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  • Sticky!



    This model is the product of the observed patterns and rhythms characteristic of dog-walking.

    The goal of this intervention is to connect the user to his/her environment through random stops which direct attention to the world of ubiquitous urban objects.

    The result is an umbrella called Sticky.

    With a magnetic tail/paw, Sticky grabs metal objects as they are passed by on the street, including fences, parking meters and other umbrellas.

    Sticky works in a way that is analogous to the interactions between dogs and their owners. In this case, the ubiquitous urban object, the umbrella, is transformed to endow it with attractive tendencies with respect to other ubiquitous urban objects.

    The user takes the umbrella out for a walk, transforming the object into a kind of pet, whose disruptive behavior brings it to life.

  • Hands That Shape Humanity

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Hands is a world-class exhibition and initiative that has been created in conjunction with Desmond Tutu. Originally opened in Cape Town. Launching in Oslo in February then around the world later in 2008.

    Our cause platform is Inspiring Human Potential. (website about to change to match the new identity and creative look)

    Creative expression and Master/Student Mentoring is one of the programs we are currently developing.

    We would welcome interest from individuals and groups interested in participating.

  • Life Is Suite

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Life is Suite was inspired by a sofa discovered in the backstreets of Deptford, London. As a team, we imagined stories of its life so far and gave it a new lease of life. The upholstery has been designed in an interactive manner, lift cushions to explore its history and listen to sounds from within. A series of one-off pieces have been exhibited in The Royal Exchange, the Royal Festival hall, 100% Design, and has been published across the world, in print and blogs.

    We offer an initial consultancy to find out the exact requirements for the sofa you would like to re-upholster. We then interpret and transform all the collected information into graphic and typographic designs to reveal your sofa’s past memories and experiences.

    Life Is Suite

  • Deptford Design Market Challenge

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    The Deptford Design Market Challenge, a collaboration between Raw Nerve, Creative Lewisham and the London Design Festival, brought together 27 designers; including Conran and Partners, Stuart Haygarth and Marti Guixte. Each was encouraged to select a second-hand item from the market to be re-worked in a unique, desirable and functional fashion; and to challenge preconceptions of usefulness and beauty. deptforddesignchallenge

  • S.t. about me...


    I am enthusiastically creative. Currently working towards goals with no expectations. As any artist, living on bread and water. Writer, illustrator, musician, poet, designer, creator, etc...

  • Combating-global-warming-map_177_

    My friend Koko shared this online presentation with me as I prepared our dinner last night chopping vegetables and chatting about my work trip to China. She brought up an email she sent me a week ago with a link to the Story of Stuff. It sat in my inbox untouched because I’ve been so busy at work making stuff. Making stuff with the intent of considering all things right for the world. Making stuff while standing on my soapbox preaching to my co-workers about being green and the effects of globalization and how we have the power to be part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem.

    The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard is a little short that I want to share with you but I won’t bother emailing it because it may sit in your inbox untouched or even be immediately deleted. You can watch it in its’ entirety or watch it in chapters. Leonard does a great job articulating the process of stuff. The visuals help to lead through the process. Koko said her young daughters were captivated and made it through the whole screening and had a discussion about stuff afterwards. I think you’ll find it interesting enough to share with at least one person. Maybe you’ll even have an impromptu screening at a dinner party.

  • Groundswell Weekly Review: December 22 - January 12

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    It's a bit more than a week in review, but that means more to share. I have no idea why Design21 uses this terrible method of posting links, which apparently refuses to work here. Sorry for the mess that follows!

    [Taxi to the Darkside](
    [MPAA Bans Taxi to the Darkside Poster](
    [A Dose of Inspiration from Displace Me](
    [AAC Films](
    [Designism 2.0 Recap](
    [überculture Collective](
    [Nonprofit Quarterly Redesign Launches](
    [Favianna Rodriguez](
    [We’re Going Ad-Free!](
    [New Bush Coins](
  • Welcome


    Hello everyone. I am a new player in the industry aiming to look for an internship or part-time job at an advertising firm. I joined the network to meet new people learn more about everything not just about advertising. Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Currently in progress is creating more designs for my portfolio.

  • My sky

    Arts & Culture


    I am growing... mature.

  • The Groundswell Blog Year in Review

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Happy New Year! To welcome everyone to 2008, we’ve prepared a summary of our best and most popular posts.

    The Groundswell Top 10: Editor’s Picks

    • Traces of the Trade goes to Sundance - The Groundswell Collective worked with Traces of the Trade to redesign their website and business cards. We also designed a logo for the film’s production company. We are looking forward to this fantastic film’s debut at the Sundance Film Festival, January 17-27, 2008.
    • Similar Diversity - This amazing datavisualization is a text analysis of the Holy Scriptures, exploring the similarities and differences between the five major world religions. The exhibit inspires viewers to think about own prejudices and current religious conflicts.
    • The Institute for Infinitely Small Things - This inspiring, Boston-based research organization was formed to invent and distribute new practices of political engagement in everyday life. Their artful, conceptual projects “complexify small things rather than simplifying large ones.”
    • Friends of Africa International - The Groundswell Collective was selected to redesign and maintain the Friends of Africa International website for one year. The organization aims to promote human rights, social justice, democracy and good governance in Africa.
    • HONK! Fest - Activist street bands took to the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts this October, and we were there to catch it.
    • An Atlas of Radical Cartography - Maps are inherently political, and the contributions to ...

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