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  • I am reminded of the movie, Ground Hog Day as I read or listen to news that isn't 'New" and so called "Alerts" that have the same *old *information, said over and over, for days, weeks and months.This Design 21 group has given me some hope and enthusiasm to keep creating art and to see what influence design has during this time of violent world conflict. I am pleased to see so many bright lights (brighter than led lights). I am inspired.

    LIGHT to all

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    Nordic Design blog ( is your source to fresh trends and events related to design and life in Nordic Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Finland)

    Want some visibility for your design? Let us know. We're always interested in anything related to Nordic Design.

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    Nordic Design Blog is always showing cutting edge designs from Nordic Countries. Want to see your creation among other trendy and most influential masterpieces? Then submit your product and we will represent it to our thousands of design-lovers. To do that just follow the following instructions:

    STEP 1: create the image of your product by dimensions 520 x 321. Save your image as a .JPG file and name the file with the name of your design. The file size must not exceed over 60 kb.

    STEP 2: Email it to

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    Please note: We have right to reject, edit or remove submissions. We reserve the right to exercise broad editorial discretion. If accepted, Nordic Design Blog reserves the right to edit submitted material for length and clarity without prior notification of authors.

  • The Mechanism and Importance of Acoustic Communication, used by Anurans During Breeding

    A Discussion of Genetic, Morphological and Behavioural Changes Observed in Domesticated Animals, Namely Livestock, and their Affect on Fitness

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    What does being considerate of a purpose that would serve the highest good for all concerned, mean to the people who decide to inhilate huge groups of human beings? Why are so many of us enduring the obvious inhumane treatment of our fellows. I've heard statements like, "Africa is so far away" or "I had no idea about the building of an oil pipeline in Darfur." Someone I know just returned from Darfur and said the situation is getting much worse for any of the Charity groups to assist in bringing aid to refugees.

    Genocide is not the answer.

    My design for creating inner and outer peace is to ask for only that that is for the highest good of all concerned be brought forward. A good way for creative people to live life!

    My prayer is to endure until the end.

    Peace be still

  • The Greener Electronics Guide

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    Guardian blogger Kevin Anderson's article How green are your gadgets? took me over to the latest Greenpeace report Nintendo, Microsoft and Philips flunk toxic test, based on their Greener Electronics Guide (pictured).

    "The Greener Electronics Guide is our way of getting the electronics industry to face up to the problem of e-waste. We want manufacturers to get rid of harmful chemicals in their products. We want to see an end to the stories of unprotected child labourers scavenging mountains of cast-off gadgets created by society's gizmo-loving ways. The Guide ranks companies according to their policies and practices on toxic chemicals and takeback. Along with mobile phone and personal computer companies, we've now added the biggest makers of TVs and games consoles. Old TVs are a large part of e-waste and the games console market is one of the fastest growing in consumer electronics." - Greenpeace.

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    An inspiring film made by writer/director David Wall, the story centers around Catholic priests Father Jonathan Keene and Father Simeon Joyce in a small Cape Cod town. It's been described a mix of "Waking Ned Devine" meets "Amelie".

    There is a subtle pro-life message in the film.

    To view the trailer:

    Music by yours truly.

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    Peace be with us.

  • RE-found Objects

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Wondering what to buy your creative friends this Christmas? UK based RE-found Objects offers a wonderful online shop of beautifully rustic and contemporary found objects. It is so exciting to keep finding such great sites like this!

  • The Myth of the Mousetrap

    Communication, Communication Design


    Written by leading UK Inventor Anne Miller comes a great new book about creativity and innovation; The Myth of the Mousetrap.

    This book is for anyone who ever had an idea for making the world a slightly better place - but no one would listen. Or if they did listen, they said it wouldn't work. Or it was too risky, or not their area - or they just made so many objections that you got fed up and dropped the whole thing. The Myth of the Mousetrap will change all that. This important, enjoyable and stimulating book explains why it's so difficult to get a new idea adopted, and how to get your ideas taken seriously and put into action.

    The environmental, social and economic changes facing us today mean that new ideas are more urgently required than ever - and yet they are too often met with total resistance. The Myth of the Mousetrap explains why - and, more importantly, what you can do about it. Carrying on from where Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point left off, it also explains how to prepare your ideas and your outlook to give you the best chance of success, and then reveals the secrets of overcoming the four critical stages of resistance from others.

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