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  • Cache:developing financially conscious minds

    Education, Industrial Design



    To help adolescents (ages 14-18) realize and understand their buying and saving patterns. By doing so they will understand and master the essential “tool set” (budgeting finances) before transitioning into adulthood.


    Adolescents are becoming key figures in our economy but current marketing and branding schemes are steering the future in the wrong direction. The media and peer pressure is causing our young adults to become indulgent consumers. These young adults have reached a point where vanity is everything and money is the means of achieving it. This skewed perception is causing our emerging adults to become financially irresponsible.

    Cache (Kash) : A place for concealment and safekeeping of valuables,


    The phrase “get them while they’re young”was born when corporations began to market and produce products for an untargeted age group of 8-18 year olds. Cache is a program that would use the same principal “get them while they’re young “but instead of making teens spend more money Cache would help them save money. Cache would provide a system that would help the fresh minds of the future retain a portion of their earnings as opposed to spending it on frivolous products.

  • Partitionboard3_177_

    The US/Mexico border is the most frequently crossed border in the world. There are currently 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States and over 60% are from Mexico. Close to half of the undocumented Mexican population entered the country illegally either by trekking thru the Arizona desert, wading across the Rio Grande or hiding in a cargo vehicle. Once in the US Undocumented Mexicans encounter low wages and poor/unsafe working conditions. The undocumented often find themselves struggling to survive in a country that needs them but has public disdain for them at the same time. The American media targets the “illegal alien” as the source of immigration problems and implies that the US alone needs to come up with a solution to combat this “invasion.” However, the problems are bilateral as they involve two separate nations. The building of an impenetrable wall is what many Americans view as the only solution. A wall is only impenetrable if the guards are prepared to shoot anyone who attempts to penetrate it. A wall also further divides The United States from its neighbors.

    Partition is a gallery installation of a dinner place setting that addresses the physical and mental borders that exists between the US and Mexico. The piece will consist of a table, two chairs, dinnerware and wallpaper. Partition uses the visual language and techniques of Product Design to spark conversation about a subject that so many Americans choose to ignore. Partition uses ...

  • Possible Variants

    Education, Industrial Design


    Animals and Environments

  • Prototyped and variants

    Education, Industrial Design


    prototyping with EVA foam and polyurethane interior

  • Love, Language, Learn



    This project aims to provide people in intercultural marriages with an opportunity to be familiar with their partner's native language through interaction in daily life while bringing partners closer. This calendar will give a couple tasks and activities they can perform in daily life. These activities encourage them to learn each other's native language. The idea is that language can be obtained more effectively if people can engage their actions with what they learn.

  • Lekkees: Allowing Free Play to Rule

    Education, Industrial Design


    Lekkees is a set of bendable: form retaining, connecting panels which will encourage more quality play by providing tools for children to visualize, imagine, and interactively build their surroundings. Allowing kids to engage in active play will nurture their social and cognitive development through the process of creative exploration.

  • Hey ! NYC / Healthy is sexy

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    In New York City, there is an increase in the number of HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM), many of them due to unsafe sex. Many MSM in the city put themselves at risk by using drugs and alcohol, often while in a night club. Such behavior affects their judgment, and leads to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. If condoms were easily attainable, safe sex would be practiced more often and less MSM would be at risk for HIV. The solution to the problem is simple: use a condom. “Hey New York: healthy is sexy” is an awareness campaign that encourages MSM in New York City to practice safe sex.

  • Versatile Beyond 20/20

    Aid, Industrial Design


    Versatile is designed to equip and assist the hard of seeing in the workspace. It is an all in one unit of furniture, that includes existing asistive technology and work tools for the hard of seeing population, (for ex; Braille reader, Magnifier, Note taker, Voice recorder, etc). The utility cart also highlights elements of tactility, organization and navigation within the product and specifically designed to be helpful for those lack in seeing. Versatile is a modular furniture system that is customizable to the user's needs. So that it can functionally assists daily work needs.

    The product is a response to social issue in the realm of disability (visual impairment). Problem: The common connotation is that ‘disability steals time’. An Employer’s lack of empathy and awareness often resulted in job facilities that do not cater to employees with hard of seeing.

  • green+

    Environment, Industrial Design


    My target audience is urban inhabitants and especially people who live in NYC. There are various parks and squares around NYC. However, they are not enough for the population for the city. More than 8 million people live in NYC, but there are only 1,700 parks. Different studies have proven that vegetation has therapeutic qualities to help individuals cope with stress. Some people grow small gardens in their backyard, on the balconies or even as an ornament in their living rooms. My idea is to design a ‘green bench’ built in beside, or around trees sidewalk. This ‘green bench’ solves one’s desires to grow greens in front of their house, but also people sit enjoy ‘green’ as they sit on the park.

  • Enviro-Sound



    Alerting people who are blind that a hybrid car is coming towards them.

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