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  • Campana Brothers Design in London

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    During the summer, London saw two equally exciting design events, from the celebrated Brazilian design duo, Fernando and Humberto Campana.

    The first, an exhibition entitled "TransPlastic", held at London's Albion Gallery; showcasing their contemporary-come-traditional wicker and plastic furniture designs. Second, in partnership with the Albion Gallery collection, the Campana Brothers presented a specially commissioned bamboo installation in the Garden's of London's Victoria & Albert Museum.

    The TransPlastic collection encapsulated many concepts explored throughout the campana’s trajectory; revisiting material clashes with a more mature approach. At the end of 2005, the preceding years of research evolved in an organic fashion by transforming into a collection of 31 prototypes that are to be displayed for the first time at albion gallery in london. regular chairs, multiple-seating chairs, lamps, illuminated meteors, clouds and islands have been created by taking advantage of the elasticity of natural fibre. taking as a starting point plastic chairs, water containers and rudimentary wood stools, natural fibre extensions were added, altering the original form. the pieces subsequently took on a geographic dimension through organic shapes, adding value and comfort to the original base material.

    The transplastic series tells a fictional story: in a world made of plastic and synthetic matter, a fertile ground is laid for transgenic creations. natural fibres recove...

  • London Moves to Ban Plastic Bag!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Headline news this week that London Council's have urged Parliament to Ban Plastic Bags. Great news and about time.

    Brighton have since announced they will be the first UK city to ban the plastic bag - read more about this story here.

  • Cooking the Climate

    Environment, Communication Design


    Greenpeace published a report last week, entitled Palm oil: Cooking the Climate explaining many of the largest food and fuel companies risk climate change disaster, by driving the demand for palm oil and biofuels grown on the world's greatest peat deposits.

    'Unilever, Cargill, Nestlé, Kraft, Procter & Gamble, as well as all leading UK supermarkets, are large users of Indonesian palm oil, much of which comes from the province of Riau in Sumatra, where an estimated 14.6bn tonnes of carbon - equivalent to nearly one year's entire global carbon emissions - is locked up in the world's deepest peat beds.'

  • The (Social Innovators) Hub

    Community, Communication Design


    Heating, lighting, chairs and desks. Walk around phones and voicemail you can pick up from the bath. Machines for scanning, faxing, copying, printing, posting and projecting. Spaces for meeting, working, reading and playing. You can be here by the hour, the day or the month.

    The Hub is a multi-sited network of physical and virtual spaces connecting social innovators around the world. You can find them in London, Johannesburg, Rotterdam, Bristol and Sao Paulo. Fabulous!

  • The Farm Project

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    The kitchen is a highly complex place, a permanent "MAKING OF" - a workshop for the senses. - The Farm Project

    The Farm Project, designed by Mike Meiré transformed the kitchen into a barn-like, “real-life” stage, charged with aromas, animals, plants and objects – and with an outer cover made of a patchwork of materials. A beautiful exploration of design and living. Click here to watch a video of the project.

  • Ethical Media

    Communication, Environmental Design


    London based Ethical Media helps organisations to innovate and manage their reputations in a climate of change.

    Following on from my last post about More Associates, here is another London based socially conscious initiative. Ethical Media develops "communication strategies and tools designed to provide real leadership, dialogue and learning around social and environmental issues impacting organisations today."

    Worth checking out their projects, collaborations and latest news.

  • Joining

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Hello Everyone, My name is Max Bern and I am an aspiring Industrial designer I will start posting my drawings here. If anyone can show me some Alias tutorials, it would be much obliged Signing Off, Max

  • Hello

    Community, Industrial Design



    I am new here. My name is Designkid. I love to design, drop me a line. Anytime.


    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    check it out!

  • WWF : Money Makes the World Go Round

    Environment, Communication Design

    Just came across this great animation for WWF, via. theblong.

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