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    Unsubscribe_177_ offers an initiative to "unite against human rights abuse in the 'war on terror'." An interesting initiative. The audience action?; to sign up and add your name to another online community listing, but what else does it mean and do!?

    Via. SwissMiss.

  • I shop therefore I am

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    Born in 1945, designer-artist Barbara Kruger looks to be inspirational, in my search for revolutionary AND socially conscious Visual Communication. Reminded of her talent today, when I opened The Guardian Newspaper to find a "free artist wrapping paper" by the aforementioned artist, which screams Frantz Fanon's statement "Blind Idealism is Reactionary".

    After attending Syracuse University and Parson’s School of Design in New York, Kruger obtained a design job at Condé Nast Publications. Working for Mademoiselle Magazine, she was quickly promoted to head designer. Later, she worked as a graphic designer, art director, and picture editor in the art departments at House and Garden, Aperture, and other publications.

    This background in design is evident in the work for which she is now internationally renowned. She layers found photographs from existing sources with pithy and aggressive text that involves the viewer in the struggle for power and control that her captions speak to. In their trademark black letters against a slash of red background, some of her instantly recognizable slogans read I shop therefore I am, Buy me I'll change your life and Your body is a battleground. Much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, classicism, consumerism, and individual autonomy and desire, although her black-and-white images are culled from the mainstream magazines that sell the very ideas she is disputing.

    As well as appearing in museums and galleries...


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    3rd Ward has new workspaces for wood and metal workers, fabricators and designers, furniture and cabinet makers, sculptors, and individuals looking for access to a variety of machinery, tools and resources within a large, open wood and metal shop.

    Spaces include 3rd Ward's unlimited membership plan for both the occupant and an assistant granting access to all of 3rd Ward's studios and facilities, free and discounted classes, networking opportunities amidst a growing community of artists and creative professionals, free admission to events, access to health insurance coverage, offers from partnering businesses, and more.

    Please visit the links below for more information on the machinery and tools in the shop as well as all the benefits 3rd Ward membership affords you.

    Please call 718.715.4961 to make an appointment to see the facilities.



    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    KATANA USB like Ninja 's knife,it has great pleasure of smooth insertion!

  • pendant global warming

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    The pendant symbolizes global warming which is threating our homeland and raising the sea level. It's just like a drop of tear wrapping the globe.

  • Document1_132_

    I had a chance to participate in DESIGNWEEK MONTERREY in Monterrey, Mexico last month, as one of the speakers, representing DESIGN21: Social Design Network.

    The event, in its 5th year, was extremely well-organized, and was bursting of energy and enthusiasm. If you are not yet aware of DESIGNWEEK MONTERREY, you'd better pay attention because it'll be a matter of time before they become one of the most exciting international design events.

    The organizer, CEDIM, a fast-growing design school in this northern city in Mexico, is led by a dynamic young fellow named Michael Garcia Novak. Since becoming its CEO in 2002 at the age of 27, he has not only created the ambitious and increasingly more successful DESIGNWEEK MONTERREY, but has grown the 500-student school which was founded by his father to a 1000-student institution with new degree programs being added every year. Their new campus is a stunning piece of architecture symbolizing their vision and pride.

    Michael is a soft-spoken person who doesn't need to say a lot because his intense eyes and his actions speak volumes. He is obviously one of those rare persons who possess both brilliant business sense and artistic mind. But what makes him even more special is the depth of his insight and the scale of his foresight. He is on a mission to turn "CEDIM into the strongest academic Art and Design institution of Latin America and a center for design innovation and business," and he understands that the fastest way ...

  • Chinese Impressions 01

    Environment, Environmental Design


    I am a paparazzi & document everything around. I feel my camera lens let me see deeper & with more attention into the interesting, often strange beauty around in life. People & metropolis that organize their life, are sometimes beyond everything one can imagine. Today, as I was wandering in Shanghai, I felt new overwhelming impressions about human society & the craziness that drives the making of our cities. How can we be so radical & fascinated with such dimensions of power? How did we end up assembling all of those endless massive towers I see today? Why are we pushing our limits & try to overpass the given creation of nature? Is all of this serving the good of the world & help us grow with faith?

    Please, tell me my sweet camera & help me find the courage to raise the truth! What is all of this about? Is it to leave the trace of our temporary journey through life? Is it a dare sent to death? Is it the demonstration of our ability to create Art & turn matters into a surrealistic equilibrium? Are we off tune or another sublime extension of the universe?

    Hmm, here are lot’s of question my camera is pointing straight at & it gives me vertigo. CK

  • Living Room: Conscious Art and Design

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    --For Immediate Release—

    Artists Unite for Eco-Theme Group Show

    “Living Room: Conscious Art and Design”

    Los Angeles, CA - Metro Gallery presents “Living Room: Conscious Art and Design.” The group of artists selected for this show range in backgrounds from industrial designers to screen printers, and environmental activists to college art instructors. At heart each artist holds a common vision of creating awareness of pertinent issues such as the effects of globalization, nature preservation, and the idea of creating a sustainable future. Among the fine art works to be exhibited are wood fired pottery, architecturally designed pet homes, various forms of landscape paintings, drawings and photographs, as well as stone and carbonized apple sculptures. Also included are limited edition prints, and hand made items created from salvaged materials.

    Artists featured in the show are Stephanie Rubin, Jorge Tellaeche, Chris Isner, Pamela Burgess, Joanna Lake, Salvatore Reda, Stacie B. London, Orada Jusatayanond, Lana Shuttleworth, Tsahi Banton, Karen Fiorito, Rachael Ashe, Ruth Doolittle, Sonik Mercury and designs by Spiral Foundation. The exhibit will be on display from November 17, 2007 to January 5, 2008.

    About Metro Gallery

    “Living Room: Conscious Art and Design,” organized by guest curator Diana Barash, is an exhibition about artists and designers that are inspired to create artwork which reflects their sensitivity to the environment.

    Metro Gallery is a ful...

  • # Suggestion to achieve the competitor level...

    Communication, Communication Design


    Hi sweetheart, first congratulate you for that great idea. I am pretty sure it will be a great success.

    I write you because, as many ones, I took a time to observe all the images, I mean the 1606 (as far as I saw) and I realised that many of the people who sent their logos have register as user just a few days prior the final date and other ones like me have been just notified only two days prior. That's why I set the logos that I couldn't put "STORIES FROM THE FIELD"

    in my personal blog. You can see them at: link name


    I suggest that everyone who have register and want to send more logos should be able to send them or the competitors you indicate should send more samples of logos if they fulfill the requirments.

    The icon of the Festival must say three things:

    • That it is about a Documental Movies Festival
    • That the idea is to enhance the 8 objectives of the millenium
    • And that the goal is to made them up to the year 2015

    It must be aesthetically pleasent and aesthetically must attract attention the movie people who wil participate must feel indentified since they are the "soul" of the festival.

    Without leaving the organizers and what is expected to made:

    The 8 goals...

  • London's 2008 Low E Zone

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Driving into London over the weekend, I spotted a billboard screaming "Low E Zone, February 2008". Somewhat bewildered by the statement, I did some research, and I cannot believe how uninformed the UK is about this initiative.

    Transport for London explain: The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) will start on 4 February 2008 and will apply 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It will affect diesel-engined lorries over 12 tonnes in weight.

    The London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is a scheme to reduce the pollution emissions of diesel powered motor vehicles in the Greater London area, but private cars will not be covered. Vehicles will be defined by their emissions and those that exceed pre determined levels will be charged to enter the designated area. The zone is expected to start operation on February 4, 2008, with an increasingly stricter regime up to 2012 when it will be fully operational.

    The LEZ will be clearly identifiable by:

    • Signs at the boundary informing drivers they are entering the zone
    • Signs on roads outside the zone giving advance warning to drivers that they are approaching the LEZ
    • Signs approximately every 5km within the zone to let drivers know they are within the LEZ

    To read more, visit and Transport for London.


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