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  • Goodmorning innovation

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design

    Widex, collaborated with Goodmorning Technology, a strategic design studio with a truly international mindset.Established in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Producing an exclusive packaging design for a digital hearing aid. As the packaging is opened, a simple two-layer raster effect shows a sound wave spelling out the Widex slogan ‘High Definition Hearing’. This is probable the best interactive packaging design with the most simplicity and innovation. Just an amazing design that communicates a message of integrity with black and white.

    check out innovative structural design to see it in action

  • Jonathan Harris' Whale Hunt

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design


    For seven straight days, Jonathan Harris took at least one photograph every five minutes on an Alaskan Whale Hunt. In the process, he may have reinvented how we tell stories. Magnificent.

  • Apple iLife 09 Packaging Design

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Mac|Life Magazine is running an interesting piece on packaging design ideas for Apple iLife 09. Three designers not connected with Apple were asked to present ideas for the packaging design. The three different designs represent an fascinating view of the wide range of approaches/functionality packaging can provide a product. Apple is known for its modern minimal packaging design so it will be interesting to see their design for this product.

    ROBIN DICK: Mac|Life Art Director We’re going to call this one the “luxe model.” Robin’s case-within-a-case design doesn’t skimp on material, but nonetheless aims for a certain functionality in service of aesthetics. The recycled cardboard shell whispers environmental sympathies, while the colorful, action-packed belly band communicates all that iLife stands for. “It’s a simple, sleek, modern way of giving the consumer a permanent disc case, while duplicating the experience of opening a gift,” Robin says. “The contrast in materials adds a splash of color and vibrancy that attracts the eye.”

    KATORI DHOJI: Freelance Designer, Unified Design Labs “This study reverses the trend toward excessive paper and plastic,” Katori says. “Slim it down, make it more eco-friendly.” Her low-profile wonder uses biodegradable plastic, paper, and recyclable rivets, giving iLife ’09 a negligible carbon footprint (all user documentation is stored on the disc itself). Just grab your disc off the Apple Store display - like grabbing a pack...

  • A New Jersey Story

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    I re-vamped the art from an original black/white sketch from the 70s for this Gary Davis release on Smash Hit Music Co.

    Help support by buying it and enjoy some DISCO GOLD!

    A New Jersey Story: Mixed by Mr. Chinn

  • Marks & Spencer to Receive 2008 WEC Gold Medal

    Environment, Industrial Design


    The World Environment Center's (WEC) Twenty-Fourth Annual Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development has been awarded to Marks & Spencer for linking sustainability extensively with its supply chain, operations, and customers.

    Marks & Spencer’s Signature Contribution, known as Plan A, was cited by the independent international Gold Medal Jury as an extraordinary and successful model of sustainability practice.

    Following the success of their 2005, Look behind the label fairtrade campaign, leading UK retailer, Marks and Spencer launched a £200m ethical campaign in 2006, entitled Plan A. The 100-point, five year sustainable development program, covers all aspects of Marks & Spencer’s business. Through it, the UK retailer aims to become carbon neutral and send no waste to landfill from its own operations; extend sustainable sourcing; set new standards in ethical trading and help its customers and employees live a healthier lifestyle.

    Stuart Rose, Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer said: We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. Our customers, shareholders and employees have also embraced our Plan A ambitions, and it’s now how we do business. While we still have a long way to go and face many more challenges ahead, we are making good progress and this recognition will provide even more motivation for our teams as we continue to deliver our plan.

    The WEC Gold Medal Award will be presented to Marks & Spencer ...

  • Slum_177_

    The IF Research Group (grif), in collaboration with i-Rec and the CIB, organizes a

    Conference-workshop about procurement of construction projects in the international context.

    The conference will be held at the Université de Montréal, Canada, in October 23, 24 and 25 2008.

    All the information about the conference at: grif

    The conference hinges on a set of workshops, group meetings and keynote presentations around three main themes:

    Theme 1: Public initiatives: public tendering, ensuring accountability, obtaining value-for-money etc. Theme 2: Private initiatives: international competitions, international bidding, public-private partnerships etc. Theme 3: Humanitarian aid and international development: construction for development in poor communities, reconstruction after disasters etc.

    The conference brings together:

    CIBW92 on Procurement of construction projects CIBW107 on Construction in developing countries CIB TG63 on Disasters and the built environment The i-Rec network on post-disaster reconstruction.

    The conference-workshop addresses – among others - the following issues:

    How to procure a building project abroad? How do architects participate in international construction? What are the main risks of international procurement? What are the main risks of working abroad? Is it possible to implement procurement internationally? Is there such a thing as a real international supply chain?

    The conference is intended for both academics and practitioner...

  • Create '08

    Arts & Culture


    As we continue to strive to give artists and creative professionals the resources they need at a fraction of the cost, we are adding more benefits to our already loaded membership plans to encourage people to <b>“Create in ‘08”</b>.

    Stoking creative fires across the fields of fabrication, digital media, graphic design, photography and more, the new features to the <b>I Heart Brooklyn, Annual and Trial</b> memberships provide free classes and studio time along with some big savings to anyone signing up for membership starting January 1st.

    <b>FREE STUDIO TIME!!!</b>

    New Trial members (3-month term at $60 per month) will receive a complimentary 4-hour block of time in the photo studio or day pass in the wood and metal shop while new Annual members (12-month term at $30 per month) receive one month of free membership and the same a choice of a complimentary 4-hour block in the photo studio or day pass in the shop.


    The best savings and bonuses are found with all new I Heart Brooklyn members ($300 per month) whose membership grants unlimited access to all of 3rd Ward’s facilities. I Heart Brooklyn members who sign up for a year will have the opportunity to take an unlimited number classes and receive one free month of membership while those signing up for 3 months will have the unlimited classes option as well for a nominal, per class registration fee.

    <b>REMEMBER: LEAR...

  • Where to read my blog.

    Arts & Culture


    I do update my blog every so often. You can read it here: link

  • Manifiesto de diseño

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Diseña,de manera pacifica. Llevemos la paz al diseño actual. El calentamiento global es la situación más difícil y comprometida a la que hoy nos enfrentamos. Necesitamos un nuevo sistema de diseño que cree ideas de una manera sostenible. Todos estamos interconectados. Nada esta separado, nada es otro. La relación entre todos los sistemas vivos que es sagrada. El resultado final es la paz a todos los niveles: paz personal, paz mundial, paz con la naturaleza. Diseña,con libertad. Sé un activista del diseño. Haz diseño solidario. El diseño puede y debe convertirse en un camino en el que cada uno de nosotros podamos participar en el cambio de la sociedad… Diseñando con la gente necesitada… diseñando para ellos, aprenderás y ellos aprenderán de ti… Diseña, con “las gafas del cielo”. Diseñar como si estuvieras viendo el mundo desde el cielo, para tener una perspectiva global, holística… integrando la economía, la ecología, la espiritualidad y la ciencia. Conecta todo el proceso de la vida, a través de un trabajo creativo y sostenible. Aprende de la naturaleza, es nuestro mejor maestro. Podemos diseñar como la naturaleza con humildad, reverencia y sin límites.

    No necesitamos más productos, necesitamos más árboles. Diseña árboles. El árbol es un ser espiritual, un maestro…. es la conexión entre el cielo y la tierra, convierte en una llamada para la paz. El diseño actual tiene necesidad de paz. Nosotros podemos ser el cambio que queremos ver en el ...

  • 145 of 1604

    Communication, Communication Design


    This is such an encouragement to be selected one of the finalist and I'm glad that they have taken steps to move on to the competition results.

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