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  • Getting Sold

    Aid, Communication Design


    The Sold Project is "a grassroots movement dedicated to exposing the truth behind child prostitution through multi-media and the collaborative response of individuals striving to make a change." Multi-media guru Dan Portnoy has been working hard to get their <a href="">web presence</a> up and running, and has created a hub of social justice action with the team including founder Rachel Sparks and fellow Fuller student Rachel Goble. These folks are all very encouraging and inspiring as the confront the issue that is much closer to home that we'd like to admit.

    Just recently, they've asked folks to put the sold logo on a picture of themselves in their facebook/myspace profiles until 4/22 to raise awareness. More info and the logo file are at if you want to "get sold" yourself. There is also a growing pool of these pictures here in a flickr group called "get-sold." It's a great way to get people involved and spread the word in your own little circles on the internet.

    Also, if you're in Pasadena or LA, there is a benefit concert featuring local bands including <a href="">Leap Year</a> as well as an art auction this Friday 6pm at Levitt Pavilion.

  • Climate Clock Initiative

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Here's another competition that may intrigue Design 21 participants:

    The deadline is May 9. The competition is part of the incredibly cool 01SJ Festival:

  • I shop therefore I am (David Report 09/2008)

    Community, Industrial Design


    Dear Communitiy Members!

    I would like to start a discussion on the latest David Report that is trying to find out a way to a better consumer behaviour for the future. You can find David Carlson's report here:.

    I already reacted on the report in my blog. We could go on discussing it here. I would like to know what others think about the future of consumerism.

    Thanks and all the best,


  • memahamkan

    Peace, Environmental Design


    kerinduan adalah sari pati, liur yang kita cerap karena gejolak. pada makanan muaranya adalah nafsu, tetapi pada spiritualitas ia adalah kesejatian. maka memahamkan hati dalam kontek air liur cinta bermakna bersipongangnya kedalaman ruh, ia berkicau laksana burung cucak rowo, atau lebih jauh: mungkin sebentuk keheningan yang terdalam. ada suatu empati, sari pati, dalam telusuran kedalaman ini, samudra yang tiba-tiba terbelah, dan perut ikan yang terbuka. ini sepenuhnya adalah keindahan. detik ketika kejenuhan pecah berantakan dan mereka justru hinggap di ujung kedamaian. ruh yang gersang pada detik itu hinggap, dan meluruh bersama dawai-dawai cinta: pancaran kasih sayang yang membentuk lingkaran. maka di ujung semua itu adalah lenyapnya kesepian, hilangnya labirin kekacauan. maka wujud dari semua itu adalah ketaqwaan, ia memahamkan.....

  • Barbie Goes Green

    Environment, Environmental Design


    I couldn't resist! The item below is quoted from Ecorazzi:

    Just in time for Earth Day, Barbie from Mattel is introducing a “BCause Collection” of limited-edition accessories for girls. The tote bags and other items are made from leftover fabric and trimmings from other Barbie® doll fashions and products which would otherwise be discarded. From the release,

    “Sold exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores in the Barbie® toy aisle, the Barbie™ BCause collection includes handbags, coin purses, hats, tote bags, pillows, diaries and more, each featuring its own unique variations and kitschy patchwork details. ‘Barbie is always a reflection of current cultural trends and issues, and girls are increasingly aware of making a green statement,‘ said Richard Dickson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Worldwide, Mattel Brands. ‘Barbie BCause is for eco-conscious girls who believe that being environmentally-friendly is the right thing to do, and we are thrilled to give extra meaning and extra style to what was once just extra Barbie doll fabric.‘”

    It’s great to see Mattel using the leftovers from its manufacturing for additional products — but it would be even cooler if the Barbie BCause line actually did anything for the environment besides landfill diversion. How about 10% of all proceeds going to an environmental charity?

    Barbie is a chic girl. I think she’s be into it.

  • User_web_177_

    NFP: Swirl, Inc helped me to connect with not only people in intercultural relationships, but also people who grew up in a multicultural family.

    Issue: Many people in an intercultural marriage do not speak their partner’s native language. This can lead to loss of culture, language, or tradition.

    Description of Design Solution: L3 provides people in intercultural marriages with a calendar, activity cards, bedtime story cards, and recipe cards designed to stimulate communication and interaction for enjoyable language-learning experience.

    Intended benefits: L3 helps couples develop an interest and understanding for each other’s native language and culture. It also allows couples to communicate with people in similar situations through an online community.

    Next step: The next step of this project would be to customize the content for a variety of languages including Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Chinese.

  • Safetone

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    a system that produces a distinctive sound for the hybrid car that is audible to the blind, but does not exceed standards for noise pollution set by the Transportation Department.

    The project wouldn't have been possible without help from The National Federation of the Blind.

    People who are blind aren't able to hear hybrid cars when they are passing them at 30 mph or less.

    My plan is to create an engine sound that would be projected from the electronics of the car, which alerts people of it's presence.

    People who are blind can safely cross the street, and hybrid auto manufacturers will be able to have another selling point to their cars, a distinct sound for their brand.

    I plan to project this idea at the convention that the National Federation of The Blind holds each year. I hope to work with an engineer that's affiliated with them to produce the device and to present the idea to the Transportation Department.

  • Projection_177_

    This is one of the components for the system of Subwait+.

    Parts: projector, speaker and motion sensor

    How does it work?

    • All the parts are enclosed by a vandal resistant housing unit, which is installed onto the ceiling in the platform of subway station.
    • Once a person stands below the sensor for more than 10 seconds, the animation and sound would start to play.
    • The animation plays images and sound according to the current weather or station temperature condition. For example, during a hot summer, it would play the motion and sound of a water fall; on the other hand, during spring it would play images of birds in the forest.

    Intended Impact

    • Using appealing sound and visuals to not only distract riders from the painful screech noise but also to stimulate a dynamic and enjoyable moment while waiting for the trains.
  • Transition_177_

    Plastic* aims to highlight the hazards of predatory lending practices for college-aged students who are at risk for harming their credit by virtue of not knowing enough about the industry. It serves as a counter-attack to predatory practices by implementing the same tactics to teach students rather than exploit them.

    It serves as a counter-attack to predatory practices by implementing the same tactics lenders use to exploit students, to teach them.

    Plastic* is a set of cards given out to students at the start of each year that serves as an educational tool by introducing key terminology used by creditors. The set doubles as a traditional deck of playing cards in order to act as a uniting force for students. The inks used in Plastic* react to the user’s body temperature allowing layers of information to emerge from a corresponding visual. By revealing these key ideas and making the user financially literate, Plastic* protects them from the potential pitfalls of youthful spending.

    The next steps of this project are to provide additional tools for students that will illustrate the long term effects of credit - creating a system based on Plastic* which will be funded through grants for educational products.

    Acknowledgements: This product was developed with guidance and support from the Coalition for Debtor Education.

  • lekkees: Allowing Free Play to Rule

    Education, Industrial Design


    lekkees was developed in collaboration with Marcos Stafne and Miriam Kessler from the New York Hall of Science

    Early childhood development toys and activities in institutional settings do not promote interaction among peers, lack possibility for imaginative interpretation, and full-body physical engagement.

    lekkees is a set of bendable geometric panels which connect in an endless assortment of configurations abstractly eluding to recognizable environments and objects.

    lekkees encourages more quality play by providing tools for children to visualize, imagine, and interactively build their surroundings. Allowing kids to engage in active play nurtures their social and cognitive development through the process of creative exploration

    My goal is to implement lekkees in institutional settings such as children's museums, day care centers, camps, and potentially schools.

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