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  • Solari

    Community, Environmental Design


    For my senior thesis I am developing a system/product that makes healthy eating more accessible at The New School campus, while serving as a communal outlet for education about sustainable living. The Green Market, in New York City, is a good resource for providing fresh and sustainable food options; however, there is little that’s been done to bridge the market and The New School despite both parties being within walking distance of each other. Through, my product I hope to alert students to the Green Market and other resources that demonstrate the use of sustainable practices.

    Solari is composed of two carts – one for vending fresh food on campus and another for transporting ingredients from the Green Market to The New School. In key spots within The New School Building, students will have access to either a freshly prepared salad bar or juice. Freshly squeezed juice will be served in place like the Green Roof or Gym. And in certain areas where classes take place, there will be access to a salad bar. Solari will provide students with healthy energy- infused foods, while educating about sustainability.

  • Midboard0_177_

    Mission Statement: ShareStation is a desk that allows two users to work at the same time generating communication and interaction. The common activities of the parent and child in the Asian American society, usually executed separately, would be merged redefining the work and study experience. This new interaction would strengthen the family bond, and support the child through the difficult teenage years.

    Problem: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Asian American women ages 15~24 have a higher rate of suicide than Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics in the same age group. Asian American youths are overly stressed for many reasons with family pressure being a main cause. The generational and cultural gap between Asian American teenage children and their Asian immigrant parents has made family communication challenging causing even more stress during the difficult years of adolescence. A better understanding between child and parent is the most essential need that is seemingly hard to approach due to a lack of interactive and communicative opportunities.

  • Tipping Point or Turning Point?

    Environment, Communication Design


    In the face of a dangerous climatic tipping point, we stand on the verge of a behavioural turning point? Or do we?

    Downing and Ballantyne's 2007 report, entitled Tipping Point or Turning Point is a worthy read into the reality of ethical consumer attitudes and their resistant behaviours to embrace more sustainable lifestyles.

    In the high street consumer are confronted with more and more sustainable choices – HSBC is suddenly a green bank; Marks and Spencer’s has its Plan A; Ikea doesn’t give free plastic bags. At the ballot box David Cameron wants the public to “Vote Blue: Go Green”. Arnold Schwarzenegger has traded movie stardom with investigating the US’s flagship low carbon policy, while Al Gore, when not directing Oscar-winning documentaries on climate change, is organising global rock concerts.

    Maybe we’ve made it then. Scientists are at a virtual consensus. NGOs convinced, politicians persuaded, and business on board. Surely then, the debate is over. In the face of a dangerous climatic tipping point, we stand on the verge of a behavioural turning point? Or do we?

    According to recent MORI results into consumer attitudes to Climate Change, ‘irrespective of cause’, 88% of the public believe that the climate is changing, however, only 46% believe human activity is the primary cause. The report is a valuable read, with plenty of reality checks into the ethical attitude-behaviour gap, occurring amongst UK consumers.

    Download the pdf report here.

  • BANISH the Plastic Bag!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    On 13 March 2008, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, announced the 2008 Budget, which says it includes "[...] measures aimed at tackling climate change."

    However, it is interesting to note how the greenness of the budget is being widely criticised. In response to Darling’s Budget, the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas described it as a:

    […] criminal wasted opportunity to set the country on the path towards a more sustainable future [...] Instead of seizing the opportunity to reshape our economy to deal with the serious threat of climate change, Alistair Darling used his much-awaited first Budget to set out a weak and flimsy agenda, which brought new definition to the word “greenwash".

    Initially, encouraged that the government is a least listening to the public acknowledgment, that action needs to be taken to tackle climate change, however it was shocking to realise how small a step has been taken to eradicate plastic bags. One of the budget actions, to [potentially] charge for plastic carrier bags, IF retailers fail to take 'enough' (?) voluntary action to reduce their use, by next year… is ridiculous. Firstly, by focusing the public attention to the potential cost (one of those many purchasing decision-makers) of plastic bags, in my eyes completely undermines the global challenge that is climate change, blinding them to see problems caused by aviation and the like. As Lucas quite rightly argued, surely the Chancellor should be focus...

  • Flow in airports - Bachelor

    Communication, Industrial Design

    The link is to a blog for an on-going(spring 2008) project done at Designschool Kolding, Denmark by 3rd year Indutrial Design student Mir Toftemark Nielsen and 3rd year Interactione Design student Mads Crone Köser.

    The project is a bachelors project that aims to improve the passenger experience and flow in airports. Creating a platform of service design with the user in center and from that make a more physical design solution.

    Please come back and follow our process and if you have any questions, feedback, knowledge, cool links or whatever feel free to leave a comment.

  • Seeking for answer!

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    Hi everybody. I´m news here and I´m looking for "how to cerate an company foccused in Social Design"?

  • Danielfaberboard_177_

    Core Problem- Our current system for manufacturing is both economically and environmentally inefficient. It involves the transport of goods from the United States to multiple manufacturing destinations. The finished products are then shipped back to the United States to be sold to the American public. This system for manufacturing yields unnecessary and unethical practices. Massive fuel waste leads to an increased carbon footprint. Also, a transfer of manufacturing jobs from local American economies to manufacturing nations. The United States has seen a 20% decline in manufacturing jobs alone since the prosperous mid 90's. When a product is manufactured on a mass scale out of a single material this process results in a dent to the worlds ecosystems that is harmful and often irreplaceable. My mission is to design a line of furniture that can be manufactured on a local scale using materials indigenous to the area in which it is produced. The manufacturing process will yield an "organic" product that when shipped out of its manufacturing zone will incorporate carbon cost offsets into it's final pricing figure.

  • FUNCY_multifunctional sustainable furniture

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Thesis Statement: To improve the quality of life by designing sustainable multi-functional furniture, which can do more with less in small spaces, therefore preventing waste from being produced.

    Mission Statement: The density of urban environments is a well established dilemma. One of the practical problems resulting from density of urban livings is the efficent disposal of waste. With the city-dwelling populations increasingly growing, the amount of garbage produced expands accordingly. A logical solution to this problem would be to reduce the amount of garbage by preventing waste from being produced. Given that discarded furniture in New York accounts for more than 200,000 tons each year, constituting a significant portion of the city’s waste, I would like to work to solve this problem by designing multi-functional furniture that can be used for different purposes. e multi-functionality of the products will prolong the duration of use; moreover when these products are thrown away, the amount of garbage produced will be inversely proportional to the number of functions which they were used for.

    Target Group: Young urban dwellers, who are concerned about the environment, with small living/ working spaces

  • 123_177_

    Musical Pebbles- Musical toy that encourages children’s body movement through sound.

    Musical Pebbles- Musical toy that encourages children’s body movement through sound.

    These days, development of technology allows children access to many kinds of gadgets such as TV or game consoles. Children tend to overconsume those screen media. Lack of physical activity caused by over consuming media may, arguably, lead to negative side effects for kids either physically or mentally. Thus, introducing new play that promotes body movement will be desirable for children who are exposed to too much media in order to encourage healthy behavior.

    The mission of Musical-Pebbles is to encourage children play more actively apart from screen media.

    My approach is to encourage children’s body movement through music. Combining art and physical activity can become an effective tool for children since art provides opportunities to create, perform and communicate.

    The rubber pads(Musical Pebbles) make 12 different sounds from Do to Ti including sharp and at notes. As they move their body, they’ll learn those musical notes and they might change the position of the pads to create sounds they like to play more easily.

  • Minsuk_board_177_


    Most children in the home express a natural and normal curiosity about objects that can cause burn injuries such as hot water, ovens, eletricity, irons and so on. Unfortunately, parents or caregivers can’t always pay attention because they need time to take care of themselves. However, in these moment, children often get burned by these hazardous objects. Reflecting on my experience, I am still suffering from chest burns. When I was 5 years old, I got my chest burnt by hot water, which I endured tremendous pain and was hospitalized for five months. When the accident happened, if someone had told me about the danger of hot water, it might have not happened to me.

    Mission Statement

    Burn injury hazard could happen to children very easily in the home. Every year, many children are treated and die in hospital emergency rooms. It is unfortune for children to get burned at a young age because it is not only hard for them to bear the pain but also for them to carry its aftereffects the rest of their life. Therefore there is a need for a product that prevents life-threantening burn injuries for children.


    Safe Voice is a everyday ID bracelet for children that uses the parent’s voice and a light emitting technology to warn the child about burn injuries and has ID tag underside of band. The parent wear a clip that receives a signal, warning them that the child is close to a dangerous object. The bracelet and clip come with a wireless transceiver that is installe...

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