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  • Street Abuse

    Education, Communication Design


    An effort to raise awareness of street abuse particularly in urban areas.

    Amnesty International says that all women deserve to live as free citizens in the world. Some call it catcalling, flirting, eve teasing, harassment, but another more popular phrase is on the rise: street abuse. Street abuse occurs anytime woman is verbally and/or physically assaulted by a stranger in the street, all under the guise of flirting.

    While some of it is innocent flirting, too often street abuse can quickly escalate to threats of violence. Some say it's "guys being guys", but many women often go through their lives feeling threatened and humiliated when conducting simple acts throughout the day: Getting a cup of coffee, going to the bank, meeting up with friends, spending time with their children, and in my scenario getting groceries.

    I want to inform men of how women internalize constant unsolicited assaults from strangers, while empowering women of their rights, such as speaking up and knowing that harassment is a crime. I also wanted to make it look like a crime just took place with minute details of the crime and her shadow acting as another part of her dignity dying.

  • More bottled water Greenwashing

    Environment, Communication Design


    July 22, 2008 Last week I attended a faculty retreat where, as I sat down, was handed a bottle of Nestle Pure Life brand bottled water. Typically I don't drink any bottled water unless it is in situations where the only other choice is to dehydrate my body and consequently die. I twisted off the cap and immediately noticed the slimmer bottle design. As I turned around the bottle in my hands, I noticed a somewhat mysterious back yellow label claiming Nestle was great for the planet. The label reads:

    Nestle® Pure Life® is proud to bring you a bottle that is better for the environment, because it is made with up to 30% less plastic.

    I saved the bottle after drinking its contents as I recognized Nestle had committed two green washing sins (of the six): Sin of the Hidden Trade-Off, and Sin of Fibbing. The trade-off sin comes with the fact that most of bottled water drinkers are still throwing the PET plastic bottle away at alarming rates (PET is recycled around 20% in the USA - 2006 stats). However in this case, you're throwing a "up to 30% less" away. Nestle's real claim here is that they are using most likely less petroleum and energy to manufacture this bottle, preventing CO2 emissions and other pollutants from entering our air/water and of course saving them money. If you buy this bottle you get the same amount of water (amazingly) but still the pay the same price. The cost savings Nestle achieved with this bottle is not passed down to you.

    The second sin here i...

  • BARK - Color Data Spectrum

    Communication, Communication Design


    BARK is a generated color data spectrum (CDS) that stores digital data. The CDS is captured via a mobile phone camera that translates it to viewable information.

    Some possible applications include: 1) Minimize the use of print marketing collaterals (e.i. flyers, brochures, etc.) 2) Store sensitive data on documents and print materials 3) Promotional product codes

  • Ap_2_c_v_b_177_

    In ultima perioada se poate observa in Oradea o crestere a numarului de cartiere rezidentiale, variate ca tip de constructie de la blocuri de locuinte , pana la case p+1. Printre aceste cartiere rezidentiale se afla si NUFARUL PLAZA , fiind un bloc de locuinte situat in cartierul Nufarul. Acum cateva saptamani am propus sa amenajam cateva apartamente de la parterul acestui bloc de locuinte, pentru a oferii posibililor clienti o solutie de design interior. Propunerea de design din imagini este facuta pentru un apartament cu doua camere(bucataria si livingul).

  • Reusable Yarn Friends

    Community, Environmental Design


    Muji have launched a unique range of plush which is manufactured using reused yarn. A fantastic concept and they are very soft! A great change from the usual organic plush on the market!

  • A Nostalgic Summer



    Create your own personalized 'Rocket Lolly'... when the summer arrives that is...

  • A Call to Action for Design with Social Impact

    Education, Communication Design


    Changing the Change Conference Torino, July 11-12, 2008

    “Being a designer is being a realistic optimistic,” this was one of Ezio Mancini’s key opening messages at the thought-provoking Changing the Change Conference ( that brought an international audience of educators, researchers, designers and practioners among us to present our papers, share project case studies and ponder the state of design research today and into the future, particularly as it pertains to key issues of sustainability and social impact. We convened at the Institute of Biotechnology of the Politecnico de Torino and in a city that won ICSID’s 2008 World Design Capital nomination. A city that remains a splendid monument to baroque splendor, FIAT industrial might, and cafeterias culture.

    While Professor Manzini recognized that the qualifier “realistic” optimistic might well be a slightly modified version of proper English, he insisted on the importance of the term. As the design community confronts increasingly unsustainable trends, he made a very inspiring call to action for design research to stop being self-referential and become the activity that it should truly be—one that produces knowledge useful to designers and broader constituencies, instead of a “quasi-scientific” discussion that does not transpire beyond a circle of enlightened few. His firm appeal for the agenda of sustainability to be “a meta-objective” of every design research activit...

  • Breakfast2008-2_132_

    I am currently producing a “Labor Capital Breakfast” in San Francisco focused on “Green Business” development and “Green Collar Job” creation.

    I have a full time consulting gig as the fundraising and events manager for Instituto Laboral de la Raza, a wonderful grassroots NGO that provides legal services to the working poor. See:

    One design element has been key to the success of Instituto's recent fundraising events growth is an online Look Who is Coming List. This is a list of people who are confirmed as attending the event listed with their Name, Title, Organization and a link to their website. This let’s people know who will be in the audience. It shows who they can meet or meet up with.

    The Look Who’s Coming List is designed to promote the event, increase ticket sales and add value by letting people (about 10% of the who attend), share the spotlight online. We save and archive all our event web pages to use when pitching the next event to sponsors, speakers and partners.

    We update the list with new names every 2 days for several weeks before the event. This encourages people to buy tickets ASAP and confirm attendance. The list itself and the fresh names being added creates word of mouth buzz and increases site visits.

    Here is a link to the List from our January 2008 Labor Awards Dinner

    And our upcoming Labor Capital Breakfast

    The event has great speakers – plus – look who’s coming!

  • Sustainable Graphic Design Widget

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    July 15, 2008 For the completion of her Master's of Design (MDes) thesis (at Queensland College of Art), designer Becky Green developed an Apple dashboard widget. The widget quickly provides definitions, tips and links out to sites that are extremely helpful (hey like renourish!)

    If you don't have the internet and want a quick definition, this widget could be helpful. One consideration would be to add in a emissions, tree calculator so one could see the impacts of choosing recycled paper etc.

    Read more about Becky at a 57 Design + Illustration.

  • Finding a Job

    Poverty, Communication Design

    I know everyone comes across the problem of finding a job after graduation, and I guess that's where I find myself. I know that I am suppose to use my network to create contacts, but my problem is I don't have a network. I am curious how other deal with this problem. Right now I just feel a little lost and confused.

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