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  • Workout on the River

    Environment, Environmental Design


    This is the neatest idea I've seen in a long time! I do hope it gets implemented in NYC... - Marissa

    Human-Powered River Gymnasiums for New York

    Mitchell Joachim & Douglas Joachim

    The motion starved environments we live in are the antithesis of our being. Perhaps the most primal of all human function is locomotion. We need to move more!

    Our concept encapsulates a new typology for the contemporary urban gym. It is intended to challenge our innate proprioceptive and multi-planer locomotive abilities while synchronously altering the surroundings. The River Gym will fulfill one of the major contemporary fitness goals of “functional training”. This training protocol will exploit the inherent disequilibrium of floatation devices. Often the average urbanite exercising at the gym performs controlled repetitive single plane movements using industrial fitness equipment. All of this energy is summarily dissipated and ultimately exhausted for the sake of a single individual’s wellbeing. Other potentials exist to harness this vast human expenditure of caloric energy. Why not have the simple transfer of this workout vigor supply New York with needed supplemental transport and amenities? How can we extend and capitalize on this untapped group potential? Into what form will this new kind of gym evolve?

    By continuing to provide vital health amenities, the River Gym can leave the realm of the glass box and become a useful multi-planar kinetic space. Envision your gy...

  • This is currently a volunteer design opportunity.

    Actually what we need at the moment is for someone to do some flash design. It is a more limited project. Please contact us if you love the Mexican aesthetic and are able to help a small organization that serves the immigrant community.



  • We're here!

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design

    eyeball has finally arrived at Design21. Check back for frequent updates. In the meantime, you can check out our work at

    ~eyeball staff

  • Man made with nature love

    Education, Industrial Design


    I am organizing the follow up from the Re-use your brain & re-use your heart workshop and exhibition held in Beijing in the CAFA (academy for fine arts)

    Introduction to the initiative: Man made with nature love...

    Many knowledge-transfer on sustainable design enables people to realize and understand environmental issues and the culture in which they occur. With a transfer & exchange people talk and think together, discussing how a healthier future may look like. A great first step to initiate action.

    Therefor this project was initiated to aim at students of design-academies to research on honest and necessary measurements/solutions to use our (local) resources, create funny new objects and enjoy doing the most necessary transformation for a world running out of resourc-ideas. The purpose of this 4 week-workshop is to make an effort towards understanding down-/up-/and recycling and product- “characters&personalities”. Sustainability can become a real power for the creative industries of many upcoming cities in China. The idea to combine the workshop, the exposition as a display and the booklet as a trade, is to give an understanding and an awareness through a specific research, practical learning by doing, making things another way and document the process of speeding up the changing perspectives towards our resources & materials.

    The workshop is part of the educational activities of the non-profit organisation “de vier koningen” based in Maastri...

  • Design characteristics for the Future

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design

    Is it possible for us to perceive the future? Is it possible for us to understand the design characteristics of the future?

    Of course we can!

    We can do that if we change the way in which we perceive the present and future. To do this, we will need to transform ourselves from being mere observers to being initiators who fully use our creative potential to anticipate future needs and to develop solutions.

    We may already know that the answer lies within ourselves, specifically, within our way of thinking about and evaluating the world. But theoretically, bridging the gap between theory and practice is difficult since our thinking is affected by traditionalism, dependency and waiting to adopt the results of others' experiments, rather than developing our own.

    The real situation in professional design is quite different, for example in the fields of visual communication, multimedia, architecture, interior and industrial design. Similarly, all academic and professional institutions are responsible for their own production. Any designer will be unable to produce adequate work if he/she is not essentially a creative being. A designer's productivity is also related to the environment in which they are working which must support the creative process at all stages of the product's design and manufacture. It is so important that the designer works within an environment that supports their vision, allowing them to anticipate and design for future needs on projects which are al...

  • New Views 2 Conference

    Education, Communication Design



    I have just been at the New Views conference in London for the past couple of days, what a great experience I really feel like it was a moment where a meaningful shift in thinking has occurred. I know it has for me.

    The first thing to mention is that this was not a traditional educational conference, where participants write a paper and then present that paper to the audience. New Views completely turned this format on it's head with participants submitting a position statement relevant to what they were interested in and then work-shopping through the collective ideas of the group via dynamic conversation.

    I must admit being a little worried about how this format would work going into the conference, but it was great and it really feels like I came away with so much more that I would have from a traditional style conference. The format also allowed for meaningful relationships to be formed between the participants. While relationships between conference participants usually occur at traditional conferences I think these can be on a superficial level. I feel the relationships formed at New Views will be much more meaningful as they were formed via conversations and interactions that were facilitated by the nature of the workshop interactions.

    On a personal level while I didn't specifically workshop my proposal the conversations over the two days have focussed my ideas and I am confident will lead to a real outcome in the coming weeks.

    I think New Views proves that n...

  • The kind of fear which I shall tackle in this article is an every day feeling or phenomenon. Fear is a totally human reaction and feeling disregarding man’s age, looks, nerves, muscles or how bold he/she is. From the psychological point of view, fear is defined as one of the basic senses or emotions that man feels. However, it may accompany anger, pleasure, grieve, or sadness. Generally speaking, fear is associated with those emotions emanating from real tangible or intangible dangers. But, it stands in the opposite side with concern or yearning, which are normally resulting from a surprise, threat, danger of whatsoever.

    Fear may appear when a man is exposed to an embarrassing or humiliating situation, or when watching others undergoing such fear themselves, or when receiving some horrific news. Frequency or long exposure to fear may lead a man to a state of lack of balance, especially when a man resists his fatigue, emotional setbacks, agitation, the organic changes he is undergoing resulting from the nervous apparatus, like increased rate of adrenaline, abnormal cardiac beats, which are all accompanied by excessive sweating, dry mouth and other symptoms. But, this is not the case at all. The case is, how can the graphic designer face this fear ? How can her control such fear in a positive way? How can he succeed to make use of his fears in a creative way?

    This phenomenon is widely known among graphic designers regardless of their professionalism, but it hits it utmost l...

  • A designer for the future

    Communication, Communication Design

    We can not deny that there is a considerable number of innovators working in the field of graphic design, some of them are academic whereas others are far away from this specialty. The market is crowded with those who knew this field of knowledge as a result of dealing with computers and the availability of design programs that are not subject to copy rights. This enables many to practice this art without the minimum knowledge of the rules of this specialty which is considered one of the disadvantages of the unlicensed technology.

    The academics who worked in this field, some of them do not hold the academic specialty, they, naturally, lack full qualification to play this role at the competency required, so, it is not enough to able to use design programs and its techniques if you are not qualified to know when and how to manage the ideas and how it could realize the desired target.

    It is necessary to find a designer who know how to deal with the changes of time and its techniques besides providing him with training in what is to come in future as we see fast developments in human knowledge and the developed curricula and programs that are subject to constant development to be able to keep pace with the concept of information and knowledge technology.

    The expansion of graphic design base in visual communication media determines an important characteristic for a graphic designer who should be able to acquire courage, innovation and the ability to judge and assess, combined...

  • An eye on Graphic Design

    Communication, Communication Design

    We find it mandatory to say that graphic design, this late specialty, quick in its development, related to all walks and activities of life, this only comprehensive technical specialty due to its relation with a piece of information and technology, we know it by its many names besides graphic design, for it is a design of a piece of information and design of communication means. All of these names refer to the extent of its development as an independent science, the task of which in to find solution to problems in the field of promotion, presentation or communication. Therefore, it is the language of time, a language that is not stationery or static, but developing and keeping pace with the changes of time thus, we find that graphic design is in need for a qualified and developing cadre able to deal with modern life requirements in a language that has a brief, simple and direct message, we acknowledge also the relationship of graphic design with writing, printing and publishing since its origin and it is an innovative work that couples word with shape using art and technology as a means of communication which begins with a message innovated by a designer that develops to become a means of visual communication beyond words and excels them with control of color, letter, picture and ideas through the designer's imagination and production of media through which he can convey the desired message to the crowd.

    Hence, its importance emerged to play an important role in modern life...

  • Home Alone? Your MUTT needs a Dog Bone Phone !

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    The Ritz Cartlon Magazine ( INSPIRE) has recently enquired about writing an article on the Home Alone Bone. Development is underway to produce a working prototype of the design and conduct tests with real users. Watch this space to see how it develops in the coming months. Interest in the design first started in March 2008 when Gizmodo featured it and it quickly attracted comments from a diverse range of readers. This concept was originally an ergonomics study for a Computer Modelling Excercise but with some WACKY thought and inspiration has developed into what we now call the Home Alone Bone.

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