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  • Shanghai 100% Design, China.

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Nick and Jiayu have recently moved into Shanghai to develop design contacts.

    Jiayu has travelled over to Shanghai to complete work with Pega as the Trend Analyst on their mobile phone and laptop range of products. Translation and sourcing activity with Idee Objects has enabled good contacts to be developed and has proved beneficial in gaining fast recognition in the ever increasing Anglo based companies operating in South East Asian manufacturing and design sectors.

    Recent exposure was gained in the Shanghai 100% Design Show . IDee Objects aims to develop its core service in offering good links and contacts in and around Shanghai.

  • Scrap Fiber Farming

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    There is no better evidence of home grown patriotism, perhaps, than the attempt to resuscitate our endangered agricultural landscape and use of open space via subversive visual cues. Artists Catherine Bouzide and Danny Mansmith recently completed their collaborative Wrapped Pfeiffer Centennial Corn Bin installation piece as part of The Fields Project in Oregon, Illinois. I find this project to be rather timely and patriotic as we examine the role of corn, biofuel and erratic weather patterns in the future of our natural resources supply.

    The artists used recycled scrap fabrics and donated textiles from native Chicago thrift-stores as swaddling bandages for the corn storage bins. It's a poignant celebration of independence as we examine ways to make GOOD with what we already have and re-invest in the power of the communal effort and barn raising.

  • Can Coca Cola Save Children's Lives?

    Aid, Communication Design


    David Wilcox reported this week about an inspiring initiative founded by Simon Berry:

    Twenty years ago Simon Berry was a development worker in North Zambia, conscious that while he could buy a bottle of Coke anywhere, children were dying through inadequate distribution of simple medical treatments. In many cases they simply needed rehydration salts. Wouldn't it be possible to reach an agreement by which Coca Cola used a small part of its superior distribution capacity to get the medicine to children?

    Simon explains: "The idea came to me - but I had no mechanism for sharing it with people. At least, I did have mechanisms, but they were one to one mechanisms, and the thing never got any traction. But now, with the whole Web 2.0 thing, one person can have an idea, and gather other people around that idea, very, very easily."

    Simon has done just that. Starting with a blog post, and then a Facebook group, Simon has been interviewed on BBC radio, and attracted the support of New Seekers' Eve Graham. The New Seekers original song 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing' was adopted by Coke. Coca Cola were at first unresponsive, however have now said they would be happy to talk to Simon.

    David Wilcox interviewed Simon Berry this week at 2gether08, a two-day festival exploring how social media and digital technologies can tackle social problems. Simon continues to document the projects developments on his blog and urges us to join the Facebook Group and come up with other ...

  • Happy Independence Day



    Greetings and best wishes to all americans on this day... Please visit me at and

  • Blue bird



    الحرية هي الخطوة الاولي للديمقراطية هي الخطوة الاولي لمكافحة الفقر والتخلف ونحن دول العالم الثالث نحتاج الي هواء نقي وفضاء واسع من الحرية

  • Mantownhuman2_132_

    ManTownHuman - "More progressive than First Things First".

    Last night saw the launch of the radical architecture manifesto ManTowNHuman. In the words of Nico Macdonald, it's "[...] more progressive than First Things First."

    Founded by The Future Cities Project Director, Austin Williams, the ManTowNHuman Manifesto was co-written by Alastair Donald, Richard J Williams, Karl Sharro, Alan Farlie and Debby Kuypers.

    Toward a New Humanism in Architecture:

    • The time has come to re-think architecture.
    • The time has come to re-imagine the city.
    • The time has to re-engage with society.
    • The time has come to break free from building identity, community, and stability... and get on with building.
    • The time has come to challenge 'what is permitted', with 'what could be'.
    • The time has come to break free of the architecture of limits.
    • The time has come to prioritise the human and downplay - and exploit - the so-called natural world.

    Austin Williams' opinion on The Future Cities Project website states, "Sustainability is killing creativity" ...really!!? As an advocate of creativity and sustainable design, I feel this is a debatable argument. How can architecture and building be as imaginative as it is (required to be) ecologically sound? Saddened to have missed the launch event last night.

  • Alzheimer100

    Well-being, Communication Design


    Using design to improve the daily lives of people living with Dementia, Alzheimer100 is a collaborative initiative founded in 2007, by Design of the Times 07 (Dott07), The Alzheimer's Society and thinkpublic.

    In 2007, thinkpublic worked with North East of England branches of The Alzheimer's Society to investigate new methods for improving the everyday lives of people with dementia, carers and service providers.

    In order to gain first hand insights of living with dementia, the preliminary stage of the project saw thinkpublic meet people with dementia, carers and service providers across North East England. The emergent insights and ideas fed directly into the design and facilitation of co-design workshops, and were later documented into an emotional 18minute documentary film. The investigative and co-design process resulted in a number of recommendations for improvement, including a Dementia Signposting Service, Mentoring Programme and the design of a safe "Wandering Garden".

    Thinkpublic's recommendations have since informed the National Dementia Strategy launched in June 2008. Thinkpublic continues to work with The Alzheimer's Society on developing the Dementia Signposting Service, which aims to result in a national information and signposting service.

    In recognition of the projects' success and innovative use of design thinking, Alzheimer100 was highly commended by The Journal at the Dott07 awards (People's Voice Award) and further exhibited at the Dott07 Fe...

  • Rotor House

    Community, Industrial Design


    As a fan of small footprints, I love Luigi Colani's Rotor House. Though still in beta form, the 6 x 6 meter home maximizes living space with the virtual lazy susan that turns the kitchen, bedroom and bath.

  • My Blog

    Education, Industrial Design

    To check out my blog, please visit:

  • TITO - mascot for a recycling oil food company - 2007

    Communication, Environmental Design


    TITO, is the mascot for a recycling oil food company. Created in 2007, this character body shape is based in the representation of an oil drop . His eyes format, proportion, and his texture were developed based in the knowledge in the oral stage, of the developing stages described by freud.

    The comercial target for this mascot, is in the 0-18 months, and also throught to the next stage, until the 3 years old.

    The idea is creating a connection between the child and this toy. Not because of the conscience of the children, but essentially because of their unconscious, linked to this object.

    However, their parents will project their babies image into the TITO´s friendly,and fragil shape. And will be greatful for all the things that make their children happy, healthy, and mostly: silent, like when they play with a toy for their ages.

    With this emotional linking, TITO has an operating role in their changing, or at least becoming conscience about their ecologic behavior - specially in the recycling oil food matters.

    Look us in the future and learn more about these kind of mascots, and their campaigns.

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