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  • Think_177_

    Think is an exhibition and conference about sustainability in the built environment. It tackles the issue at a strategic level across the value chain in the public, private and third sectors. Think 2008 will take place from 7-8 May 2008 at ExCeL, London.

    Think is produced in partnership with the market-leading publications and debate and networking happens year-round through the i-think community and networking forum Think 100.

    The built environment accounts for about 50% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions and it’s increasingly clear that we have to change the way we design, construct and use buildings – and do so fast. This means rethinking the whole process and taking a fresh look at what we mean by, and how we achieve, a sustainable built environment – from specifying low energy lighting to creating places where people really want to live and work.

    + Think 2008

  • A Few Months Back

    Poverty, Environmental Design


    I wasn't sure where to start, so i'll just have a little flashback, about 5 months back. It all started when i got accepted by Columbia University for their annual project under the supervision of the UN Millennium Development Goals, task force 8. It was an awesome experience just seeing a new continent, the most bizarre among the continents i've seen so far, a new country with an extraordinary landscape and culture, not to forget the heroic tails of resistance and struggle that the people have had during the past half-century. all of this added to the fellowship i won from the Rockefeller Foundation to visit the country, and i was into one hell of a journey. It was one of the best journeys i've ever had, alongside the spiritual Student Haj trip i had in past doesn't seem to be relevent, but both South africa and Haj taught me a lot about human-beings, and their social interactions, which i must add, has always fascinated me. if you would like to check out the website it's:

  • Hi all!

    We are having an exhibition and conference soon!

    details are at

    We have many products on display at the iconic old supreme court of singapore. Do drop by for a look if you are in the area. Exhibition starts 28 NOV to 3 DEC.

    When design meets market

    This conference will bring you earnest sharings about design and the vision that is design.

    Mr Turosaki founder Idee Japan, founder Tokyo designers block will be speaking at this event as well.

    more information is at

    Do mail me for more details.

    thanks all!


    Environment, Environmental Design


    For the last 7 months I have been pushing the Solid-State lighting technology, better known as LEDs. Not only have I been pushing for my parent company, EnergyLite and my company Lighting Intelligence Agency, but for the good of the planet. It's very frustrating when companies like GE and Philips control the distribution of product to the retail level, but because of their business plan it has given smaller companies a chance to make inroads into the market place. LED lights are the future and the future is NOW. Everyone should read test studies from the Department of Energy regarding LED lights. The energy saved is SUBSTANTIAL and the cost of the product is quite affordable. It's irresponsible when celebrities and politicans push flourescent energy saving spiral bulbs...knowing they contain MERCURY. It's irresponsible when celebrities and politicans don't mention SOLID STATE LIGHTING....and the only conclusion is....conspiracy from General Electric and Philips because they are personally not ready to stock retail shelfs because they have too much inventory in the outdated types of lightbulbs. Those same irresponsible celebrities and politicans will be apologising in a few years over reccomending flourescent spiral bulbs and will be telling you to use LEDs. ALL THE DOWNLIGHTING IN YOUR BUSINESS AND HOME CAN BE RETROFITTED TODAY WITH ENERGY SAVING LED LIGHTS.


  • Handmade-holiday__177_


    On Saturday December 8th, 3rd Ward is proud to present the 1st-ever Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and Open House where local artisans and craft mavens alike will be selling their wares in the classic marketplace style amidst an Open House filled with free tutorials and demos in vintage furniture restoration, sustainable lamp design, video animation, metal work, graphic design and more - all led by 3rd Ward Members and top artists and creative professionals.

    We will be featuring special live performances, giveaways, discounts on membership, classes and studio rentals with steady beats, tasty refreshments and a fabulous photo booth on hand to keep the energy going throughout the day.

    And right along with the spirit of giving we are going to be taking food and clothing donations for local shelters so please bring along some canned goods and clothing to donate to those in need. Giving is goodness...

    So come out to 3rd Ward on Saturday December 8th and support your local artists and designers this holiday season and show Brooklyn the love it shows you every day.

    The craft fair and open house will start at 12 noon and go until around 8pm with programs running throughout the day.

  • My Word

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    I am a artist want to develope my self as international standard. I like to think about creative work and prectice it. I prefer all of creativity and Humanity. I love nature and try to find out the fect of creation. Travelling my hobby. I request to all for visit my web URL :, Where displayed my some artwork. Thanks regards.

    Ziauddin Chowdhury Email : Cell : +8801712545556

  • Who explodes the urban myths?

    Communication, Communication Design

    Several years ago, I was asked to research a documentary film on snuff movies. Problem was that because of obscenity laws, I couldn't watch what pretended to be 'the real thing' in the U.K., so had to fly to Amsterdam, book a hotel room, go down the video shop, then double-check that room service would be left at the door.

    Another time, while making a film in West Africa, the looney tunes former President of Liberia refused requests to be interviewed, telling the country's national newspaper that my camera was a laser gun fully armed for his assassination.

    Both of these experiences are about nonsense behaviour and popular fiction. But they're also about the persistence and ingenuity required to promote or defeat cynicism.

    On 17th July 2003, Tony Blair's 'Efficiency Czar' made a presentation to the Cabinet of the U.K. Government on their progress on targets. The presentation by Michael Barber centered on ten key lessons - and is reproduced in his new memoirs.

    Lesson 9 holds more than a useful thought for anyone involved in laying the cables of social, economic and cultural change. You may even think of having it sewn to the inside of your pocket.

    Under the heading

    Lesson 9: Extraordinary discipline and persistence are required to defeat the cynics

    Barber's first bullet point:

    Who explodes urban myths?

  • The idea of civil society has been at the center of public service reform for several years.

    Its promotion has been encouraged by the rise of third-party government and need to provide higher-quality, more citizen and choice-centered public services.

    Government has celebrated people as agents of change and created opportunities for committed citizens and motivated amateurs to take centre stage and make public policy.

    Cultural and commercial accomplices have included user-friendly, user-generated media platforms.

    And the feeling of a citizen revolution has been promoted by calls to arms of events like Making Poverty History and Earth Aid.

    What's followed in public management is a boom in 'public consultation' by service providers, the rise of initiatives such as participatory budgeting and the positioning of the Third Sector as a deliverer of public services.

    But for every step forward in giving 'power to the people', there appears to be ever-increasing powerless-ness or people behaving in ways that increase the 'democratic deficit'.

    In Unlocking Innovation, a recent paper by the policy think tank Demos, writer Melissa Mean gets under the lid of the dilemma.

    Over the last year, Demos has been running a participatory planning initiative in Glasgow, Scotland, in which people have visioned the future of their city.

    Understanding the value of her project, Melissa writes:

    The problem with official futures is that they swallow people's sense of agency.

    Everywhere you loo...

  • From software online news service Beta News comes the inevitable question "Was Wikipedia Just a Fad?"

    According to research by one user

    new account registrations are down a quarter since earlier this year. This decline in new editors has also resulted in a decline in the editing of articles -- some 17 percent -- and article deletions, down about 25 percent. Also down were user blocks, down 30 percent, and uploads, down 10 percent.

    This may simply be Cassandra-ness that screams when things like Facebook usage declines and faddists move on to new climes like Web 3.o - whatever that this.

    But I do wonder whether, when it comes to participatory projects, have we reached a moment to ask the question "when does the tent get too big?" or "does the tent get so big that it hits entrophy - and declines?"

    I've just run a public design project in the U.K. in which a thousand people grew food in public places and shared it at a closing event that was attended by 8000 people. The total population of the town is 140,000. That's a 6% participation rate. Amazing.

    We structured the project in a way that carefully drew a basket of over 60 'cellular' groups together and they came together into a final epic (ish) moment. But what does the high closing hit-rate mean?

    Would the entire town be prepared to grow its own food? Or is there a moment when production would hit capacity, then steady and simply decline?

    Is something fundamental going on in the public ...

  • Aids does not discriminate(1 of 3 series)

    Education, Communication Design


    Work from Graphic Design school a few years back

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