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  • The Groundswell Weekly Review

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    The Groundswell Blog is dedicated to clever and innovative trends of art and design in activism. We seek out artists from around the globe who are using their talents for progressive change.

    Here is the week in review.

  • Recent Press with the NRDC's OnEarth Magazine

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Knitting in a Winter Wonderland

    ISSUE: Winter 2008, frontlines | December 1, 2007

    Multimedia artist Abigail Doan, who divides her time between New York City and Siena, Italy, describes herself variously as a "geomorphic agent," an "environmental tinker," and an "art-farmer." She explains, "I create tactile maps, floating topographies, and in situ souvenirs that highlight the delicate nature of our environs and the degradation of spirit that results from our repeated abuse of natural resources and shared terrain." A bit of a mouthful, perhaps, but the results of her forays into the natural world are simple and beautiful: anything from drawings and photographs to sculptured bundles of vegetation, or, as here, the whimsical interplay of snow-covered branches and crocheted fiber.

  • Wow...just to get some of the initial wow off my chest...Michael Wolff was a breath of acrid fresh air that turned a big pat on our backs into a gripping deathmatch of design philosophy.

    Milton was right: We should take part in the world around us...because we have to. It's our imperative as citizens to do something. Not just stay home and read, as Michael enjoined us to.

    "Design is an Act of Planning"

    Yes Milton! He went on to say that Design is not style...Design is its result, its consequence.

    Michael said: "Everyone can Design. Design is Over."

    Yes Michael! Everyone can use Photoshop and Illustrator and Maya and make a computer model of a shitty product or a bad awareness campaign. Michael said earlier that Design had to be Disruptive to rise above this cacophony of banal design.

    But no...Milton told us that New Design is introduced in terms of the Known. Good design seems familiar, then...not alien.

    It was so very exciting.

    many other good things: Ellen Sitkin's ad work on, Andrew Sloat's sweet and endearing constitutional educational-love-ins. I have a bubble from Ji Lee's bubble project that's going up in the Clinton-Washington G. Look for it!

  • I'm done! Self Promotion!

    Community, Industrial Design


    My thesis is complete and I'm very happy!

    Our project was all about getting people moving around cities. The bicycle is great device, but too large for most urban dwellings. Bikes are also long range vehicles - all wrong for the shorter distances many have to travel in dense urban spaces. I think it can replace bikes and encourage more people to leave their cars at home for short errands.

    Fact One: many subway lines are at capacity in NYC...and very little expansion is planned

    Fact Two: 1 million more people will live in NYC in the next 10 years.

    Fact Three: Many of these people will seek more affordable housing...which is largely away from subway-rich areas.

    Fact Four: Buses are on average about as fast as running.

    Fact Five: Euro-styled Bike parking around subways takes more real estate than NYC can afford.

    The footbike is like an oversized scooter-cum-half-bicycle. Our user testing showed that people enjoyed riding it, and that the folding functionality was a welcome feature. The stem also folds down, allowing it to ultimately fold into thirds...It can definitely address some of these urbanization issues...I'll upload some pics on more coroflot site soon...

  • Wait! there's still hope


    As a whole the 145 creations chosen as finalists did not seem in my opinion to exhibit a cohesive standard of quality. It seemed to me that the choices were made under a "loose" understanding and/or adherence to the competition's brief. I completely agree with the MCAI in there evaluation that there were a number of very well executed creations left out of the group of finalists passed on to them for their final judgment. For future competitions, I suggest a single judgment carried out by a smaller panel (maybe four?) comprised equally in number of representatives from the actual client and of distinguished international designers. This way the final judgment will be the consensus coming from a panel that has informed one another through a discussion process as if it were an actual working client and designer relationship. Through this back and forth communication the desired outcome of the client and the design knowledge and experience of the designers will hopefully produce a result that can be respected by all involved. Finally, I think the brief itself should be written and agreed upon by all of the exact members of the panel that will be judging the competition. This would ensure a level of continuity and clarity throughout. Thank you to all those who work hard to make this site and competitions happen. Mistakes are part of the process, lessons are learned, improvements are made, and we move forward. Peace, jon

  • Stories of the Field Logo Competition Results

    Community, Communication Design


    I am disappointed at the results of this competition as I am sure the rest of the entrants are. I understand that Design 21 didn't want to break the rules by adding new designs to the chosen finalists and that it must be very confusing to look at over 1600 logos and decide on one of them unanimously but this will have to be done at some point and I am sure that whoever is chosen would like some sort of recognition. I would love to read your views about this.

  • The contest that never was!

    Communication, Communication Design

    I am talking of course about the "Field of Dreams” logo contest. Designers entered from around the world in good faith that a winner would be chosen.

    Why wasn’t a winner chosen…?

    A bunch of judges decided what the client had too chose from…how dare there dictate to the client, which designs, they could choose. I would be pissed off too if you told me, sorry we have deemed only the designs the ones you can chose from…

    (Client) But we like one of the ones that is not one of YOUR Finalist.

    (GoD) Sorry you cannot have that one!

    (Client) But that one is perfect for our image!!!

    (GoD) In our wisdom of many years of design have decided that we will choose it for you, because you do not know what you are doing…

    (Client) You what? 4#@*

    NOW ASK YOURSELF…How bad does that sound?

    Design 21 (Judges) you need to check your egos at the door.

    Signed Brandsimplicity

  • ¿Confianza?


    ¿Podemos confiar en una institución que no es capaz de cumplir sus promesas?

    ¿Esa es la manera en que Naciones Unidas funciona? Si esto pasó con un simple concurso ¿qué puede pasar con las ocho metas de Naciones Unidas? ¿es sólo un asunto de relaciones públicas?

    ¿Así es como Stories From The Field muestra la realidad en sus documentales?

    Estoy muy decepcionado

  • Stories from the...

    Communication, Communication Design


    I understand but the announcement was definitely anticlimactic! :(

    (my logo for "anticlimactic")

  • Groundswell Weekly Review: Dec. 3 - 8, 2007

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Here is the weekly round-up from the Groundswell Blog.

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