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  • This world is so little, we are so few, this pale blue dot is so small and fragile, that it's precious.

    I'm not sure anout how legal or righteous posting this is, but this is about sharing. I feel I couldn't say it better, so instead of quoting I just share the very same thing that moved me, not filtering or bastardising it it throug my own interpretations. Carl Sagan may be a little "passé" in some circles, and a little outdated in terms of technology or current knowledge, but he made me discover the magic of the universe when I was a little kid, growing in the eighties: he made me discover the universe, this world we take for granted just as the air or the water, wich now we know are so rare. After "Cosmos" I felt part of a bigger scheme, unique but insignificant, like a jewel or a sculpture by Michelangelo. Beautiful, indeed, but barely capable of changing only that a few meters and a few moments around us, while the sun continues rising wether we are here or not. In the end a just a beautiful waste of time and energy. A luxury. Precious.


    Communication, Communication Design


    Esta es mi primer blog, y lamento mucho que el tópico sea este, pero no pude subir mi propuesta acerca del concurso del logotipo para el Festival de Documentales de la Naciones Unidas, estuve intentándolo todo el día, envié notas al contacto de Design 21, pero no hubo respuesta, esta es solo una manera de quejarme y ver si todavía se puede hacer algo, de cualquier forma, aquí les dejo mi propuesta, a ver que opinan.... This is my first blog, and i'm really sorry about the theme, but it's the only way to submit my complaint, because nobody answered me, besides i wrote to the team of Design 21. Well, i just want to write about my dissapoint about it, because i worked really hard to finish the logo ON time, and i was here, in front of the computer, almost the whole day, and i COULDN'T upload my proposal, I wrote to the Design 21 team ind i got no answer, I wish that there's something else to do about this. I leave here my proposal, tell me what you think about it...

  • Nike Heritage - The Old for the New

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    I've got a chance to design a store postcard giveaway that brings back memories. I'm glad that Nike has brought the old tagline "Just do it" into the their Nike Sport Culture lifestyle apparel. My approach to Nike Heritage is to showcase vintage photos, familiar icons.

    Read about the Origin of the Swoosh:

    Nike Sport Culture:

  • Nutropicx new site

    Communication, Communication Design


    We recently update our site with a lot of work and a new link for a feed. Feel free to contact us, we really want to hear you. Be our guest. Best!!!

  • Orphans continued:

    Aid, Environmental Design

    Charity workers (Zoe's Arc) remain in prison and have been in Darfur and Chad since mid October, 07. The prison has graphiti on the walls, no windows and stone slabs for beds. Two of the Zoe's Arc Charity workers are women.

    YouTube has some videos about this although no mention of the groups current state of health and well being. The 74 Year Old Belgian Pilot had a heart attack due to exteme dehydration. He was air lifted to a hospital. I'm finding the media reporting that this group was involved in "selling" children," in child trafficing and kidnapping, these words come from the officials of Chad.

    Where are reports about Zoe's Arc's intentions of rescuing these children and how can these 6 people be heard above the rumble of false accusations and curses. Words that have caused riots outside of the prison.

    I am holding a clear focus that this group will be able to return home to France for trial. Has anyone been following this issue? What can be done to assist the children of this war-torn area as well as other refugee areas of the world.

  • Utrecht Manifest: 2nd Bienniale for Social Design

    Communication, Communication Design


    Utrecht Manifest is an international cultural biennial, which perceives contemporary developments in design and architecture from a social perspective.

    The biennial shows how architecture and design, in the past and present, have looked for answers to social and cultural questions connected to innovation, quality and sustainability.

    The biennial searches for connections between design, architecture and other cultural expressions such as film, theatre and literature, in order to stimulate the public and political debate. The aim is to reinforce the role of design and architecture in developing coherent agendas for social and cultural innovation.

    The biennial’s theme is Modernism’s legacy. At the start of the previous century, this movement in the arts, architecture and design formulated a new socially inspired aesthetics, based on modern, technological-industrial methods. After the critique of Postmodernism, does Modernism still exert influence? Is modernism’s social agenda still relevant?


  • 234_60_banner2_177_

    Doing good while enriching oneself as well. Maybe it is old news for some of you, but I mention it anyway because the idea is so great. FreeRice is a website with an English language game. Each good answer is awarded with 10 grains of rice for the UN World Food Program.

    The FreeRice game asks the player each time to choose the right synonym for difficult English words like dystopia, truncheon or lithe. The right answer fills 10 grains of rice in a rice bowl on the right. Between 7 October and 25 November already over 3,8 billion rice grains have been collected. We added a few thousend already at our studio too. Paid for by friendly advertisers like Time, Fujitsu and Apple that are displayed very modestly. What a worldly idea!

  • iPod Nano $1 Raffle Fund-Raiser

    Community, Communication Design


    The Amazing Project & Public Design Center have teamed up to raffle off one fine iPod Nano. It only costs a buck to enter, and the proceeds support our efforts to promote and enable truly amazing work. Already have an iPod? Make it a holiday gift. We won't tell.

    Raffle ends Midnight PST on Tuesday November 27th, 2007.

    Take part now at Pledgie

  • Stories from the Field

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design

    Not a good start for a blog but I was really upset to see that the closing date for submissions to the Stories from the Field logo competition was changed without notice to the 25th. I would have loved to participate. Please see what I had wanted to submit under "Work Samples".

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