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    Environment, Industrial Design

    love is everywhere -this is my photo blog, its pretty interesting. pretty much, i see abstractions of the common heart shape every where i go. after noticing this at the age of 13, i started taking pictures, mostly because by the time i would point them out to other people, they would disappear, or only be able to be seen from my height at a specific angle. its something i love to do (no pun) and i think it can be very inspiring to anyone who takes a look.

    design phluff -this is my new blog, launching 1/1/08. as a student, i do alot of research concerning industrial design, new materials, designers, techniques, contests, etc and this blog will pretty much be a compilation of that. check it out if you need some phluff.

  • Hello everyone!


    So i have my own blog alredy if you care to go and look lol,

    i dont know how often i will write in here, i just found out about this Social Design community, which is pretty amazing i must say, very good works, very good people involved, and above all, its for the greater good!, i just wish it had more exposure so people can notice it.



  • New Twist on Things - Stories from the Field

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    I commend Haruko Smith and the Design21 team for finding a solution that I think is the best option since the inconclusive outcome of the logo competition.

    Selecting several Judges Picks was a great idea. We can't call these 'winners' in the fullest sense of the word, but these are what the judges feel are the best choices and are getting recognition from Design21.

    I was pretty shocked to see my design was one of the five Judges Picks, to say the least.

    I was also very pleased and humbled by this turn of events. Especially after having voiced my not-so-pleased opinions about the competition results earlier, it seems even more ironic!

    I wonder if any other entrants and finalists agree that Design21 came up with the best 'consolation' fix for this competition and if that changes any attitudes about entering future Design21 competitions?

    I was not sure I'd enter another competition from Design21 after the original outcome, but I think that subsequent to that, the team has handled it very diplomatically and proved to be able to bring this competition to a satisfactory outcome. I'd probably change my mind about entering future competitions and renew my trust in Design21. I think the team has proven very worthy in a difficult situation, which only boosts my opinion about Design21.

  • Connie Chen Milano

    Communication, Fashion Design

  • LucaSomainiDesignStudio

    Communication, Industrial Design

  • The Groundswell Weekly Review: Dec. 15 - 22, 2007

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    The Groundswell Blog is dedicated to clever and innovative trends of art and design in activism. We seek out artists from around the globe who are using their talents for progressive change.

    This week, we featured San Francisco based nonprofit Designbreak, and Jill Danyelle's fiftyRX3.

    Here is the full week in review.

  • Climate Change: Everyone's Business

    Environment, Environmental Design


    British businesses are committed to do what it takes to tackle climate change but the UK effort will only succeed if it becomes an urgent, shared national priority for companies, consumers and the government" a groundbreaking new report published last month stated. The report entitled "Climate Change: Everyone's Business", was published by The CBI Climate Change Task Force in November.

    For the first time, senior representatives from every major sector of British business have come together to assess the challenges posed by climate change and to identify the actions necessary to tackle them. The CBI Climate Change Task Force report is the culmination of ten months' intensive work by 18 Chairmen and Chief Executives from some of the UK’s biggest companies, under the independent chairmanship of BT Chief Executive Ben Verwaayen.

    Analysis developed specifically for the report by consultants McKinsey shows the UK's carbon reduction targets for 2020 are likely to be missed but that 2050 goals, whilst stretching, can be achieved at a manageable cost - provided a greater sense of urgency is now adopted. It identifies priority areas for action that would put the UK back on track to meet its targets by 2030. Today’s report explains how business will play its part, and commits the CBI to continue to play a leading role, both nationally and internationally.

    The report says that firms will have fundamentally to change their business models to meet consumers’ and socie...

  • Hegemonic Post-Colonial Discourse (Contemporary Colonization)

    What is terrorism? What does it mean to act in the name of peace, or to find arms in places where they don't exist? Are they copying hegemonic discourse? All of these questions are valid and apply to violations that many people of the world suffer, above all indigenous people.

    In my opinion, when culture is managed irresponsibly, and we see others judged in an irresponsible way, with no evidence, with comments that are racist and which are placed in a context as if they were made by wise elders, claiming things such as "I decide if you are worthy of your culture or not", "you are violent and vengeful", these people are hypocrites, because they say they are working for our people and are offering "recognition to those men and women who iron our clothes, watch over us, wash our cars, and make our handicrafts".

    They do not see that this is not the way, not the right path.

    We as indigenous are not only those things. We are the ones who, through our ancestors, have kept society together to the present, we are the ones who have diverse ways of expressing ourselves as daily witnesses to the idea that it is possible to live in peace with others and with mother earth, we champion the responsible use of culture, which does away with preconceptions and ideas promoted by ignorance and lack of understanding by others. We are the ones as a people who have given up so much at such a high and unfo...

  • El Discurso Hegemónico Post-Colonial (Colonización Contemporánea) Por: David Hernández-Palmar. Indígena Wayuu Clan IIPUANA

    ¿Que significa terrorismo? ¿Qué significa actuar en nombre de la paz, o en encontrar armas en lugares donde no existen? ¿Es esta la copia de un discurso hegemónico?. Todas están preguntas caben y aplican a muchas de las violaciones que sufren muchos otros pueblos del mundo, sobre todo el pueblo indígena.

    En mi opinión cuando se maneja irresponsablemente la cultura, y vemos juzgar a los demás de manera IRRESPONSABLE Y SIN FUNDAMENTOS con comentarios de índoles racistas, y se colocan y emulan la investidura de ancianos, y dicen entonces "tu si eres digno de tu cultura, o no eres digno de tu cultura" "eres violento y vengativo" entonces esas personas pasan a ser hipócritas, porque dicen que están trabajando por nuestra gente y que están propiciando "un reconocimiento de aquellos y aquellas quienes nos planchan la ropa, quienes nos cuidan, quienes nos lavan los carros, quienes nos hacen las artesanías"…Esas personas no ven que esa no es la senda, ese no es el camino.

    Los indígenas no solo somos eso. Los indígenas somos quienes a través de nuestros ancestros hemos cimentando las sociedades de hoy día, somos aquellos que a través de nuestras diversas maneras de expresarnos, hacemos testimonio todos los días, que es posible vivir en paz con nuestros semejantes y con nuestra madre tierra, somos aquellos quiene...

  • Probando esto!!


    Pues eso, que me he registrado en Design21 y estoy echando un vistazo, tiene buena pinta, pero no termino de comprender aun a que tipo de diseños alude, ya que el diseño web no he terminado de verlo todavía.

    Sigo dando vueltas por aquí... nos vemos, y si alguien lee esto y quiere saber mas sobre mí, mejor que vaya a mi Blog tecnológico sobre las novedades de Internet, SEO y usabilidad en el web:

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