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  • The Spirit of China

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    Hi all,

    I was thinking about a little design project to get going. Something that has always intrigued me about Chinese culture is its focus on the essence of a matter. Their painting often have simple lines with a tremendous amount of space. These works of art lead you to feel the art rather than see it alone.

    What I'd like to achieve is to use graphic design to bring out some of that mystical feeling of old China. It doesn't necessarily need to be like traditional Chinese painting, but maybe that style of "leaving it up to the imagination" could produce some interesting results.

    What do you think?

  • Influencia del entorno en el diseño...

    Communication, Communication Design


    Hola a todos nuevamente.

    En la actualidad me encuentro realizando una pequeña investigación acerca de la influencia del entorno (social, cultural, político y hasta paisajístico y urbano) en el diseño gráfico en general.

    Por tal motivo, me gustaría conocer sus puntos de vista al respecto, invitándolos a dejar sus comentarios en este espacio o por correo a o en los formularios de contacto presentes en

    Muchas gracias desde ya! Atte. Plácido Luna.

  • SkypeCast cumplido...

    Community, Communication Design


    Se cumplió ayer el Skypecast de diseño gráfico y web previsto, desde acá dejo el aviso que el próximo lunes 25 no habrá sala por el feriado acá en Uruguay, quedando previsto el mismo para el próximo lunes primero de setiembre.

    Saludos y gracias. Plácido Luna

  • Winning_50x70_177_

    Creative Director of renowned East London based design agency Ochee, Jason Kelly has won one of only 30 places out of almost 3000 entrants in the Human Rights Violation category of the esteemed social communication project organised by 50 x 70 – one of only 2 UK based design agencies. The competition was endorsed by Amnesty International, Greenpeace, UNICEF and The WWF. The core brief of the competition was whether the declaration itself is actually “worth the paper” that it is written on. 60 years after the UN unveiled the Universal declaration of Human Rights almost half of the world’s population experiences severe violations of this declaration on a daily basis. A concept reflected effectively in “The Shredder” – Ochee’s winning entry - – a powerful image resonating the virtual destruction of the declaration’s socially responsive sentiment.

    Founded in 2001 by Jason Kelly, Ochee has become of one East London’s leading design companies. Its philosophy is based around the concept of being socially creative – a concept often overlooked in a fiercely competitive industry. Coming from a commercially driven background; Jason Kelly has worked for some of the most prominent media powerhouses such as GQ, The Saturday Telegraph and Condé Nast Traveller. With this experience under his belt Jason has built up one of London’s most exciting young design agencies. Offering a range of services including branding, adve...

  • Dreamshake, make your dreams come true

    Community, Communication Design


    If you are looking for people to share your dreams with and possibly achieve them, then Dreamshake could be the place you ever dreamed of.

    This online French community allows you to share, look for and sponsor peoples' dreams. Dreamshake is focused on social and humanitarian initiatives, featured in the following categories : Discovery and Trips, Innovation, Solidarity, Career and Reconversion, Entrepreneur, Culture and Arts, Adventure, Sports and Feat, Ecology, NGO.

    Behind this social initiative are two French fellows, François-Xavier Tanguy (alias Fix) and Arnaud Dubois who achieved a very ambitious dream, "Des Rêves Plein le Monde", a 7 month dream collecting trip from Phnom Penh, via Kaboul to Paris on 125 cc motorbikes. Back home, François-Xavier and Arnaud published the book Des Rêves Plein le Monde. A year later in February 2008, they launched the Dreamshake website.

    Being a true dream believer and practitioner myself I am very enthusiastic about Dreamshake, which makes John Lennon words a bit more real : "You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

  • Product Information

    Well-being, Fashion Design


    THERAPEUTATÉ™ welcomes you to Pure Essene Oil Therapy and Parfum au Natural, where we blur the lines between beauty, health and healing.

    The ancients knew long ago that to truly be beautiful, the physical must be aligned with the spirit. Nothing epitomizes this concept more than a lifestyle which allows us to be one with nature and all of it bounty.

    This often includes a daily regimen of eating wholesome foods, exercise and meditation. Further, we can enhance this balance by being conscience consumers. When we purchase products that are natural and organic, we an foster awareness not only to the preservation mother earth, but to our very existence.

    Our products are free of chemicals and other adulterations while we support small farmers and manufacturers around the globe who are interested in bringing quality products to market place.

    Therapeutate fully understands the responsibility we all must take to ensure a healthy environment for generations to come. A healthy reverence for botanical life plays a major role in the preservation of our well being. A green earth not only supplies us oxygen, it invigorates and revitalizes our life force.

    “This is especially so when it comes to our skin, the single largest organ on our bodies”

    Aromatherapy uses the elements contain in plant life to balance and heal our physical/ spiritual body. It employs the oldest sensory perception known to man, our sense of smell. This is often referred to as Olfaction. It connects with us...

  • Skypecasts...

    Communication, Communication Design


    Hola, los invito a los Skypecasts sobre diseño gráfico y web que organizo todos los lunes (excepto este próximo lunes 25/8).

    Se puede acceder al mismo a través de Skype, y el mismo va a la hora 10 am de Uruguay (GMT-3), para ampliar información pueden acceder a donde encontrarán un link a la información de la próxima sala que se dará.

    Debajo del menu principal del sitio encontrarán también un link a un grupo en Yahoo sobre los mismos temas.

    Saludos, Plácido Luna.

  • Hungary TipTon

    Environment, Fashion Design


    A beautiful idea comes from Hungary. The designer Zach makes Cinematique frames, recycling 35mm and 16mm movies. The film is collected from cinemas and date from after 1989 (fall of Communism in Hungary).The 35mm film strip in the temple could be any of the following films: Mansfeld, Karate Kid III, Lethal Weapon III, Tremors, Brokeback Mountain, Failure to Launch, Toy Story,La Mala Educación, Les Visiteurs, Lion King, Mission Impossible III, Failure to Launch, What about Mary, Tibor Vagyok, Godfather III, Robocop III, Match Point, The Break Up, Egy Szoknya Egy Nadrág, 56 Csepp Vér, Caché, Romanzo Criminale, Vadászat Angolokra, Breakfast on Pluto, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead, The Merchant of Venice, Nacho Libre, WTC... and many other great movies.

  • more info

    Communication, Industrial Design

    more info about me @ my website or @ infundibolo cronosinclasticoe

  • Service Design Conference

    Community, Communication Design


    The Service Design Network [SDN] is organising a Service Design Conference in Amsterdam on the 24th-26th of November 2008.

    For more information, visit the ServiceDesignNetwork.

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