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  • Social Justice Design Camp

    Education, Communication Design


    June 23-July 2 - A sleep away summer camp where all the counselors are good-ass designers and nobody has to bathe in a lake!

    Camp Firebelly is intense, but not actually in tents. We're looking for the most talented + brightest college design students (or graduates of less than one year) to join us for the first-ever Camp Firebelly design charrette: 2 weeks of intensive collaboration with an awesome nonprofit client to address a social justice issue, strategize + design the solution and see it all the way through to print.

    Our friends Mike Perry + Delicious Design League will be coming through to lend a hand, as well as a few more secret guests. There'll also be several side missions like field trips and workshops....applications due May 23rd.

    a project of Firebelly Design - good design for good reason

  • zebra

    Arts & Culture


    my illust acrylic

  • land snail.

    Arts & Culture


    my illust. water color. pasterl.

  • illust01

    Arts & Culture


    my illust. summer. i love fish,

  • "Towards The Golden Cities”

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    To everybody

    In case you’ll be around Cali-Colombia from 8 of May to 28 June Please take a look of “Towards The Golden Cities” an exhibition by studio “Nido, Paisaje y Arquitectura” looking for a fresh vision to dignified low cost houses and emergency shelter through the structure and geometry.

    Pd. The opening will be Thursday 8 of May at 7:00 p.m. everybody is invited.

  • MANIFESTO 1964 Original version - written by Ken Garland, London, 1964. Published in Adbusters magazine (Autumn 1998, pg. 22).

    We, the undersigned, are graphic designers, photographers and students who have been brought up in a world in which the techniques and apparatus of advertising have persistently been presented to us as the most lucrative, effective and desirable means of using our talents. We have been bombarded with publications devoted to this belief, applauding the work of those who have flogged their skill and imagination to sell such things as: Cat food, stomach powders, detergent, hair restorer, striped toothpaste, aftershave lotion, beforeshave lotion, slimming diets, fattening diets, deodorants, fizzy water, cigarettes, roll-ons, pull-ons, and slip-ons. By far the greatest time and effort of those working in the advertising industry are wasted on these trivial purposes, which contribute little or nothing to our national prosperity.

    In common with an increasing number of the general public, we have reached a saturation point at which the high pitched stream of consumer selling is no more than sheer noise. We think that there are other things more worth using our skill and experience on. There are signs for streets and buildings, books and periodicals, catalogues, instructional manuals, industrial photography, educational aids, films, television features, scientific and industrial publications and all the other media through which we promote our trade, our edu...

  • U.S. Orphan Works Act

    Arts & Culture

    I wanted to give you an update the Orphan Works situation. As you probably know, last Friday both the Senate and House introduced variations of the same bill: The Shawn Bentley Orphan Acts of 2008 (S. 2913) and The Orphan Works Act of 2008 (H.R. 5889). If these bills pass, they will have devastating consequences for visual artists.

    I'm asking you to please help spread the word, create awareness and ask your students and colleages to join in this critical effort. There is a sample letter at the bottom of this message in case someone wants to help but is strapped for time. They can just customize it as necessary. The important thing is to get our collective voices heard and protect the intellectual property of all artists.

    The following is a message from Joanne Fink, a highly respected lettering artist who has been working in the field of art and design for 25 years. She writes;

    Having been involved in strategy sessions for the last few days with Brad Holland (Illustrator's Partnership) and others, let me outline what you can do that would be helpful.

    1. Write a letter to your congressional House leader and Senators stating your opposition to the bills. Send the letter both by e-mail and fax.

    2. Help raise awareness about the potential consequences of this legislation, and ask everyone you know to write and send letters.

    A number of groups which oppose this legislation are collaborating on creating a website which will enable you to e-mail your congressional leaders with ...

  • designerJK

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    industrial design.

  • Why design?




    Very simply, we are all connected. Everything is inter-dependent. We are all in this together.

    What does this mean for design? Everything.

    Most commonly we, as industrial designers, are charged with the task of designing products for consumption. These products drive economy, politics, culture, etc. and make up the built environment. We are given the task of creating the products that will make or break companies; that will shape industry and society.

    So often, whether right or wrong, our products define individuals. In the United States especially, people are more often seen as what they own, rather than what they do. Everything from what car you drive, to the shirt you wear, to the cell phone you talk on – every product people purchase is a decision and is therefore an extension of themselves. Beyond creating functional solutions to problems, we design ways for people to express themselves. This is undoubtedly an important and worthwhile job. However, this cannot be the end.

    In the same way that we are connected to the world through design economy and the business of design, we are also connected simply as people. We are a race, a species, a family. As designers, we must be the voice of people. There are many people in the world who have the ability to stand up on their own and who will voice their needs, but there are many more people who do not have a voice that will ever be heard in that sense. We must be their voice. We are called...

  • No Borders (Post Earth-Day)

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Lucy + Jorge Orta's 'Antarctica' installation at Hangar Bicocca in Milan suggests a utopic realm or safe refuge without borders and the 'equitable distribution of resources' as a new view on 'true globalisation'. Given that the Antarctic contains 70% of the planet's fresh water reserves and is off limits to military activity, where else should we turn for ideas that might thaw our numbness and paralysis to date?

    I thankfully spent Earth Day without a drop parachute or survival kit. Extremes abound on planet earth, but the edges are thankfully overlapping and softening like never before. There is unity as well in the colorful fabrics (flags) that flap in the breeze as emblems of what distinguish us.

    Studio Orta:

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