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  • Human Nature

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    I see the automatic sensors in galleries separating me from an artwork as a dare. Last time I visited Stonehenge I had an urge to slip under the rope barrier to stand in the shadows of the prehistoric earthwork. I suspect I am not alone. Three friends have brought me to the Wanås sculpture park in Southern Sweden where appreciating art can be a full contact sport.

    We arrive by car, get out and gaze past the parking lot to the fields, forest, stable and barn. The scene looks like a typical landscape painting until we notice a pair of denim trousers worn upside down by a tree in front of us. The legs are fitted snugly over two hefty branches, zippered and buttoned neatly at the trunk. These are artist Peter Coffin's Tree Pants made in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. It is a metaphor of Adam and Eve's shame of being naked in the Garden of Eden. In an interview with Art Cal Coffin describes the work as, "…how we relate to nature and understand ourselves within it."

    Wanås provides more chances for us to relate nature. It is autumn and layering the park grounds are leaves with a deep-fried tone and texture. We walk pass brown-beamed 15th century farmhouses into the woods. Greeting us is another decorated tree strung wildly with adult-sized swings hanging just out of reach. We lunge successfully for the swings and, once seated, pump our legs. My friend Neil looks diminutive on the oversized swing as he giddily slices through the air. The installation stretch...

  • What a Cake....

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    As it was my birthday i was was looking for the ultimate cake and found this creation.

  • China_177_


    07.29.2008 Protest: China's Olympic Syndrome

    Some years ago in Manhattan while I was riding the subway uptown, a young woman entered the train and began to proselytize to the crowd, which, as usual, paid her no attention. She went on about religion, God, and so forth, and when she was done, I expected a call for donations. Instead, she contributed a bit of worldly wisdom that has stayed with me ever since: “I know we all look good,” she said. “But we’re not all being good.” And she exited the train.

    Years later, those words capture the spirit for me of the Beijing Olympics. As a recent transplant to China (I’ve lived in Shanghai for the last year and a half), the build-up to the Olympics is hugely visible not just in Beijing, but all over the country. From the large banners on the highways in Shanghai to the lampposts that declare simply “Beijing 2008” along the streets, the feeling is in the air. For China, the Olympics has been both a galvanizing force and an exercise in pride, partly deserved, partly not.

    Recently, however, the exercise has not gone entirely according to plan. In spite of their inevitability, the mass protests in Tibet, Xinjiang (the Muslim part of Western China), and Mongolia still caught the government off their usually rigid guard. Even more unpredictable has been the tumultuous time the government has had trying to control the coverage of these events. And when widespread public ...

  • "Passing Poston" film about Japanese-Americans

    Community, Audio/Visual Design

    I saw a great documentary that touches on some issues that our group might be interested in. It's called "Passing Poston" and it's playing again in New York - next at Two Boots Pioneer Theater from August the 8th till the 14th.

    "Poston" is about the Japanese-American citizens forcibly placed in internment camps during WWII, and their ongoing search for a place to belong in a country that once labeled them the enemy.

    Great movie!

    more info at

  • join me

    Education, Industrial Design

    reachin the millenium development goals is one issue i ruminate on so many times. how do we get there from here? there are so many ideas but little implementation. but here is the solution.... doing wot we should do at the right time.puttin first things first. i can't do it alone. it must be collectively done. care to join me? i would be glad cos then we actually are movin towards the actualization of our dreams! always myself yourme

  • Turning Work Away - being responsible and ethical

    Communication, Communication Design

    As a freelance designer life it seems is feast or famine from a work point of view. However I've decided that I will not take on any work that has a detrimental effect to the planet. But what about the detrimental effect to my bank account ? A recent request for a clothing catalogue design quote left me thinking where is he sourcing the clothes? and we get so much rubbish posted through our doors everyday do we really want another catalogue adding to the landfill sites and exploiting more poorly paid workers, so I turned down the job and I've registered - theres nothing there yet but I'm voicing my thoughts here to see what people think.

    Its quite simple - designers have a responsibility to look at the jobs they are offered and start saying no - if the product is just more stuff, not any easy decision to take I admit but if we can make a start, maybe eventually all designers will think this way. Being part of Equidesign - inspired by we would take on a badge of commitment to the planets future. I would like advertising agencies and design agencies to jump on board too, but will people do it, will they but greed and their bank balance first?

    Think about it - if your product cant get any desgn or advertising produced because its not ethically made or its damaging to the environment what choice do you have but to change it............

    I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts

  • The story of stuff

    Environment, Communication Design


    I came across this website , its a great film and worth passing it on to your friends, so I've put a link on my site too

    " From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever."

    The link is here, scroll down to find it

  • Do you know that we all need to teach ourselves a lesson, not only professionals, but colleges and universities, from the school to vocational training to career developments:

    Students and designers must be equipped with the right skills to meet design and business needs. Can you identify skills gaps? Obviously, Amman has more than its fair share of design skills! Isn't it? If that is true, what about the country?

    Improving designers' skills is a huge task, it is like creating a new era in which the right mix of design skills can be found in the right places.

    Note that design is a way of thinking, not a way of making things look pretty.

  • Orange RockCorps: Give, Get Given!

    Community, Communication Design


    A new concept in community volunteering has arrived in the UK, explained The Guardian earlier this month.

    Orange RockCorps is asking you to give something back to your local community. 'Give' just 4 hours of your time to a community project, and you'll 'Get Given' a ticket to the exclusive RockCorps gig at the Royal Albert Hall in September! The first confirmed guest in the line up - Busta Rhymes. Find out more at Orange RockCorps, or join this great social project on Facebook.

  • N19684343788_672193_4988_132_

    Joey's Corner is rewarded a $20,000 grant from Sappi Fine Paper - Ideas that Matter program. This grant will help us produce our yearbook that will help us raising funds. Thanks to Joe Isaak and the panel of judges.

    This house of cards showed Case Studies of clients and their causes; the Joey's Corner design process; who we serve; and what we're about.

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