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  • Common Ground Touring Collection

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    My digital/mixed media work was recently selected from over 1,000 entries from 40 countries to be part of a touring collection created by Common Ground, a non-profit curatorial group that aims to merge digital art and environmental outreach work for the good of the planet.

    The touring exhibition of the 2008 Common Ground Collection will be displayed in galleries, museums, and universities beginning in the summer of 2008. An awards gala will be held at the opening of this touring schedule. This event will honor the artists featured in the 2008 collection as well as attempt tp raise awareness about selected environmental sustainability projects around the world.

    The exhibition will then move on to venues in Europe and North America through 2010.

    For more information, go to

  • POKE Gets on Board!

    Environment, Communication Design


    During November 2007, WWF and Poke joined forces to create interest and noise around the climate change bill. Ultimately driving people to lobby their MP to push for a stronger climate change bill.

    The result: an impressive paper and bamboo boat and plane, plastered in signatures, that grabbed the attention of the media, members of parliament and the public when they were installed on London’s South Bank.

  • Long ago, there was the world before the stuff. From the world before the stuff came the world with some stuff. Then came machines and with it, all of a sudden, came the world with a lot of stuff.

    In the world with some stuff, some had a lot of stuff and some had little or no stuff. When the machines came to make the world with a lot of stuff, it was promised that everyone would now have enough stuff. But still, it continued that some people had little or no stuff, while others had even more stuff.

    When the world with a lot of stuff came to be, all of a sudden, there was more than most people were accustomed to want. In order for the world with a lot of stuff to work, there needed always to be people to want the stuff. So designers came to be...

    So begins a fable I recently wrote about design and unsustainability, which suggests that the only way we can deal with this condition is by redesigning the profession, which means redesigning designers - teaching - to redesign designing. It's a conundrum. A pdf of the article can be accessed here (a pdf will be downloaded).

  • 1424996994_9ded040913_o_177_

    This is an image of the closing event of a participatory design initiative held in the North East of England earlier this year.

    In the project, over 1000 local people grew food across the town of Middlesbrough and over 6000 attended a final town meal of harvested produce.

    In his book on relational aesthetics, French curator and art critic Nicolas Bourriaud writes of

    the dawning of the society of extras where the individual develops as a part-time stand-in for freedom, signer and sealer of the public place.

    In discussing the work of artists like Rirkrit Tiravanija, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Carsten Holler, Bourriaud sees in their art a reintroduction of the idea of

    ...inventing ways of being together, forms of interaction that go beyond the inevitability of families, ghettos of technological user-friendliness, and collective institutions on offer.

    In Bourriard's mind, this is an urge towards creating new models of sociability.

    In our post-industrial societies, the most pressing thing is no longer the emancipation of individuals, but the freeing-up of inter-human communications, the dimensional emancipation of existence.

    More often than not, public involvement projects keep their creative and intellectual thrust hush-hush.

    But it's interesting to start to see them in the same frame as, say, Carsten Holler's metal slides at the Tate.

    It's great to be reminded that these projects are microscopic opportunities to transform society step-by-step.

  • Tisme_132_

    Thanks to anyone who sent prayers and light to this issue. It still continues but on home turf,

    Signing off Happy New You! 12/28/07

  • my blogs are located here

    Environment, Industrial Design

    love is everywhere -this is my photo blog, its pretty interesting. pretty much, i see abstractions of the common heart shape every where i go. after noticing this at the age of 13, i started taking pictures, mostly because by the time i would point them out to other people, they would disappear, or only be able to be seen from my height at a specific angle. its something i love to do (no pun) and i think it can be very inspiring to anyone who takes a look.

    design phluff -this is my new blog, launching 1/1/08. as a student, i do alot of research concerning industrial design, new materials, designers, techniques, contests, etc and this blog will pretty much be a compilation of that. check it out if you need some phluff.

  • Hello everyone!


    So i have my own blog alredy if you care to go and look lol,

    i dont know how often i will write in here, i just found out about this Social Design community, which is pretty amazing i must say, very good works, very good people involved, and above all, its for the greater good!, i just wish it had more exposure so people can notice it.



  • New Twist on Things - Stories from the Field

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    I commend Haruko Smith and the Design21 team for finding a solution that I think is the best option since the inconclusive outcome of the logo competition.

    Selecting several Judges Picks was a great idea. We can't call these 'winners' in the fullest sense of the word, but these are what the judges feel are the best choices and are getting recognition from Design21.

    I was pretty shocked to see my design was one of the five Judges Picks, to say the least.

    I was also very pleased and humbled by this turn of events. Especially after having voiced my not-so-pleased opinions about the competition results earlier, it seems even more ironic!

    I wonder if any other entrants and finalists agree that Design21 came up with the best 'consolation' fix for this competition and if that changes any attitudes about entering future Design21 competitions?

    I was not sure I'd enter another competition from Design21 after the original outcome, but I think that subsequent to that, the team has handled it very diplomatically and proved to be able to bring this competition to a satisfactory outcome. I'd probably change my mind about entering future competitions and renew my trust in Design21. I think the team has proven very worthy in a difficult situation, which only boosts my opinion about Design21.

  • Connie Chen Milano

    Communication, Fashion Design

  • LucaSomainiDesignStudio

    Communication, Industrial Design

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