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  • wholesome wellbeing!

    Well-being, Environmental Design

    addiction is quite prevalent in humans,but does it all have to be negative??? please help figure this out! ........................................................................................................................................ jane doe

    Alabama Treatment Centers</a> Alabama Treatment Centers

  • New

    Well-being, Communication Design

    Hello to all the ambitious designers out there ;)

  • Hey Web Designers,

    Mano a Mano got a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support Mexican immigrant artists. The first stage of our project is to create a directory, including a minimum of 150 artists in our 5 areas of activity: music, dance, visual arts, verbal arts and ritual and culinary arts. We are fans of cloud computing and use and Google Apps. We are hoping to link create a portal on our site that can be populated with entries in our database through a simple template. We hope to give artists - many who may have no other access - the opportunity to create and modify a personal webpage. Our goal is to help artists professionalize and ultimately find gainful employment in their creative fields.

    If you can help us create our artists' portal, we want to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance!

    Mano a Mano

  • Ephemeral Horticouture

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    These handmade floral and leafy couture creations by Vancouver-based artist Nicole Dextras are pretty darn phenomenal. Known also as 'Weedrobes', the artist actually categorizes them on her website as 'ephemeral art'. They are crafted to be impermanent with only a photographic record to document their moment of green splendor.

  • Hidden Depths Poster

    Environment, Communication Design


    Really liked this poster by student Sarah Cupitt, from Kingston Polytechnic (UK), selected with other work by Michael Johnson and posted on his website.

    “Sarah Cupitt’s hidden depths poster looks innocuous at first, then on closer inspection....reveals its creatures to be plastic, to protest against the increasing amount of litter in our oceans."

  • Its Been A Long The Journey

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Its been a long the journey that i have come to know more of who i am to where i belong.

    The way in which a man can finde his own way is to tune his insturment to the kenote of the chord to which he belongs.

    Sound is the force that groups all things from attoms to worlds. and what we call life is boath a recognized exsistance with in a sertin degree of VIBRATIONS.

    Design 21 is a Beautyful Place To BE.

    Thank You D21

  • éL: Elevated Cycleway: 2008

    Community, Industrial Design


    The Elevated Cycleway (éL) provides increased riding safety by connecting and filling gaps in a preexisting but patchy network of bicycle infrastructure. The éL is inspired by the California Cycleway of 1900, a wooden elevated bike path, built after the “bike craze” of the late 1890s, which ran from Pasadena through the Arroyo Seco to downtown Los Angeles. “In 1901 nervous cyclists found the track safer than the widest roads, for there are no horses to avoid, no trains or trolley-cars, no stray dogs or wandering children.”

    éL is a Product that can be implemented by city governments utilizing existing electric service poles or new structural poles when needed. eL is lighter and quicker than new wood or concrete bridge construction. Parts are rotationally molded from 100% recycled Polyethelye (LDPE) overmolded on recycled aluminum struts for support. Los Angeles is a dangerous place for cyclists. LA lacks proper bike paths and lanes, and has been bisected and segmented by a labyrinthine network of freeways. The éL product system solves the problem and reconnects communities that have been bisected by poor land use decisions.

    Contest Gallery & Larger photos

    Studio Info

  • Terra! Anti-smog 'campaign' - Rome

    Communication, Environmental Design


    "150 statues across Rome were wearing elasticated anti-pollution masks over their mouths on Thursday morning following a covert night-time operation by environmental activists.

    Early-morning joggers and dog walkers alerted the police to the masks after finding them on statues of Roman emperors lining Via dei Fori Imperiali near the Colosseum, famous magistrates around Rome's Palace of Justice, and Garibaldi's mustachioed generals on the Janiculum Hill.

    Statues in Piazza del Popolo and along two bridges across the River Tiber were also dressed in the protective gear.

    The activists from environmental group Terra! had also hung no-entry road signs around the necks of the statues bearing the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide."

    (from ANSA)

    A really effective 'campaign' that's getting a lot of press over here. A simple, harmless idea that gets across a very big issue. A kind of vandalism, I know, but I really love the idea that it looks like it's the statues themselves, romans, angels, military figures, etc, that are protesting at the pollution levels. Wish I'd come up with something like that. Bravi! 'Terra!'

  • No Idle Hands at Light Industry

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 8pm

    Curated by Sabrina Gschwandtner

    Handcraft--absorbing, obsessive, mysterious, political, communal and mythical--is the subject of these documentaries, which range from exhaustively researched to casually recorded and even imagined.

    Works include:

    Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, Yayoi Kusama/Jud Yalkut, 16mm, 1964, 24 mins

    When This You See..., Elaine Reichek, video, 1998, 17 mins

    Odd Fellows, Alee Peoples, Super-8 to video, 2006, 5 mins

    Paracas, Cecilia Vicuña, 16mm to video, 1993, 18 mins

    Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY Art, Craft and Design, Faythe Levine, video, 20 mins (excerpt from the feature film to be released 2009)

    The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Faythe Levine, Elaine Reichek and Cecilia Vicuña.


  • Low carbon affordable homes

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Are we, architects, able to deliver low carbon homes at affordable price? to make it possible for everybody to own a home that does not cost the earth?

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