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  • help return wildflowers to lower Manhattan

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    Dear Friend of Drosera:

    I'm working on a project that I need your help to finish. I've designed a native plant display garden for Union Square Park in Manhattan, to bring the beauty of native plants to one of the city's most unique and historic public spaces. We started planting in May, but now we are at a stopping point because we've run out of money.

    The goal is to raise $2500 for fall plantings, and time is running out. So please, take a look at my website, and if you can, donate a plant. The site accepts credit cards securely through PayPal, so whether you'd like to give $8 for a wildflower or fern, or you're looking to offset those flights to Rio last year, making a donation is quick and easy. Even if you can't contribute monetarily, you can still help by passing this link on to others who might be interested in donating or volunteering with the project.

    Here's the wildflower donation website

    The garden will have its official ribbon cutting ceremony during the 1st ever NYC Wildflower Week, May 4-10, 2008. I'm organizing the event for the Torrey Botanical Society. If anyone is interested in volunteering or participating in that event, please let me know!

    Thanks for your time and help,


  • Design to Make a Difference

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    Idea!s with Kape Isla present Design to Make a Difference. Design to Make a Difference is a venue for young designers (whether in fields of the arts, graphic design, architecture, photography or industrial design) to share their works and ideas among other designers, and possibly network and collaborate on projects that will hopefully result in positive change. It will serve as a platform for ideas, inspiration and action, encouraging a culture of creativity that aims for social impact.

    Program will run for approximately one-and-a-half-hours to two hours, with each speaker given 10 minutes to show his/her work, and briefly discuss their ideas. 6 speakers will be presenting , with an open forum at the end.

    Design to Make a Difference will be launched at the Philippine Coffee Board’s Coffee Festival, with a session that will begin at 7:30 PM on October 23 (Tuesday), at Kape Isla at Serendra.

    ———————————————- Presentors are:

    • ERIK MATTI screens TV spots that move people
    • DAN LICHAUCO builds a case for green architecture
    • ROCKY SANCHEZ talks about Campaigns Social Response
    • FARA MANUEL shows how it’s easy being green in graphic design
    • DAN MATUTINA talks about a youth-run design group for development organizations
    • TOMMY HAFALLA turns his lens on the preservation of the Cordillera cultures
  • Video Simulation of US Flight Paths

    Environment, Communication Design

    This is a video simulation of all planes flying across America in 24 hours!! This was presented by Ben Terrett at Campaign's Applied Green Conference. Read the speech here.

  • I’m a designer. Use me better.

    Communication, Communication Design


    I just came across a great post from Ben Terrett of Noisy Decent Graphics covering his recent talk at Campaign's Applied Green Conference. Terrett discusses his thoughts on how valuable design thinking is and should be, in tackling the world's greatest challenges.

    Someone with a designer’s brain can spot these problems and can go about solving them. Someone with a designer’s brain can be invaluable in the fight against climate change. I keep having this thought that the best design minds in history would see Climate Change as amazing opportunity. Don’t you get the feeling Da Vinci could have knocked up an alternative fuel in his spare time?

    Marvellous commentary Ben. I entirely agree. I really wish, as a design thinker, I was used better.

    Read the full article.

  • Lynch_177_

    Having previously heard of the award winning film director David Lynch, I was interested and curious when a friend sent me a link to a recent talk Lynch participated in, to discuss; Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain.

    The talk suprised me. Describing itself as the inside story on transcending the brain, with David Lynch, Award-winning film director of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mullholland Drive, ... Inland Empire; John Hagelin, Ph.D., Quantum physicist featured in "What the bleep do we know?;" and Fred Travis, Ph.D.

    What I found even more valuable in watching this talk, was discovering the plethora of creative outputs Lynch works on for the better of all society. Lynch's BIG idea is that of World Peace, and he acts in assisting that, through the David Lynch Foundation, which also links to another educational project for Stress Free Schools, which acts at Improving Academic Achievement, Preventing and Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression, and Learning Disabilities.

    This is a fascinating talk and approach to challenging individual positivity, self confidence and understanding.

  • Future and peace!

    Peace, Audio/Visual Design


    Welcome to my web-blog! Milorad Cakardic

  • We are a small nonprofit located in New York City. We recently moved into a new office space, and do not have an in-house decorating expert. If anyone is interested, we could use some free expert advice to help in get us started with decorating and designing our office. We are also looking for any affordable decorating and office furniture store suggestions and resources. Please let us know if you know what you are doing and want to help us out!

  • Go Green

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    Hello All,

    I urge you to join the Sustainable Furniture Council if you are doing any work in a related industry. The way EnergyStar is improving appliances and Hybrid is literally changing our world, the SFC is going to start holding companies and designers accountable for thier business practices. For more information, go to!

    Anyone have any 'green' stories to share?

    -Jason (JPD)

  • Lightbox-display-big_177_

    Illustrator/designer Rod Hunt Rod Hunt was commissioned by Real Studios in February 2007 to illustrate a large scale permanent interactive display for the new Lightbox Museum & Gallery in Woking UK, designed by Marks Barfield, the creators of the London Eye.

    The project took over 3 months to complete, & was installed for the Lightbox building’s official opening on Friday 14th September 2007

    It’s a graphic lightbox covering a final area of 5m x 2m . The content is based on what Woking, already Britain’s greenest borough, is doing to support environmental issues within the town. The visitor is given a selection of push buttons with facts/questions that light-up specific activities within the illustration. The illustration needed to closely convey the identity & flavour of Woking, including many of its key features & landmarks. So Rod spent a day photographing the town, supported by a guide provided by the Lightbox museum & gallery. There were many design issues to resolve, including how to represent the carbon saving scale. The final illustration was drawn at actual size in Adobe Illustrator.

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