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  • Hey ! NYC / Healthy is sexy

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    In New York City, there is an increase in the number of HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM), many of them due to unsafe sex. Many MSM in the city put themselves at risk by using drugs and alcohol, often while in a night club. Such behavior affects their judgment, and leads to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. If condoms were easily attainable, safe sex would be practiced more often and less MSM would be at risk for HIV. The solution to the problem is simple: use a condom. “Hey New York: healthy is sexy” is an awareness campaign that encourages MSM in New York City to practice safe sex.

  • Versatile Beyond 20/20

    Aid, Industrial Design


    Versatile is designed to equip and assist the hard of seeing in the workspace. It is an all in one unit of furniture, that includes existing asistive technology and work tools for the hard of seeing population, (for ex; Braille reader, Magnifier, Note taker, Voice recorder, etc). The utility cart also highlights elements of tactility, organization and navigation within the product and specifically designed to be helpful for those lack in seeing. Versatile is a modular furniture system that is customizable to the user's needs. So that it can functionally assists daily work needs.

    The product is a response to social issue in the realm of disability (visual impairment). Problem: The common connotation is that ‘disability steals time’. An Employer’s lack of empathy and awareness often resulted in job facilities that do not cater to employees with hard of seeing.

  • green+

    Environment, Industrial Design


    My target audience is urban inhabitants and especially people who live in NYC. There are various parks and squares around NYC. However, they are not enough for the population for the city. More than 8 million people live in NYC, but there are only 1,700 parks. Different studies have proven that vegetation has therapeutic qualities to help individuals cope with stress. Some people grow small gardens in their backyard, on the balconies or even as an ornament in their living rooms. My idea is to design a ‘green bench’ built in beside, or around trees sidewalk. This ‘green bench’ solves one’s desires to grow greens in front of their house, but also people sit enjoy ‘green’ as they sit on the park.

  • Enviro-Sound



    Alerting people who are blind that a hybrid car is coming towards them.

  • MEDEXACT-**MedX**

    Aid, Industrial Design


    -Quotes from the Director of Health Information Management, Saint Vincent’s In order to transfer the medical information of a patient may take up to "6 weeks". If a patients want to get his (her) medical history documents, he (she) has to pay "75 cents per page". Patients need to complete a stack of documents.

    -Quotes from the Paramedic, Saint Vincent’s Almost "1/8" of patients I get are "unconscious". If a patient is unconscious in emergency, it takes time to search his (her) personal belongings to get some medical information. If I can’t find the information, there is "no way to know" what kind of allergy or chronic disease does he (she) have.

    It is too hard to transfer the medical history of a patient from past doctor to the new doctor. When a patient is unconscious in an emergency, it is extremely hard for paramedics to know about the medical information of the patient. "MEDEXACT" is a "portable" and "affordable device" with a "standardized system" that provides "accurate and immediate medical history of a patient" through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

  • Kaleidoscope

    Education, Industrial Design


    Mathematical Artifacts for Iraqi Refugee Children

  • loti

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    digicraft as revival for traditional afghan textiles arts

  • Subwait+

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Refurbishing 100-year-old NYC subway stations for the 21st Century. For more information click here

  • Tilted World

    Arts & Culture


    The mission of my thesis project is to design humorously poignant products to raise awareness of global warming.

  • Smallboard_amelialnu_177_

    My thesis is to found a model organization, {UN}WANTED that collects damaged and unwanted furniture from the streets of New York ( and individuals donations) to be repaired, repurposed and transformed into desirable furniture pieces. It will be co-founded by designers who will ignite the project and develop it into a creative lab that welcomes the community to volunteer, collaborate and learn.

    MISSION STATEMENT: To challenge current perception of products & beauty through a unique assemblage of salvaged furniture, while inspiring productive attitude and creative solution to furniture waste problems in New York city

    DESIGN PHLOSOPHY People run out of satisfaction very quickly and easily. Once they feel a certain product no longer serves its purpose or fit into their likings, it is discarded so quickly and easily, before they soon buy a new one. This explains why most furniture I found are actually repairable and transformable. To salvage a piece of furniture on the streets is only the first step, to repair and return these furniture to its original condition is one possible solution, but still would not make these (previously discarded) furniture any more desirable and worthy of keeping before it fails to satisfy us once again.

    “I began to wonder what would happen when the universe stopped expanding and began to contract. Would we see broken cups gather themselves together off the floor and jump back to the table?”

    I ponder this quote by Stephen Hawki...

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