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  • Sports 4 Kids-- a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play--needs your help.

    We've entered one of our programs, Great Recess for Healthy Kids, in the American Express Members Project. The top 25 programs (determined by users' votes) share $2.5 million in funding from Amex.

    Needless to say, this would be a huge benefit to our organization, as well as great exposure for our organization and our programs.

    We really believe in Great Recess. Recess should be a fun and active part of every child¹s school day. For many kids in low-income neighborhoods, that¹s not the case. Recess has become chaotic and unsafe, leading most kids to stand on the sidelines.

    Our idea is to place a trained adult on school playgrounds where they teach kids how to play cooperatively with each other, transforming recess into the most active time of the day for all kids. This project would expand a successful, proven program to 27 cities across America.

    This project has the potential to impact 250,000 children every day. The result will be more physically-active, engaged children who return to class ready to learn. This project will also impact 650 young adults who are hired and trained to be full-time leaders of play and physical activity at low-income schools in their own communities.

    You can find our program page on the Members Project here:

  • Wheelly, portable shelter for homless

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Wheelly: a new image, a new way to be called and looked to, a shelter, a cart. Using a wheel as a CITY LANGUAGE, we planned a 150cm x ~40cm cart to pass every door and to become a STATUS SYMBOL: as the businessman is the one with the overnight bag; the homeless will be the one with the colored wheel, no more a begger. Based on the ROLLER BEARING TECNOLOGY, Wheelly is made with rubber, aluminium and pressed paper rollers to be 100% RECYCLABLE. The internal frame is designed with a sequence of holes to hang a 250 lt cloth bag and daily stuff. Thanks to two folding polyester resin tents the cart become a PROTECTED AND INTIMATE shelter with an insulated sleeping space and a collecting one. Closure is allowed on one side, where a rubber disc painted with logos is connected to the tent, by the structure and on the other side by using the big bag to lock the tent down. LOGOS makes the cart to be less expensive or free and the opportunity TO BRING MESSAGES. Wheelly is designed to COLONIZE AND LIVE ALL URBAN REALITY on its own or connected to other identities to create multible living shelter and unexpected colored allocations.

  • The Reward of a Global Challenge

    Community, Communication Design

    After reading "Challenges and Rewards" by Adam McCulloch I am reminded of the intricate and complex relationship between social needs and wants so well portrayed in Sid Myers Civilization, especially as it pertains to real life political events, that it makes me wonder why politicians are not required to first reach space in a game of Civ or attain equilibrium in a Sim City prior to being handed the keys to the office.

    Nevertheless, the secret of the inherent success of violent over non-violent games is not one of availability, but one of vulnerability. As with other industries, the prevalent and most successful marketing paradigm in gaming is to exploit the greatest human vulnerability ever - instant gratification. Again, the question here is not whether or not a non-violent experience can be profitable, but whether we are willing to admit that commercial gaming for all intents and purposes exploits the addictive aspects of human nature, and whether it is possible to even regulate such a market.

    However, once we start raising such concerns, very soon we arrive at other questions about our society that are much more personal, habits more difficult to recognize and break due to one thing - our fundamental and involuntary consumption of the lifestyle we are surrounded with from birth.

    Greed and ego are at the core of human conflict. How can we judge a child whose trigger happy reflex subconsciously explores a domain that we all create, consciously or not. Pe...

  • Drawing from Development



    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site.....and I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section- so apologies for that.

    At the moment we are putting together a series of workshops titled :

    'Drawing from Development' - Communicating complex issues of development through graphics and drawing

    The workshops are designed to help architecture undergrads who are specialising in development at Oxford Brookes University to effectively communicate their ideas/designs of/on development

    ...What I wanted to know is this, does anyone know of any excellent examples of visual representation of ideas and circumstances (i.e vulnerability) through graphics, drawings, video etc?....or effective graphics of architectural/ design ideas....such as the drawings of Diller and Scofidio

    .....many thanks guys


  • Bk_lr_2

    Hi everyone,

    Scott Kelby, renowned Photoshop guru and photographer is giving the full price of his new Lightroom 2 book to help build an orphanage in Kenya.

    Read his post: Help Build an Orphanage in Kenya and Get a Signed Copy of My New Lightroom 2 Book

    If you buy today - August 25th, 2008 - 100% of the proceeds goes to this cause.

    Lightroom 2 is also an excellent design tool and Kelby always offers tremendous insight into these programs that he knows inside and out.

    Cheers! JP

  • Peace2_132_


  • new design

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    new design for boss

  • enviornment

    Environment, Environmental Design


    lightning in winter

  • i in home

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    new look in home

  • Valparaiso Design Week

    Education, Industrial Design


    Event title: Valparaiso Zona Diseño (Valparaiso Design Week) 2008 Web site link: Date / Deadline: october 30th to 4th november 2008


    The event will take place on october / november 2008, in the city of Valparaiso, Chile (Unesco World Heritage place). The "Valparaiso Zona Diseño" happens once a year (this is the 6th version) in october and is an exposition of design and an international seminar for designers and SME's, which is organized by six schools of design that teach design in Valparaiso.

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