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  • Good buy

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    Rushing time gets rid o' the time You're about to die

    I'm just telling you good buy.

  • Love sick

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Daydreamming Drawing made with an BIC's Metalpoint Pen.

    I got an box full of this pens. A simple office tool making art.

  • Ever since DisneyWorld and DisneyLand, people have realized that designers can create destinations where people will travel to see the work of innovative designers. Today cities as diverse as Dubai City and Cleveland, Ohio have decided to become destination cities based on design.

    K-12 Schools should follow their lead and become design destinations as well. Schools should look more like interactive children's museums rather than corporate office centers or prisons. Schools should mimic pull technologies rather than push technologies and create environments that attract students, educators, and community members. Schools should be places where people enjoy working and learning.

  • Name that type

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Dutch type designers produce many fonts, some of them are great others have less impact. But Dutch type designers have a well known status of creating one of the more readable fonts there are nowadays. To promote Dutch type even futher I´ve compiled a small type contest at my weblog.

    If you guess the font correctly there a change of winning a engraved nameplate. Participate now and win!

    Name that type and win!

  • Isi_perut_132_

    merancang sebuah desain, adalah merancang puisi. ia memerlukan sebuah kohesivitas, korelasi struktur, historisitas, dan kristalisasi. sebuah desain dikatakan demikian bila ia telah menemukan sebentuk musikalitas. nada-nada yang berdenting di antara detail-detail garis, warna, aksentuasi, etc. kedalaman merupakan salah satu kunci yang dapat kita pahamkan. tanpa kedalaman, desain hanya berhenti ditataran materi, ia banal. desain yang disertakan padanya kedalaman akan menggugah, ia bagai air yang menyejukan. banalitas sebuah desain hadir akibat sergapan modernitas dengan materialismenya yang pekat. sebuah desain yang berdiri di barisan ini, menandakan berakhirnya baris permenungan.

    maka sekali lagi desain adalah sebuah puisi. ia penuh kedalaman, darinya mengalir denting-denting lagu cinta.

  • Getting Sold

    Aid, Communication Design


    The Sold Project is "a grassroots movement dedicated to exposing the truth behind child prostitution through multi-media and the collaborative response of individuals striving to make a change." Multi-media guru Dan Portnoy has been working hard to get their <a href="">web presence</a> up and running, and has created a hub of social justice action with the team including founder Rachel Sparks and fellow Fuller student Rachel Goble. These folks are all very encouraging and inspiring as the confront the issue that is much closer to home that we'd like to admit.

    Just recently, they've asked folks to put the sold logo on a picture of themselves in their facebook/myspace profiles until 4/22 to raise awareness. More info and the logo file are at if you want to "get sold" yourself. There is also a growing pool of these pictures here in a flickr group called "get-sold." It's a great way to get people involved and spread the word in your own little circles on the internet.

    Also, if you're in Pasadena or LA, there is a benefit concert featuring local bands including <a href="">Leap Year</a> as well as an art auction this Friday 6pm at Levitt Pavilion.

  • Climate Clock Initiative

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Here's another competition that may intrigue Design 21 participants:

    The deadline is May 9. The competition is part of the incredibly cool 01SJ Festival:

  • I shop therefore I am (David Report 09/2008)

    Community, Industrial Design


    Dear Communitiy Members!

    I would like to start a discussion on the latest David Report that is trying to find out a way to a better consumer behaviour for the future. You can find David Carlson's report here:.

    I already reacted on the report in my blog. We could go on discussing it here. I would like to know what others think about the future of consumerism.

    Thanks and all the best,


  • memahamkan

    Peace, Environmental Design


    kerinduan adalah sari pati, liur yang kita cerap karena gejolak. pada makanan muaranya adalah nafsu, tetapi pada spiritualitas ia adalah kesejatian. maka memahamkan hati dalam kontek air liur cinta bermakna bersipongangnya kedalaman ruh, ia berkicau laksana burung cucak rowo, atau lebih jauh: mungkin sebentuk keheningan yang terdalam. ada suatu empati, sari pati, dalam telusuran kedalaman ini, samudra yang tiba-tiba terbelah, dan perut ikan yang terbuka. ini sepenuhnya adalah keindahan. detik ketika kejenuhan pecah berantakan dan mereka justru hinggap di ujung kedamaian. ruh yang gersang pada detik itu hinggap, dan meluruh bersama dawai-dawai cinta: pancaran kasih sayang yang membentuk lingkaran. maka di ujung semua itu adalah lenyapnya kesepian, hilangnya labirin kekacauan. maka wujud dari semua itu adalah ketaqwaan, ia memahamkan.....

  • Barbie Goes Green

    Environment, Environmental Design


    I couldn't resist! The item below is quoted from Ecorazzi:

    Just in time for Earth Day, Barbie from Mattel is introducing a “BCause Collection” of limited-edition accessories for girls. The tote bags and other items are made from leftover fabric and trimmings from other Barbie® doll fashions and products which would otherwise be discarded. From the release,

    “Sold exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores in the Barbie® toy aisle, the Barbie™ BCause collection includes handbags, coin purses, hats, tote bags, pillows, diaries and more, each featuring its own unique variations and kitschy patchwork details. ‘Barbie is always a reflection of current cultural trends and issues, and girls are increasingly aware of making a green statement,‘ said Richard Dickson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Worldwide, Mattel Brands. ‘Barbie BCause is for eco-conscious girls who believe that being environmentally-friendly is the right thing to do, and we are thrilled to give extra meaning and extra style to what was once just extra Barbie doll fabric.‘”

    It’s great to see Mattel using the leftovers from its manufacturing for additional products — but it would be even cooler if the Barbie BCause line actually did anything for the environment besides landfill diversion. How about 10% of all proceeds going to an environmental charity?

    Barbie is a chic girl. I think she’s be into it.

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