our other professional obligations."

    The entry deadline for the competition - cause/affect - is November 9, 2007.

    Read More at AIGA San Francisco, via. Dexigner.

  • Love Your Body: Poster Competition

    Well-being, Communication Design


    The National Organization for Women Foundation is hosting a poster contest to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Love Your Body Campaign.

    The grand prize winning poster will be used as part of a national campaign to challenge the violent, drug-addicted, starved, surgically-enhanced images of women and to fight against industries that profit from women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies.

    LoveYourBody via. Dexigner

  • 'Applied Green' conference review

    Environment, Communication Design

    I managed to attend the overpriced 'Applied Green' event Oct.3 (£650!!) at the British Library and feel duty bound to share my good fortune with everyone else who cannot pay this kind of money to Eurostar and Haymarket to discuss green communications.

    I arrived cynical of big brands and marketing agencies addressing an environmental agenda but interested in hearing the speakers address the subject. I was not disappointed. Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future) started things off with a sobering overview. Next, John Grant (of The Green Marketing Manifesto) set the tone for the day early in the morning with his memorable line about Green Consumer Research 'Brilliant at justifying. Useless at strategizing'. I took this as a good sign.

    John Gisby discussed the importance of acknowledging and working with difficult emotions. We have a tough brief with climate change – we are asking people to stop doing things they enjoy. Is it possible? Gisby looked at ways of reframing the debate by looking at the words we use, harnessing emotions to drive change, and making this change real and visible. Raising awareness is one thing, he claims, but behaviour change is another and we need to recognize that our emotions are greater motivators than scientific arguments.

    Ben Terrett of The Design Conspiracy gave a talk; 'Designers – Its our Fault' that implored industry to use designers better. Claiming that design is a way of thinking, he says to companies, 'Don't just use us (design...

  • hello world! :D

    Community, Communication Design

    I've been looking all over for websites on social and ethical design and by accident i saw the link for design 21. I've seen this link before but I didnt bother clicking it for reasons I cant remember... I'm mighty glad I clicked the link for this site that this time around . :D

    What made me google social design again was to look for recent conferences in social design, as our group Idea!s is mounting a presentation of sustainable and social design works from the different sectors of the creative industry here in the Philippines. People from advertising, architecture, graphic design etc. will give a slideshow of sample works and share it with other people. Idea!s is also tasked to present some of the successful campaigns we've made and current projects we're brewing for the nonprofit sector.

    Allow me to explain briefly what Idea!s do. Idea!s is a non-stock, non-profit organization run by a group of young creative professionals who simply want to make people aware of the great stuff people are up to nowadays. we provide multimedia communications solutions for development organizations. We construct strategically planned designs and materials that cater to the specific needs of cause-oriented organizations. by patronizing our services, our paying clients help us subsidize and support smaller organizations with their communications needs.

    Why development organizations? Because we believe in the positive change these organizations contribute to society. We believe these...

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