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  • Orange RockCorps: Give, Get Given!

    Community, Communication Design


    A new concept in community volunteering has arrived in the UK, explained The Guardian earlier this month.

    Orange RockCorps is asking you to give something back to your local community. 'Give' just 4 hours of your time to a community project, and you'll 'Get Given' a ticket to the exclusive RockCorps gig at the Royal Albert Hall in September! The first confirmed guest in the line up - Busta Rhymes. Find out more at Orange RockCorps, or join this great social project on Facebook.

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    Joey's Corner is rewarded a $20,000 grant from Sappi Fine Paper - Ideas that Matter program. This grant will help us produce our yearbook that will help us raising funds. Thanks to Joe Isaak and the panel of judges.

    This house of cards showed Case Studies of clients and their causes; the Joey's Corner design process; who we serve; and what we're about.

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    A great big thanks to Christopher Simmons of MINE ( for his great article including us in the August 2008 issue of HOW magazine.

    For Goodness' Sake

    With their communication skills, branding savvy and commitment to their work, creative professionals are uniquely poised to use their talents for the greater good. The author, a designer himself, spotlights a few of his most generous peers and shares some simple ways you (that's right: you!) can make a difference.

  • A whisper in the ears Jordanian Designers !

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Never mind, and no matter what type of classification we have,

    Why do we consider ourselves and others designers?

    How do we perceive our task, culture, identity and our future?

    Where we are? What do we innovate, alter and create?

    We are what we are! Designers.

    We are the designers of Jordan. We came here to make a practical and substantial difference to our Country, people and ourselves.

    Let each one of you ask him/her self these questions:

    Have you ever thought of taking part in the development and well- being of Jordan, of course by using the design?

    Have you been up to the challenges that face you in developing and promoting sustainable design solutions in all fields serving our country?

    It is not an easy task! But it could be easy if we design and import our own ideas and styles, and at the same time, we preserve our identity and character and shy away from imitation.

    I should be genuine. To be so, I should answer these questions to identify and define my objectives:

    • What is a designer, who is he, and what is his\her role?
    • What are the characteristics that should mark the Design?
    • What should our design academics plan and how they embark on teaching Design?
    • What public services that need Designs?
    • What type of design business should exist in Jordan? Amman, as many other Arab cities, is proud of its design status\identity.

    But, does Amman promote design in other cities of Jordan? Does Jordan raise the awareness of design among the public? Do Jordanians d...

  • Augmadeira5_177_

    As the social animals we are, we live in cities, big or small, with quiet streets and busy highways. The city in which we live adds another layer to who we are: it influences our perspectives of the world, it shapes our thoughts and create our experiences. The city, the urban environment, affects our view of the world, our world inside.

    The city, urban space, has been considered by some as our fourth skin. Where “skin” is the envelope of our body and gives us the feeling of insideness and communicates with the outside, skin give us the dichotomy of in and out.

    So when we think of the fourth skin and the urban spaces, and we look around at how the city communicates with us, the most intimate and meaningful dialogue is street art.

    Many consider graffiti a form of vandalism, a grotesque way to de-beautify our cities. These graffiti makers are still not considered artist by many. Here we find a label again, where people want to put in a small box the “creation” of an individual based on their educational background.

    And as we want to break these paradigms and labels, we are taking inspiration of the city, trying to bring elements of the street into the inside living space.

    How can we challenge the regular Joe Doe to bring the language of his city within his third skin, and experience his city in a different way.

  • Graphic Design and Printing

    Communication, Communication Design

    All methodological and non-methodological books agree with the logic which provides that graphic design is not graphic art on the strength that graphic art is older than graphic design and is as old as man and has evolved with his evolution. Graphic art was defined as the art of obtaining repetitive copies of an item to be printed and bearing same specifications. It is the techniques of engraving and printing by using the Litho stone and zinc, through dry and wet engraving methods and other methods. However, graphic design is the art of arranging the elements of certain item to be printed or displayed visually.

    Printing started at several peoples like Egyptians, Assyrians, Samarians and Chinese. It started with cylindrical stamps through clay capsules then wax until they discovered wooden modules and Litho stones that became one of the most important means for labels printing and that at its time it was a technical revolution. Printing developed with the use of stencil, silk fabric, offset and rotogravure and the emergence of metal printing. These and other methods need a special type of design that should be provided with what matches it.

    Therefore, graphic design was the closest to printing, knowledge and service as such, printing development had a prominent effect on graphic design, and where both were associated with computer and on both a special kind of systems was imposed in a manner consistent with the production line of each.

    Printing development was and still fas...

  • Skilled Artisan & the design community

    Community, Environmental Design

    The Skilled artisan who does not have formal education but an inherent learning through heritage is often the loser in the larger world of of Design. Unlike the west wherein hand crafted has a status of its own, craft and skilled craftspeople are part of the larger social mileu and traditionally have a space in the local culture. But that niche is slowly being eroded by industrial products & new materials at one level and the perception of skilled labour & by craftspeople who has started to exhort their offspring to leave the profession or search for new directions. While change is inevitable, but how can one nurture artisanal communities and give these nameless artisans their due.

  • Dmlogo2_177_

    On Friday October 10th, from 10am-10pm, teams of local professional designers will provide PRO-BONO DESIGN SERVICES to ten deserving Charlottesville area non-profit organizations. Each creative team will include two design professionals and one student pursuing a design-related degree. Projects may include branding, brochures, advertisements, schematic building or space renovation drawings, drawings for ADA compliance, or broader site planning.

    Applications will be considered from any Charlottesville area non-profits. For-profit, political or religious organizations will not be considered. Ten organizations will be chosen for the Design Marathon based on their needs, type of project, ability to follow through on the project, and positive impact the project will make in the community.

    The ten organizations that are chosen will be responsible for any advance work in preparation for the Design Marathon. This may include refining the goals for the project, writing copy, gathering photographs, information or drawings, or encouraging community members to participate.

    Organizations chosen to participate in the Design Marathon will be announced on September 1st. Participants will be asked to provide applicable materials by October 1st.

    Visit the Design Marathon website to learn more:

    Alloy Workshop is an architecture, construction, and graphic design studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We started the Design Marathon ball rolling and hope it continues to gain momentu...

  • The Good Design Plan

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Building on its 2004 strategic plan, the Practical Power of Design, the UK Design Council has launched The Good Design Plan, a new three-year national strategy for design. Defining good design as ‘sustainable design’, it highlights five objectives for the council.

    Design Council Chairman Sir Michael Bichard explains;

    "Now, perhaps more than at any other time in history, we need to tap the creativity, the skills and the ingenuity of our world-class design community. The UK’s design track record is exceptional by any standard. We now need to nurture and support the talents that are available to us, and put them at the disposal of the nation’s business and public service managers.

    This sets the context for today’s design agenda. Design’s traditional strengths – such as adding value to business in the global marketplace – are more important than ever. But design’s proven ability to help ideas and innovation flourish can also help us create better public services and exploit our strengths in science and technology. Overall design can improve our everyday lives, help create a more sustainable society and make us more competitive.

    Earlier this month, Design Week reported that ...the council anticipates a budget of £7.8...

  • Street Abuse

    Education, Communication Design


    An effort to raise awareness of street abuse particularly in urban areas.

    Amnesty International says that all women deserve to live as free citizens in the world. Some call it catcalling, flirting, eve teasing, harassment, but another more popular phrase is on the rise: street abuse. Street abuse occurs anytime woman is verbally and/or physically assaulted by a stranger in the street, all under the guise of flirting.

    While some of it is innocent flirting, too often street abuse can quickly escalate to threats of violence. Some say it's "guys being guys", but many women often go through their lives feeling threatened and humiliated when conducting simple acts throughout the day: Getting a cup of coffee, going to the bank, meeting up with friends, spending time with their children, and in my scenario getting groceries.

    I want to inform men of how women internalize constant unsolicited assaults from strangers, while empowering women of their rights, such as speaking up and knowing that harassment is a crime. I also wanted to make it look like a crime just took place with minute details of the crime and her shadow acting as another part of her dignity dying.

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