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  • POwer-PEdal

    Community, Industrial Design

    This'is my first idea , but i'm not sure for my decision . I hope thet can I arrived at time to final design..

  • Jeffrey Sachs and the Design Process

    Education, Communication Design

    I came across this interesting posting about Jeff Sachs RDDD (Research-Develop-Demonstrate-Diffuse) theory and how it applies to instructional learning:


    Education, Communication Design


    Are you a TALENTED WEB DESIGNER? Would you be interested in traveling to BHUTAN to help a great cause?

    The BHUTAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FUND (YDF) is the only national, non-governmental organization helping youth in remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The organization is currently seeking a short-term volunteer who could come to Bhutan and help upgrade their website. The volunteer would also be asked to conduct a very basic training in web design and website. Afterwards, the volunteer would have an opportunity to travel without having to pay Bhutan’s $240/day tourist tax if they wanted.


    -Demonstrated talent and experience in Web Design -Ability to spend roughly one week helping at the Bhutan Youth Development Fund (with website modification and basic web design trainings)


    This is a volunteer position, so there would be no monetary compensation involved. However, the web designer would receive a chance to visit Bhutan without paying the standard $240/day tourist tariff. They would also have free lodging, meals (breakfast and dinner) and transportation while working in Thimphu. If the web designer wished, s/he could spend one week working on the Bhutan YDF website and then take off to travel.

    TIMEFRAME: Ideally the person would be able to come anytime from right now onwards until Early Summer 2008

    POSITION LOCATION: Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city

    Specific Items the Web Designer would be asked to address:

    • To make the overall si...
  • Lifestraw_personal2_177_

    Following the success of last month's initiative to fund 75 Hippo Rollers for South African community Kgautswane, Project H Design is at it again!

    Emily is currently in Uganda and informs me she has just launched the latest Project H initiative - Lifestraws for Mumbai! At only $25 each, Project H Design aims to donate 100 (or more!) Lifestraw Family systems to Mumbai, India.

    Lifestraw Family is an amazing point-of-use water filtration device designed and manufactured by Vestergaard Frandsen that eliminates 99.999% of waterborne disease bacteria, parasites, and viruses, bringing clean drinking water quickly and reliably, and preventing life-threatening disease from spreading through unclean water.

    Support is needed again, to help with the success of this project, so why not help this initiative and sponser a Lifestraw! $25 sponsors one Lifestraw family system.

    To find out everything about the Lifestraw project visit, Project H Design.

  • Earth

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    Think about what you're doing winth the resources of the earth.

  • Good buy

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    Rushing time gets rid o' the time You're about to die

    I'm just telling you good buy.

  • Love sick

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Daydreamming Drawing made with an BIC's Metalpoint Pen.

    I got an box full of this pens. A simple office tool making art.

  • Ever since DisneyWorld and DisneyLand, people have realized that designers can create destinations where people will travel to see the work of innovative designers. Today cities as diverse as Dubai City and Cleveland, Ohio have decided to become destination cities based on design.

    K-12 Schools should follow their lead and become design destinations as well. Schools should look more like interactive children's museums rather than corporate office centers or prisons. Schools should mimic pull technologies rather than push technologies and create environments that attract students, educators, and community members. Schools should be places where people enjoy working and learning.

  • Name that type

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Dutch type designers produce many fonts, some of them are great others have less impact. But Dutch type designers have a well known status of creating one of the more readable fonts there are nowadays. To promote Dutch type even futher I´ve compiled a small type contest at my weblog.

    If you guess the font correctly there a change of winning a engraved nameplate. Participate now and win!

    Name that type and win!

  • Isi_perut_132_

    merancang sebuah desain, adalah merancang puisi. ia memerlukan sebuah kohesivitas, korelasi struktur, historisitas, dan kristalisasi. sebuah desain dikatakan demikian bila ia telah menemukan sebentuk musikalitas. nada-nada yang berdenting di antara detail-detail garis, warna, aksentuasi, etc. kedalaman merupakan salah satu kunci yang dapat kita pahamkan. tanpa kedalaman, desain hanya berhenti ditataran materi, ia banal. desain yang disertakan padanya kedalaman akan menggugah, ia bagai air yang menyejukan. banalitas sebuah desain hadir akibat sergapan modernitas dengan materialismenya yang pekat. sebuah desain yang berdiri di barisan ini, menandakan berakhirnya baris permenungan.

    maka sekali lagi desain adalah sebuah puisi. ia penuh kedalaman, darinya mengalir denting-denting lagu cinta.

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