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  • {UN}WANTED proposal1

    Environment, Industrial Design


    this is one of the three proposal for prototypes

  • Wheelie

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Design for a new type of animal wheelchair

    My mission is to redesign the wheelchairs that are available for disabled animals so that they can walk on their own. There are many products for disabled animals such as prosthetics, splints, etc. However, I realized there are many animals that can’t walk even if using prosthetics and splints. The wheelchair is the most important tool for mobilizing disabled animals, but the wheelchairs for animals have not been developed well. There are many good ergonomic designs for humans, but not for animals. Existing wheelchairs are made of heavy metals and don’t support the animal’s body well. Because most wheelchairs have only two wheels, they give a lot of pressure to the animal’s body and legs. By considering these things, I will design an ergonomic shaped structure using memory foam that can support disabled animals and give comfort. I want to redesign them in a way that really considers the needs of animals with disabilities. By designing fashionable wheelchairs, I want to eliminate people’s prejudice towards disabled animals and prevent disabled animals from being abandoned.

  • BOUNCE: baby sign products

    Communication, Industrial Design


    BOUNCE promotes the popularity and success of Baby Sign as a means to integrate Sign Language and American Deaf Culture into the Mainstream. Through bounce, Deaf Culture ideals and language is both familiar and a must have for every parent.

    • Talk with your baby!
    • No more terrible twos!
    • Improves language skills!
    • Learn sign as early as 7 months

    BOUNCE provides products that incorporate deaf culture such as American Sign Language into toys that can be used throughout childhood. Not only does bounce provide cultural reinforcement but it is also a valuable learning tool.

    As a means to promote early development and establish a foundation for communication in children, baby sign is the most applicable. A child can learn to say he has a dirty diaper, or he wants more milk as early as 7 months. A goal of bounce is to make visual language/baby sign language more accessible by all parents, opening up the divide between two language bound worlds: Deaf Culture and Hearing Culture. As an affect, stigma associated with having Deaf children and the difficulties with learning a language, will be pacified and made less frustrating if the practice of teaching children sign language/baby sign, is widespread and popular.

  • Focus Group # 1

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Mommy and Me Gym (YMHA) 14th between First and Second Avenue Children Age: 10 month to 19 month

    Today was awesome and chaotic! It is the first time I conducted a focus group and there is a lot to be learned. Such as organization. But that wasn't a problem, everything ran very efficiently and I got a lot of feed back about two products (the BOUNCE Play Mat/Blanket and the BOUNCE Soft Building Blocks).

    The children are adorable and most of all they were drawn to the toys, they actually played with them. Which is the first task: are they approachable, do they keep children entertained? They did everything you could think of: throwing, rattling, chewing, juggling, hiding, rolling, shaking, etc.

    Parents were also excited and active. An average of 2 out every 3 mothers played with the toys and signed/tried to sign really well. Some need a little instruction as to how to say the word 'elephant' on account that they've never signed before but others were really responsive to the emotional signs such as happy. One mother went so far to develop her own signs, in a sense accenting her very own sign for happy which included happy faces, eyes, and framing her face with her hands. Her son was receptive of it as well.

    Second valuable comment was the imagery. Some parents (1 out of 4) were confused by the squishy/stubby hands of the characters and thus unsure of their hand posture. This was to be expected. Even though baby sign is more suggestive than American Sign Language, having the ...

  • {UN}WANTED prototypes in progress

    Environment, Industrial Design


    2 out of 3 prototypes in progress Constructed out of discarded furniture + CNC cut sheetgoods

  • Aguaobsesion II

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design



    ....Y comprender que la tierra no nos pertenece, que no somos dueños de ella, mas bien formamos parte decisiva de la misma pensando y ejercitándonos en evitar continuas situaciones sin regreso en los elementos naturales tan necesarios el aire, el AGUA...convirtiéndolos en bienes escasos, es una realidad creciente y esperanzada que nos inspira a crear a defender y a amar. M.L. Bretón 1991

    grifo abierto 1989(sociedad consumísta).

  • Aguaobsesion

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    El arte, la pintura, nos ayuda a comprender la vida, su historia, emociones, sensaciones. Conocemos el pasado y orígenes de la humanidad a través de las pinturas rupestres. Ahora estoy trabajando en una idea que gira en mi vida desde pequeña y que ya empecé a exponer en Portugal con motivo del hermanamiento de mi pueblo Palos de la Frontera(Huelva) y la ciudad de Lagos(Portugal) en 1991 como ciudades del descubrimiento y navegantes del siglo xv. El tema es el AGUA.

  • california roll stop

    Poverty, Environmental Design

    ever rolled through a stop sign after seeing that all intersections are clear?

    i think this should be legalized.

    raising prices on gas has mostly hurt the lower income class people and steps must be made to reduce the costs of transportation for all people. the roll stop is an instant gas and money saver. and yes it is good for the environment too since it cuts down on emissions, break pads and saves people time.

    i fully support new forms of transportation and while this development happens immediate relief can come by legalizing the "california roll stop" :)

    cheers, jesse


    Communication, Industrial Design


    I am about to embark on the very first of my user testing and focus groups. Up until now it's been friends, professors and their various children. This is both exciting and kind of scary. It's where I will figure out all the kinks with my thesis and then work them out.

    Truth is, I can't do much more until I've officially tested. The Itinerary is as follows:

    Tuesday (1pm to 3 pm) Mommy and Me Gym, YMCA on 14 and 2nd Ave

    Wednesday (8 am to 2 pm) IRB Early Learning Center, Lexington School for the Deaf

    Thursday (8 am to 3 pm) IRB Early Learning Center and Preschool, Lexington School for the Deaf

    Friday (3 pm to 5 pm) Speech and Occupational Therapy, Comprehensive Learning Center

    To prepare for this, I've made business cards with my thesis logo as well as about a thousand blue frosted cookies (I think blue is my general color palette)

    Also, this whole focus group research will not only legitimize my thesis but prompt me to write more about it on this blog.

    Best, Michael

  • Smockshop

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    " A smock is a simple double wraparound garment designed by Andrea Zittel. These versatile garments are both attractive and utilitarian - each garment is one of a kind, and is sewn by an artist who reinterprets the original design based on their individual skill sets, tastes and interests. The smockshop generates income for artists who’s work is either non-commercial, or not yet self sustaining."

    Quoted from the Smockshop website:

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